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This doesn't happen often.  I'm posting about something that's practical.  Yes, that's right.  Practical.  Functional.  And a Coat.   Two things which I don't really do.  But, unfortunately needs must and my sensible warm parka is on its last legs.  And it's not even showerproof let alone waterproof.  My rock and roll life (that only ever existed in my head if I'm honest) is well and truly over and I need to accept that my weekend mornings now consist of a round robin of football, rugby and hockey.  All of which take place in the winter and outdoors.  Obviously. 

I did cave last year (or maybe the year before..) and bought sensible boots (which I have to say I loathe more than life itself but they stop me falling on my arse for weeks at a time when it snows so I put up with them.)  And it looks I may have to continue my slide down that slippery slope and purchase a puffa. 

I've toyed with them from Zara for years (and have fantasised about a Maxmara, Moncler or Burberry one but the thought of spending that much of my budget on a practical coat makes me feel ill) but if you're going to go for weatherproof then I shall be putting my faith in M&S.  I'm sure it's not monsoon waterproof with but according to their definition of Stormwear, it is water repellant.  Which is a step above anything else I own so it's a good start.  (and if it's absolutely peeing down with rain the chances of me being outside for any significant length of time is zero.)

Whilst this is definitely a necessity as opposed to a luxury, this is the first (reasonably priced) coat that I've thought I actually quite like.  If I'm honest, I like it quite a lot.

Two lengths to choose from - instore I did prefer the longer length but seeing the pics, I think I may prefer the shorter length (which also does come in a beige and a purple - personally I'm sticking with the black).  And, in case I needed persuading any more, it goes in the washing machine.  (whilst we're on the subject of practical) 

I honestly think it looks better in life than it does in the online pics (surprise surprise) 

M&S Collection Padded Down Filled Coat with Stormwear £99  The fur collar is detachable on this.  The padding round the neck is so warm I can't tell you.  Love the detail on the belt - a solid gunmetal, heavy clasp.  This looks so much more expensive than its sub £100 price tag. 

Untitled Untitled 

M&S Collection Hooded Down Filled long belted coat with Stormwear £89  This is the shorter version.  The hood is again detachable.  The difference (apart from the length) is the fleece lining round the neck which isn't quite as padded as the longer version. 

Untitled Untitled

So there we have it.  Not to be repeated any time soon.  Unlike the majority of my other shopping quests, I usually don't make a purchase until I have perused the entire High Street and its online counterparts but on this occasion, I am done.  The perfect functional coat. 

Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days. 


White longsleeved top - Baukjen
Navy sweatshirt - Zara
Paisley harem trousers - Forever 21
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black and navy leopard print scarf - By Malene Birger
Brown leather cuff - Warehouse
Black Diego - Alexander Wang

And two nights out last week. 

Untitled Untitled 

Lady Like Tee - Captain Tortue
Black double zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Black angle boots - LK Bennett
Tempest Necklace - Stella & Dot
Tan Cuff - Mulberry
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Untitled Untitled

Cream Sculptured top - Whistles
Distressed Real Straight jeans - Gap
Tan belt - Primark
Tan shoots - LK Bennett
Navy blazer - Zara
Indira Necklace - Stella & Dot

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.  Something frivolous and totally unnecessary.  Fear not. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. I hear you on practicality. My life has just changed in the last month and I am now a footballing mum so I need to go down the practical route too. The shorter length parka looks better on you but I would go for the long length. When it's siling it down with rain and you're being whiplashed by the wind, it will be a godsend for your knees unless your sensible footwear has got those regions near enough covered. I'm thinking of taking one of those pop up tents just to sit inside. I am rather nesh.

  2. I think I am going for the Gap one. my John Lewis one has died at four winters old. I'd go for the shorter M&S, the longer one looks too fuddy duddy on you x

  3. Love the shorter version Kat - I have a VERY practical one from Patagonia that I love. If you wash it - dry it with tennis balls in the dryer - they make it puff back up nicely:) Your hair is looking gorgeous with those highlights - love the last look! xx

  4. Love the shorter one, doesn't look like m&s wear at all!

  5. Ooh this is exactly what I need - always put off buying one as feel it's the end if the fashion road for me but really need one! Think you should do more practical posts but could you pretty please do an amazing day dress or day outfit post for xmas day/boxing day? Thinking ahead and want to be all Nigella like on the day (although knowing me will be more Caroline Ahearn!)

  6. I actually like the long one best - super cosy and will look a million times better with boots. So your search is over: does that mean you actually bought one?

    Nic x

  7. I got one last year, for my birthday in November, from Mexx. I went with brownish/grey in colour and I wore it a lot in fairness. Things never seem as bad once you get into them I guess - and needs must!

    I got a great jacket on Friday... thinking it'll go with everything.... I tried it with the M&S coated jeans that you recommended a few weeks back, and with the Autograph boots (again, from you lol) but the trousers and the jacket are too similar in finish... so back to the drawing board.

    That said, the M&S trousers are great for their price. And I just cannot WAIT to wear the taupe boots! You look amazing in your pics Kat, as always. Loving the hair! x

  8. Loving that Whistles top, just looking on there website now...! x

  9. Good buy, I lived in my Maxmara puffa all last winter, got it on a discount website called specialises in Italian brands. Love the Whistles top, I just got in the Red. xx

  10. So many nicer practical coats than that. Not keen at all sorry.

  11. No, no, no, no to the puffa. I always think you can wear just about anything and look good, but I'm really struggling here. A lady on the school run has one in white, and whenever I see her I think of fishing bait :) Sair

  12. Last year I alternated between a short puffa jacket and a longer puffa coat as I struggled with the elements, taking a train & walking to college most evenings. And honestly, Kat! I often thought of you as I strode along, muttering to myself 'I bet Kat would never wear anything as functional and practical as this' So now I'm laughing to see that you too have succumbed! Nope, they are never going to be the most glamorous coats, but sometimes needs must! And I love, love, love your last outfit pic ... stunning!

  13. I bought a down filled coat from Joules last year and although it was snuggly warm the constant shedding of feathers did my head in! Looking for a similar padded coat this year but without the down filling. Do let me know how you get on with yours!
    Estelle x

  14. Speaking as a nesh chick I am with you all the way. NEEDS MUST! I have similar from Marella ( 10 years old and gets dragged out every year when the snow starts ) and a short North Face Nuptse. ( Scarf + hat + shades + balaclava if really desperate means NO ONE WILL KNOW IT IS YOU ) just say you are the nanny. X (Obvs you will look fabulous so ignore the last bit)

  15. If you are going to spend a lot of time on the touchline watching sports matches, splash out on one of these as it will be quite literally a life-saver, if any of your kids are serious about footie or rugby! I am intrigued that you have a budget, is it self imposed or fixed? Has it gone up since you started to blog, can you justify spending more? I'm only asking as I have no idea what a 'normal' monthly spend on clothes is. I think I probably averaged about £500 a month when I had a well-paid job, but now I'm not working properly even £50 a month seems excessive.

  16. nice - those M&S coats are great, i couldn't decide on the length and actually got both, like to alternative but do probably prefer the longer one.