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So this season if it hasn't been a pink coat (I am far far too much of a slob to own a pink coat) it has been a checked coat.   There has been check a plenty everywhere and coats have not escaped.  It's a print that is everywhere and whilst I was sceptical at first, the brainwashing of the retail industry has worked and yes, I am now hankering after a checked coat.  This is top of my Sales list and there are loads to choose from. 

There is a downside to them and this was the base of my scepticism - they are very distinctive.  If you wear it on a daily basis, it actually won't matter what you have on underneath - all people will remember is The Checked Coat.  Which to some people won't matter and absolutely fair enough - you rock on.  But personally, I am too much of a flutter eejit to want to look exactly the same every day and like to vary outfits. (read shallow as sh*t) Having said all of this, the chances of me going with an in your face check, as opposed to a subtle counterpart, is obviously high.  In my book, if you're going to do check, go all out check and just make sure you have some other less conspicuous coats for days inbetween wears.  As well as being shallow I am nothing if not a hypocrite.

On the upside, they work fabulously for adding interest to plain outfits and do go with a myriad of colours (depending on which colour your check is of course) 

I also think they will definitely be around for a couple of years so you will absolutely get wear out of them.  Plus, if you're clever with your colours, there is no reason why this can't take you into the Spring and be ideal for next Autumn as well.  

Starting with a more muted selection.  The first M&S one (yes yes yes, clearly looks a shed load better in the flesh) is the coat that made me think hmmmm, these are actually pretty darn cool. 

M&S Collection Checked Coat with wool £89

Love the furry appeal to this one - great huge check in lovely subtle colours. 

Jigsaw Large Check Car Coat  £215

Oversized Check Coat from Next £75   I actually did see this at the beginning of the season and for a moment thought, yes.  Then I went off them.  Now I'm back on them.  And fickle is my middle name. 

This from M&S Best of British Wool Rich Coat is perfect for now but also the lighter shades in it will be fab for moving into Spring.  A beautiful coat.  A classic check but with a slight twist and certainly different to the majority that is out there. 

I simply love the shape of this coat from LK Bennett, simply beautiful and in black and white.  This to me oozes class and I would get so so much wear out of it.  Do I need it?  Do I heck as like.  Unfortunately for me it's very similar to my H&M navy one (although infinitely better quality I'm sure!) 

Reiss Soul Check Coat in black and white  £350  A classic monochrome number from Reiss.  This one is smart enough to wear to a wedding - ideal for work and would be fabulous as a Spring or Autumn coat too. 

M&S Collection Wool Check Coat £110   I saw this one the other day and it is simply gorgeous.  Would be delicious with navy now but baby blue is definitely one of The colours for next S/S so this would be a super clever buy now. 

And I apologise but my piece of utter TUT internet has been down for the past hour so I have resorted to sewing on new buttons to a coat.  I have more check, more coats, more of everything tomorrow - now I need to go and get my glad rags on.

Finishing with my outfits from yesterday and today. 


Chambray shirt - Primark
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Navy jumper - H&M
Navy and cream ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company 
Navy pea coat - Zara
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G

And today - have been out for brekkie and lunch and then serving mulled wine and mince pies at the school nativity.  Off out for dinner later! 



Beige vest - Zara
Cream lace blouse - Zara
Vintage rip and repair Saxby jeans - ASOS 
Camel Cypress boots - Acne
Navy boucle blazer - Zara
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Gold and brass cuff - Taylor Stephens
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch. 

Off to get changed - will be back with more coats tomorrow.  Or maybe the LBD thread... Or.........

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11 comentarios:

  1. Va va voom - look at you in that last photos!? Have you had your hair done again? I have an appt this morning then a Brazilian at lunch - all ready for a hot night out tonight:) LOVE the checked coats - I have the black and white checked coat from M&S and LOVE it - you're right it is distinctive but I tend to wear it over capris or just jeans and a sweater - I love the shape of it too - really versatile. It could be worn with patterns as I think it can work like leopard as a neutral. Have fun tonight! xx

    1. Oh love you! Do you mean coloured? Yes I just had my roots done last week - just touched up. I don't have foils interestingly (or not!), they're just done free hand. Yes the black and white M&S one I featured eons ago is stunning - you'll have it for donkeys years I reckon. Hope date night was a success xxx

  2. Sssh, don't tell anyone about the Jigsaw car coat, I was hoping no-one would want it and I could get one in the sales.

    1. Oopps i'm sure you'll be fine. Not that many people read this anyway!!

  3. Yep - if you are going to do check, go all out for it, is my view too. How nice is the M&S Best of British Wool Rich Coat - love the pink in it and the the overall effect is certainly striking!! - Also love your jacket in your second piccy - that looks really cool!!

    1. I agree, got to be in your face and full on. That navy jacket is from Zara last year and honestly, I wish I had it in a black and a cream as well. The best jacket I've ever owned.

  4. Ok I'm convinced your Saxby jeans look amazing on, I'm having them. Love, love, love your blog it's the first email I look for every day. Living in a town with the same old same old shops it's great to buy different things I've seen on your blog. Would love to recommend you but sorry I'm not sharing my secret!

    1. They are honestly fabulous - go forth and purchase the cheapest jeans out there! And those comments made me laugh! Thank you xx

  5. I have the Next coat and it's stylist. Perfect every day coat.

  6. Love the Indigo straight leg jeans! You look so pretty!

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