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It's round two of the shell tops.  Without further ado lets crack on, starting with my faves which are the Sculptured tops from Whistles.  

If you're a 10 or 12 there are still some of the yellow ones available from Atterley Road.  I adore this yellow shade.  Looks fab with black, both a necklace and/or bottoms. (yes I do still have my black necklace post in mind).  Also gorgeous with dark denim, feeding my obsession with all things navy.  And will work in the summer with white skinnies as well.  Stunning. 

Yellow Sculptured top from Whistles at Atterley Road - now £45 

Staying with my beloved animal print, I love this version of the top 

Jungle Leopard Top in Multi from Whistles - £85

They've also bought it out with a leather trim which is perfect for adding that bit of interest.  I love the idea of this with a leather pencil skirt.  Or a pleated one.  Yum. 

Whistles Neck detail sculptured top in black - £85

Another plain one that would be easy to add interest to (and would also be perfect for work) is this Regent Crepe Gathered Front Top from Great Plains at £45

Another top that I love the look of - this would be perfect with print trousers and huge earrings, no extra detail is needed on the top itself, I would just keep this plain and let the rest of the outfit do the talking.  Looks beautiful with a skirt as well and is a pretty perfect work top. 

Plus it's currently got 40% off but not sure for how long. 

Montepellier Top now £29.40 in the plain colours

I like it in the red:-

The navy 

And the Pearl

Couldn't resist this Navy and black colourblock top from Boden again.  This is screaming out for my black necklace.......(but as an interjection, I have found the navy one I was winging on about the other day.  The. Joy. It's as lovely as I remember and will feature very soon) 

Pleat Sleeve Top now reduced to £23.40

One of the favourite ones I saw the other day was from Mint Velvet.  I tried this on and it's simply gorgeous. 

Black & Pewter Jacquard Front Tee - £79

Another print front one is the Heidi Print Boxy Tee from Mint Velvet again.  £69.  Love the stud detail on the front. 

Another from MV with a stunning floral silk print front. 

Janie Print Tee - £69

Another print one is this from Autograph at M&S, which, yet again, looks so much prettier in the flesh.  Has a monochrome McQueen vibe for me. (don't say that after a couple of drinks) 

Autograph Lace Print Top £35

Finishing though with two of my faves - yes it's more animal print.  I have to get my fix somewhere. 

Another fab Danish brand - Inwear - This is their Darly top in red. £65

And in the classic brown (obviously I love it as a full on outfit but The Husband may have a coronary) 

So as you can see from what I've found (and from the comments on yesterday blog) it seems that yes, everyone loves a shell top.  Go forth and shop.  Christmas is just around the corner.  Eek.

Today I managed to avoid the rain.  Had a canny umbrella in my bag just in case. 


Black zip back polo neck - Zara
Coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Black and tan tweed jacket - Zara
Brown angora wrist warmers - TK Maxx
Black suede and patent boots - LK Bennett
Black Diego - Alexander Wang 

Next couple of days, I have my black statement necklace blog and a delicious marmite post as we haven't had one for ages.  A controversial one.....

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12 comentarios:

  1. I have only recently found your blog and I love it. I think you have said you are quite tall and this means when you post your outfits I can actual see the length on me (others post great trousers I find them and when I put them on they are like capri's) thanks! I am much more comfortable with workwear than casual so you are helping me to be a bit more adventurous - maybe even a yellow Whistles top.....

    1. I am indeed very tall, 5ft10 so completely feel your pain. So pleased you like the blog, thank you so much for taking the time to comment, very much appreciated.
      And you won't regret a yellow top - works as well for work as it does for casual! xx

  2. Love the Whistles sculptured tops - they've really hit it on the mark with those and I think I may be tempted by the black too - I had a little look and feel of it and the trim looks good. I was worried it might be a little tacky. The leopard version is gorgeous - I saw so many people trying it on when the Grazia promotion was on. And everyone looked good in it.

    1. The black is indeed lovely but I have my Cos top with coated sleeves which serves the identical purpose. only thing is my black Cos top is much more fitted as opposed to a shell shape which leaves much less margin for error muffinwise. FAR prefer the sculptured tops. And yes, they do actually seem to work for everyone - even those with boobs which is a real rarity in a top - all things to all men. x

  3. Another great selection of tops. The length of these are so flattering.
    Never really been a big fan of Boden but Johnnie has really come up trumps these last couple of seasons. That black and blue colour block top is lovely although the styling of it on the website leaves a lot to be desired (am I being harsh??).

  4. The Boden mid-season sale is on until Sunday night just FYI :)

    1. oooh you turned off captcha! hurrah that means I can start commenting from my phone again, it hates captcha!

  5. I love these tops but because I'm big-boobed they look awful on me. I'm tall as well (6 foot) so have lots of shopping problems!

    1. Interestingly I've seen the Whistles tops on people with bigger boobs and they do actually work. I think it's the way they're cut with the darts, makes them more fitted. But yes, I can absolutely imagine that it must be more difficult at 6ft - I struggle at 5ft 10 with tiny boobs!

  6. Not to be an enabler but both the Boden tops featured here are now 50% off :)

  7. I agree with Lyndsey...I am 5'2 and size 8 with boobs and these gorgeous tops make me look like a brick = boo hoo!