Rocking Horse Poo

I am talking about the evening ankle boot or even shoot.  Now I have only posted about this once last year but it's a quest I have every year.

So the criteria:-

  • they need to be black
  • they need to have a slim heel 
  • however ideally they won't be so high they give me vertigo (been there done that) 
  • normally I prefer something that's not all leather ie some suede or all suede - but rules are made to be broken..

However when I say not all leather, I do not under any circumstances mean pleather (as much as I am partial to it in clothing). I have touched on this before but honest to the lord, it gets so on my goat to see a pair of lovely shoes or boots for £85ish and find out that they're not leather?  I don't think so.  Stella McCartney may have paved the way and made charging a fortune for man made fabric in footwear acceptable but with sweaty feet firmly on my mind, I'll pass thank you very much. 

Now, you see I've said rocking horse poo as in that they're very difficult to come across.  Only this year it seems that there is a much better selection to choose from.  I had intended to do this blog a couple of days ago but I just kept finding ones to add and hence we've got to Thursday.  

Shoe boots or an ankle boot are the perfect A/W night out footwear.  The only occasion where I personally wouldn't wear them is to something black tie.  Other than that, they are my ultimate footwear choice.  Great for making a dress seem less formal/worky or mumsy and just great with any sort of trousers - skinny, boyfriend, straight rolled up or a looser peg style leg (she says with her outfit in mind for Saturday night) 

I love this selection below.  I could pretty much wear any of them and be happy as a pig in the proverbial.  For the last three years (yes you read that correctly, polishes halo as we type) I have worn the same pair from Zara.  I have absolutely loved them.  Completely vertiginous, verging on tranny but they were only £79 and suede (those were the days) and now owe me absolutely nothing. 

I tried to find a pair last year but couldn't find the perfect ones and got the LK Bennett pair which served a casual night out/smart day affair.  Filled a hole in my boot wardrobe (I could well have got arrested for wearing the Zara ones during the day.  Either that or I'd have broken an ankle. They're the epitome of Taxi Shoes.) 

However this year - hell they appear to be ten a penny. 

So go forth and take your pick.  Have a guess which ones I may be caving on.....

Starting at the silly end of the scale but these are gorgeous.  Very high mind you 

Biker Pump Zip from McQ  £400 Cough.  You see, rule of not all leather well and truly bust apart.  But the detailing makes it seem less plain.  And they're McQueen for goodness sake! (skips over the price...)

Brettly from Nine West - actually in the sale now for £115.   A great cross from a casual boot with a dressier heel.

Ariana Boots from Vince Camuto  now £79.  LIke I say, I'm personally not a full on leather fan but the snakeskin detailing on the back makes these more than acceptable.  And they're a bargain! 

Dune really has some excellent choices this year.  All of them are just beautiful. 
Dune Niks £115

Dune Adorn Suede Boots - £99

Dune Nami Double Zip Shoe Boots - £110  Am very partial to the super pointy toe I have to say. 

Dune Black Anchi Platform £155  I've tried these on and they're amazing.  Again, talking out of my behind with not all plain leather spiel. 

These are slightly off piste but do just slip in under the gambit of shoe boot - the Bardot from Hobbs London at £199

These look amazing in real life - honestly you would never know they were from M&S.  I actually love the gold heel detail, plus the higher back to them.  Perfect for that subtle bling for a night out.  Would work perfectly with an all black outfit.  (as well as others) 

Autograph Premium Suede Water Resistant Metal Heel shoe boot - £109

Now these I have tried on for the last two years (actually if I'm honest, I've bought them, had them sitting in the spare room for a fortnight, trying them on again and again before returning them) but they just don't quite work for me.  I've worked out that personally I find them too low cut on the shoe bootie bit (technical term) but I love the look of them on other people (hence I've bought them twice!)  They're excellent quality and a really good heel height.  And comfy. The ideal shoe boot if that's what you're looking for. 

Autograph Suede Piped Shoe Boots £55

If you are looking for something lower then these would really work.

Zeta Shoes from Hobbs London  £179

Another slightly lower option is the Collection by John Lewis Seyfried Suede shoe boots £115.  Personally prefer these to the ones above. 

Another fab option from the Collection range at John Lewis is the Breslin boot £125.  These are a classier version of my Zara ones. 

