It's all going so quickly

So it seems the recession is well and truly on its way out as people flock to buy sales stock.  Clearly they're all following my rules (yeah right) which is why so much of the good stuff I keep finding is sold out by the time I a) try to buy it or b) try to blog about it. 

I haven't personally been brave enough to step foot into a store yet.  I had planned on going today but The Husband, because he couldn't get to work on Christmas Eve has escaped, sorry, dragged himself to work.  On his own...... However fear not, I got my own back when I rang him at lunchtime and asked him ever so nicely (as he could hear carnage in the background here) to just pop along to Reiss in the city and see if they had my beloved Brompton shoes in store.  I had already checked and they were in stock there so all he had to was pick them up.  It would be empty I thought. 

Ha ha ha.  And that'll be a no.  The Sales Assistant actually told him that it would be a ten minute wait before she could serve him.  I wouldn't have believed this, had I not been on the phone to him at the time and heard her say it.  Apparently rammed wasn't the word.  So thank goodness for those fantastic people at Selfridges in the Reiss department who took my order over the phone and are sending them out to me.  You absolute stars.  

These are the things of beauty that have made it through the gambit of the Sales Rules.  The one slight, very very slight, fly in the ointment is that I haven't tried them on.  Slight I said..... It might mean a quick trip back to Selfridges to return them but worse things have happened I guess.  I can think of so many things these will go with in the summer - very excited to have them. 

Brompton Off white two tone sandals now £95 from £210.  That's what you call a reduction. Zara, take note.

So whilst I've managed to bag (another) bargain for my feet, the one thing that I always always find hard to buy is tops.  Too clingy, too voluminous, too warm, too cold.  Or I manage to get curry down them and they've never quite the same again (just me?)  There are actually loads of tops around in the sale that would be great for wearing now, but to be honest, are more suited to slightly warmer climes.  And of course (its me, why would you expect anything less) can go from supermarket to dinner (out - not one that you've cooked.  Unless you've cooked for lots of people in which case yes) 

I've featured this top a number of times I think but that's because I love it.  Most of these tops are perfect for pretty much anything on your bottom half, hell, even shorts (which is incentive to get my arse to the gym if ever there was one).  Leather pencil skirt, A-line skirts, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, capri pants.  The bottoms are your oyster.

Montpellier top from Boden £19.60 from £49 Classic cream

In navy dot only £14.70  This is slightly on the chintzy side but I think on the right person it would look fab.  I'd probably team with super faded or distressed jeans to unprettify it personally. 

In sulphur only £19.60  I love this colour.  If I didn't have the Whistles one I would get this in a heartbeat. 

Staying with full on colour this is gorgeously bright - would look great with navy for now or with whites and faded denim in the summer. 

Daisy Jacquard Top now £17.70 from £59

This is a perfect blouse for all year round.  Gorgeous subtle colours if the above brights don't float your boat.  A fabulous neutral. 

Paris Blouse (see see see - neutral!) only £17.70 from £59

Staying with blouses, this one is just gorgeous.  Pretty but practical and with a great reduction.  Smart enough to wear to a wedding but cheap enough to wear with jeans for the school run.

Twist & Shout beaded collar blouse £30 from £60 from Great Plains

Regent Crepe Panelled Top now £25 from £50  again from Great Plains. Absolutely adore this and yes, I've featured it before but it's such a classic classic blouse that would actually suit pretty much all shapes. 

This is another perfect neutral shirt for dressing up and down - love the fact it's not a shirt shirt but a more casual smart top (that makes sense to me....).  This is the sort of top I love wearing with skinnies and a fitted blazer. 

Long Pintuck Shirt in Natural White now £40.80 from £68

Or in grey marl 

For nights out coming up in the Spring this covers a multitude of opportunities.  Also really lovely to wear out for lunch with skinny jeans and black ankle boots. (or ssshhh keep for next Christmas - so useful for the wardrobe) 

Foiled Again Print Sleeve Top £24.50 from £35 from Great Plains

I perhaps shouldn't like this as much as I do - I'm not even a lover of cats for pity's sake but this is really quite cute.  Lovely subtle classic colours seem to dull down the potential randomness of it.  I think it's rather Anthropologie.  Alternatively, it could be just odd. 

Cats Mansion tee £13.50 from £45.00 from Great Plains.

