It's cold, it's raining,

and I personally am exhausted after a very busy day yesterday cooking for a dinner party last night for 16.  The Last Supper (even though I'm seeing if I can squeeze in a girl's night...) before our dining room is no more due to the building work. 

So today has been all about tidying up, friends over for coffee and cake (the Nigella Chocolate and almond cake is a huge hit by the way and if I can cook it, anyone can.) and now, collapsing on the sofa with Strictly, X Factor and a take away.  And obviously my credit card. 

Just checking that I've not missed any bargains from the Boden Sale which ends tomorrow (although not sure that all the reductions will go back up to full price?  Though clearly that's what the end of the sale would mean. Duh.)

Without further ado, let's whizz through these.

Starting with coats.  Now, believe it not, I do have a hankering for a coat this season.  The worm has turned and is getting coated up.  Not doing particularly well - the Ninja Turtle coat having been a disaster and I "may" have purchased a pink one which I'm currently glossing over but will come back to this week. 

At 50% off I love this Heritage Coat which is now £84.50  Sage work so well with black or navy as well as tan and winter whites and creams.   This would look great dressed up for a smart occasion but is just as lovely over jeans and boots for a  much more casual look.  Gorgeous. 

Also lovely in the navy but this isn't 50% off - Navy Heritage coat now £135.20

I've loved the Saint Germain coat since I saw it at the Press Day back in the summer but I really really want it in a navy. However I know I could easily do justice with the camel.  Saint Germain coat in tan for £119.20

Or the black for that matter.  Hmmmmm.  Black Saint Germain Coat in black for £119.20 

Now this is a corker of a bag if you're looking for a tan one. Or apparently a brown one.... This one for 50% off is what they term brown but sure looks tan to me. 

Leather Pouch Bag now £59.50

Staying with the accessories, I definitely have a hat hunt on the cards and this would be a perfect place to start.  Unfortunately I have an enormous head and not entirely sure this would fit.  At half price though it's excellent value. 

Fedora in navy now £19.50

If you prefer to keep the colour palette of your wardrobe very neutral then a bright yellow bag would be the perfect way to add a pop of colour.  Adore this shade with either black, navy or both together.  A classic satchel shape which again is perfect for casual or smarter outfits. 

Evie Bag - now only £39.50 in the Sulphur

Speaking of black and navy, this I had earmarked for a shirt/blouse (ewwww) post but as it's in the sale, I had to preview it hear.  I absolutely love this and is just perfect as another night out option.

Elegant Lace Shirt now £48.30 in navy 

Another great shirt option (giving all my future blogs away here) is this Great White Shirt with pintucks which has 50% off, making it now £29.50.

Finishing with the Ponte Roma Trousers which I personally haven't tried (although the more I look at them, clearly the more I need to) but have had a number of emails and comments saying how great they are and yes, they do look pretty darn fab.  Especially at 50% off. 

Ponte Roma Trousers in black now for £24.50  A great alternative to jeans. 

In navy for also £24.50 

We have apparently till Sunday night as I mentioned, I am going to have a good old spend up either later tonight or tomorrow when I only have two rugrats at home.  Planning on baking and watching Les Mis with the 9 yr old whilst The Husband and RR2 battle the elements at a rugby tournament.  Erm know where I'd rather be.

Quickly including my rather random outfits from yesterday.  As I said, nothing remotely exciting.  Lots of cooking and cleaning, supermarket, quick coffee with friends and the obligatory trip to McDonalds for the last day of term (or Friday.....We are big fans here - very coeliac friendly.  The golden arches can do no wrong in my book.


Stone poncho jumper - Primark
Leopard print jeans - Primark
Stone Alice Boots - Seven Boot Lane

And last night when I didn't have time to wash my hair or go to the hairdressers so sporting the "dragged through a hedge look".  Outfit thrown on in two minutes although I have to say I'm really rather pleased with it.  This was taken in the very small hours of the morning may I please point out - I did look rather less leathered earlier on (I hope) 


Black silk pussy bow blouse - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Real straight distressed jeans rolled up - Zara
Leopard print courts - H&M

There seem to be delicious goodies everywhere I look at the moment so loads coming on the blog this week.   Tomorrow though, I feel the need for snuggly......

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14 comentarios:

  1. Yep with you on the Saint Germain coat. Love the neckline. Credit card is twitching x

    1. Gorgeous isn't it. It's the same though as my 3.1 Philip Lim and both of my Goat cardigans so I can't really justify it. Bum.

  2. Ditto! Love the Saint Germain coat. Although I have a very similar one in camel from Zara (two years ago) so credit card will be staying put :)

    1. Yup, I can't justify it either. I do though have my eye on some other jumpers......

  3. Have to agree with you on the camel coat, it really stood out, I have not seen in the flesh, have you, is it lovely? After managing to get the M&S pink coat I have moved on (the thrill of the chase etc!) have you seen the All Saints camel coat I am loving it although again only seen online and is super expensive! I am off to check out the Boden website!

    1. I thought it was gorgeous in the flesh. Really lovely and the perfect thickness of boiled wool. Unfortunately I can't justify it - especially not in those colours. Bum.

  4. I rather like the thrown together look. I purchased the Saint Germain, in camel, at a Boden party and find it very useful indeed. I would, obviously, like to sashay into Max Mara and purchase some gorgeous little offering or another but that is in my dreams. The Saint Germain also looks completely cool in the red colour way.xx

  5. I wasn't a fan of the St Germain in the flesh I have to say. Media Marmalade is wearing it today if you want to see it on someone. It's not the most flattering - I think the boiled wool is too thick? Perhaps sizing up would help so you could try it in two sizes. Loving my tan bag - it's such a bargain! Enjoy your Sunday, Ax

    1. Oh I love it! I've seen it in the flesh and think it's still gorgeous. I do think you're right though and perhaps she should have sized up. I don't think that it's not a flattering coat - I just think it's too small for her! However I can't justify it personally, so the search goes on for a coat. And yes, the bag is just THE most amazing bargain (especially your tan and navy one!) xx

  6. I love the St Germain but am lucky enough to have a camel coat with the same neckline I like to style with my spot jumper thanks to the Boden stylist! There is so much I want from Boden at the moment but funds are lacking. I'm off to list on ebay again! x

    1. They would look stunning together - absolutely x

  7. You look gorgeous in the black blouse, jeans & leopard shoes! Your hair is 'textured' my dear! :) That tan bag is lush.....I'm still praying for the Oushka though! Fingers & every other thing crossed! Ax