These very very nearly made the grade for me from Mint Velvet.  Absolutely stunning - great heel height, beautiful suede, solid without being chunky and super comfy.  

Mint Velvet Suede Shoe Boots £129

My two faves though by a country mile are the Sam Edelman boots. 

Firstly the Kendrix. Now I have ordered these, in fact I did wear them.  I also realised after 10 mins that they were massive.  Thanks to My Wardrobe, I had followed their size guide and ordered a US9.5 seeing as they said that was a UK6.5.  Alas, on inspection of the label (which I stupidly hadn't done before wearing, assuming that My Wardrobe would have got their guide right), I was wearing a UK7.5. Gah.  Partly my fault as I'd worn them and not checked but partly MW's fault for a totally inaccurate size guide (also super cross with myself as I thought I was a 9 - which turns out to be correct - but decided they were the experts....)  However fair play to them, they've admitted there was a problem and let me send them back and I have a credit note.  I would have exchanged them for the smaller size as I had them with 25% off but sodus lawus they'd sold out.

They do seem to have them in most sizes at Zalando but obviously full price now. 

Sam Edelman Kendrix £210

However my heart belongs to new boots that have just arrived - The Margos.  Swoon.  All sizes at the moment at ASOS.  I'm going to bet they are not going to be around for long. 

Sam Edelman Margo Zipped Heel Ankle Boot £215

So I'm sure that there are oodles more out there and I haven't even scraped the surface.  It appears that ankle boots are just like those flipping buses. 

Finishing with what I've been wearing this week.  The last of the summer clothes I fear.  Heating is well and truly on. 


Blush vest - Cos
Cream lace jacket - Anthropologie
Indigo distressed Real Straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Chestnut Saxon boots - Kurt Geiger
Stone necklace - Anthropologie
Leather cuff - Hulquist 
Tan belt - Primark
Tan Lily Bag - D&G

This outfit I have to say I LOVE.  If I could wear it every day I would. I have been waiting for the perfect shoes to go with this bargain £20 H&M coat and I think these do the job with a cherry on top.  Expect to see this A Lot.  


Navy Zip back jumper - Zara
Indigo paint splattered skinnies turned up - Zara
Navy with a cream toe ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company
Navy coat - H&M
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Leather cuff - Hultquist 

I have to say it has renewed my love for all things navy.  I'm working on a navy blog ladies.  Watch this space.

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14 comentarios:

  1. I like the lower heeled options you feature, not keen on elastic front ones to be fair, I need enough of the stretchy stuff in the waist department so don't want it on my feet as well!

    1. I need a high heel - hell knows why, clearly I do NOT need a high heel but mentally I don't feel dressed on a night out without one. Go figure.

  2. Hooray, another M&S item that I bought oooh at least 4 years ago from M&S can be worn again, along with the wine-coloured leather skirt I told you about before. I have the original suede shoe boots that they brought out. In fact, I think I have two different coloured pairs. Hmm.

    Good to see pointy shoes slowly coming back into mainstream fashion after a very long absence. Those Edelmann boots are fabulous.

    Looking forward to a navy blog very much.


    1. I may have bought the Edelmans. I too love a pointy boot. And yes, those M&S ones are truly fab. x

  3. I love the Hobbs Bardot, but then I'm a sucker for a bit of scalloping! xxx

    1. Me too. Would love a pair of ballet flats with it. Like the Chloe ones. Ha. As if.

  4. the sam edelman ones are head and shoulders above the rest, as I would be in that kind of heel height, with my huge shoulders i just look like a drag queen, but fab boots! I got an Hermes pair last year in a Knightbridge second hand shop, £145 but so comfortable and I wear them on almost every night out.

    1. How fab! Love a steal like that. I'm 5ft 10 but I still wear heels. Oops. The second Edelman ones are much lower than the first. Randomly..

  5. I got the John Lewis Breslin ones today - thanks for the tip off! Very comfortable - or at least they were in shop. Haven't actually walked anywhere in them yet! Jill

  6. Love, love, love the H&M navy coat outfit! It was worth waiting to wear! I'd love a pair of shoots but like Sharron I need a mid heel these days unless I'm being chauffeur driven or carried places! ;) My feet just can't take heels for longer then 5 mins anymore! Sob! Sob! Ax

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