This, from Jigsaw is an absolutely gorgeous top.  It looks like nothing in the pic but honestly it's just fabulous.  Ideal for all year round - perfect to wear to work, dress up with a leather skirt or coated skinnies or for during the day with just faded denims.  Would work as well with heels as it would with sneakers (can you tell I have a sneaky sneakers thing going on...... Watch this space - I may yet convince you all that I've lost my tiny mind) 

Jigsaw Silk back tweed t-shirt in navy £68 from £98

In Blueberry Tweed with a purple back - again now just £68

Linton Tweed Panel t-shirt (love the peach) again just £68

This is lovely for the Spring in pale green and yellow shades  Still £68 from Jigsaw

A top I can guarantee you'll get loads of wear out of, is the black sculptured top from Whistles.  I love mine so so much, very tempted to get it in the black as well. 

Whistles Sculptured top £60 down from £85

Or in blue - but very very few left so hurry!  

Whistles Sculptured top now only £45 

Staying with plain and interesting (and very useful like the one above) is this cobalt blue silk frill time blouse from Reiss.  I would defy anyone not to be able to think of about 3 occasions when they could wear this.  Dinner, work, smart party with black capri pants.  A real wardrobe staple. 

Whitely Indigo Frill Sleeve Top now £55

Ok so I appreciate that I may be stretching my admiration of all things French with plain old French Writing on a top but I have to say, on reflection, I have two and do love both of them.  Both are t-shirts and both I think work really well under a blazer with some faded jeans.  This is definitely skipping around the boundary of Parisian chic but it will do for me. (and one of mine is Maison Scotch too) 

Maison Scotch tee - now £31 was £52

Speaking of French, I was going to do a whole shebang on Breton tops as I have an unhealthy addiction to them which I can foresee getting out of control this Spring.  But, on the upside, I do wear them.  I wear them all a lot - I wear my wine one from Massimo Dutti much more than I thought I ever would.  Following my French rules (my life now seems to be full of rules which is great as they are only made to be broken), I need one in black.  

So it would therefore be rude not to give this serious consideration. 

Jigsaw Amelie Striped Breton T-shirt in Camel now £25 from £36 

If you simply can't stand to think about all things short sleeved now and to be fair, if you have the same gale blowing outside as we do here, it is perhaps the last thing on your mind.  I therefore acquiesce slightly and give you one layering top which is a complete bargain.  

Layering tops Ganni were £65 now £28

And with that in mind, I think that it would be rude not to a sweatshirt round up.  It may be NYE tomorrow night but it's also New Year's Day the day after which is a day of hunkering down with popcorn and a good movie.  Which equals snuggly clothes. I have literally alternated between very dressy and complete comfort dress down this holiday and couldn't have done without the new cosy additions to my wardrobe.  We should all have some and there have to be some bargains out there. 

Finishing with my outfit from today which, as I've just mentioned, as dress down as they come.  Pure and utter comfort for a day at home with the kids.  The sun did shine for about 10 minutes in between the squally showers and howling wind.  About to get the popcorn on and watch Life of Pi.   No make up and verging on pyjamas.  


White vest - Reiss
Black Lola harems - Whistles
Marine Dolman Sweatshirt - Hush
Denim blue and beige tie dye scarf - Cos
Tall Chestnut Uggs

So definitely have a snuggly top thread up  my sleeve and surely it would be rude not to check out the dresses in the sale, no??  How is everyone else doing?  Anything specific that you're chuffed to pieces with?  Any rubbish sales we should name and shame? 

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10 comentarios:

  1. I ordered the Paris blouse! It was in my favourites post from press day all those months ago, as were the blue leopard bistro crops. Glad I sat it out all this time, £17 each is nuts!!

    1. Fabulous bargain isn't it - if I didn't have too many blouses, I'd definitely buy it. x

  2. Didn't think I needed anything much in the sales - till I read this! Off for a wee peruse....thank you for the wonderful edit as always and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx

    1. That's like me and new season stuff - say I don't need anything until I have a quick look. Big big mistake - always.

  3. The sales frighten me, I buy there times a year and that's it!

    1. oh but you can get some fab fab bargains if you know where to look!

  4. Just bought this Jigsaw tweed top to wear this evening:

    It is a good shape. And not unlike the tweed ones you picked out, but of course you are so over sparkles, so you won't like it.

    Not a particularly generous reduction. But I was ridiculously chuffed when the assistant complimented me on my blue and black Primark tie-dye skinnies, that it was worth an extra tenner off. Happy New Year!

    1. That is SO the sort of thing I do - love it! Love the top - really really do Jigsaw have some great things at the moment (if you look - there is also some right frumpy junk in there) But boy do they have some hidden gems!

  5. I've ordered the Paris blouse and a couple of other bits x

    1. Tis a fab bargain, isn't it! Which boots did you keep in the end?