Confession Time

I went to Bicester yesterday Christmas present shopping.  And bought a bag and some jeans.  Which weren't exactly on my list of gifts that I needed to buy.  I did however redeem myself ever so slightly by getting one rather fabulous gift for The Husband which he will completely love and use on a daily basis, so am rather chuffed with that. 

In my defence (rather clutching at straws here), I am so over thinking Christmas parties, glitz and glamour (and waiting for a discount code to materialise from Me+Em so I can buy the dress I desperately want!) that when I saw the most perfect pair of skinny jeans it was a no brainer and took me about 5 mins to decide that I had to have to them. 

I absolutely love wearing my navy tie dye jeans and so with my new love of black, a grey pair were the answer to my every day dreams.  Plus, they will look fantastic in the evening and it's probably not a bad idea to start thinking forward to the Spring (ha ha ha, I know that sounds insane and it's not exactly around the corner but it sort of is.  Not counting the massive dumps of snow that I fear we may be due for this year. GAH).  These would be absolutely ideal with my silvery stone leather Gap sneakers, grey sweatshirt or a white tee/black blazer and I'm off. 

So whilst I was getting carried away with thinking about all things Spring, it did occur to me that, as great as it is to get that perfect Christmas outfit - there really are only a number of nights that they can be worn (unless you are a complete party animal and have a gazillion parties to go, in which case ignore me and shop yourself to sequin oblivion). This won't of course stop me over thinking those valuable few nights, but a break to think about every day clothes that in reality get a lot more wear, can only be a good thing. 

As we haven't even broached the subject of skinny jeans in forever I don't think, this is long overdue.  With print at that.  Like I've said, I love them with a plain tee, jumper and a whole new lease of life with my new found shirt obsession (and where the heck is my ASOS order?....).  With ballet flats, sneakers, loafers, stilettos or ankle boots - the opportunities are in fact endless, to both dress up and dress down. 

I have a fair few pairs.  And one more now.  I personally find I get more wear out of the more neutral coloured ones with only a couple of tones in, but then I am a total cowardly custard when it comes to colour and normally print.  Pathetic I know but it scares the bejeesus out of me and we all have our comfort zones that we like to swim in. 

There aren't actually that many out there - interestingly the skinny jean is still going strong but in the winter, people do seem to like to stick to a dark, plain theme.  I plan on keeping the plain bit on top and let my legs do the talking. 

Mango Paisley Print Jeans £34.99  When we're talking of Spring, these would be completely ideal.  And for now, they look great teamed with black, white or grey. 

Ted Baker Tallya Romantic Timeless jeans in light pink £109  These are definitely a nod to summer but I think would look lovely with navy or grey. 

Ted Baker Danelle Tea pot Printed Jeans £109  I will admit, for me, these are on the edge of bright but they would be a fab Spring jean. 

Diesel Liver Super Stretch Jeggings in Blue Floral now half price at £65  Ideal for a laid back denim look.

Now these are rather reminiscent of the tie dye navy ones I have which I absolutely love and which meant I could completely justify the grey ones I bought.

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Marbled Skinny Jeans now £98

Staying with the tie dye, I have toyed with these from Gap and they would indeed be perfect for the Spring.  

1969 tie dye legging jeans, now £35.96

I also managed to find these at FCUK, only in small sizes but an utter bargain at £28! 

Summer Nancy Jeans from French Connection 

Now if you are looking for something more mainstream and - yes, clearly I can't help but have one mind on those nights out (of which I have so many, not) but these are just gorgeous.  Would also look fab to take you through into the Spring with black ballet flats, white tee and a black blazer.  Super smart. 

Hallhuber Printed skinny jeans now £39 (half price)

My faves that I have been living in are the Great Plains leopard print ones which are a slightly lighter shade.  These I completely love and will definitely be wearing them into the Spring. 

Leopard Denim Slim Leg jeans - £65

So there we have a little selection of one of the most useful pairs of jeans I have in my wardrobe - if I actually think about it, I have a fair few.....maybe three leopard print, one floral, one tie dye, sorry, make that two tie dye....

Here is my Bicester outfit. 

Untitled Untitled 

Black polo neck - Zara
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Black peacoat - Zara
Loafers with leopard print ponyskin - Zara
Tan leather belt - Primark
Leopard Print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch 

And today when it was freezing.  Properly cold.  Tile shopping and Christmas shopping and last minute finishing off for party tomorrow night which I managed to rope myself into organising.  All done now and just looking forward to it. 

More importantly, here are my new jeans.  Grey Tie Dye from Sandro.  60% off.  Complete bargain! 

Untitled Untitled

White longsleeved longline top - Baukjen
Silver jumper - Zara
Grey tie dye jeans - Sandro
Black peacoat - Zara
Grey cable knit scarf - Aubin & Wills 
Suede & patent boots - LK Bennett
Fuchsia Roxanne tote - Mulberry

Tomorrow, off to have my cut and colour with my beloved Daniel Jordan in Sevenoaks and then, drum roll..... Christmas Fayre at school which is possibly the highlight of my kids' school year.  I am apparently on the Rudolph Roulette stall.  The mind boggles.  Seeing their faces thought, makes it all worthwhile, plus we have the Christmas party to look forward to in the evening and I HAVE SHOOTS!  Feather and lace here we come, plus new hair, what's not to love?

Hope everyone else has had a fab couple of days with a great weekend to look forward to.

Oh yes, and the bag that I sort of threw in there, tis only a tiny thing.  Reveal tomorrow...(I promise you, it is genuinely diddy and was a super bargain) 

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  1. Replies
    1. New Little Tory Burch number - absolutely over the moon with it!

  2. Kat, you look stunning in your tie-dye jeans and silver jumper. Enjoy the Christmas fayre tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your party outfit xxx

    1. Thank you - am v pleased with my new jeans! x

  3. I think skinnys are a great outfit enhancer - My wife does not wear them too often but I think she looks great in them when she does.

    Whilst I like the more muted tones, I really like both of the ted bakers - love a bit of colour, me! I also like the paisley pair, (I remember paisley the first time round haha )

    1. They're great aren't they and there definitely is a pair of skinnies out there for everyone. x

  4. Hi Kat, I'm so glad you covered the topic of skinny jeans. I'm a 41 year old new reader desperately trying to pull myself out of the middle aged rut I seem to have found myself in. But I just can't find a pair of skinny jeans to fit!

    I'm a size 12 in most high street shops, I have good legs but hips and a belly so they never fit around the middle or even worse, the dreaded camel toe. What am I doing wrong? Do you have to go up a size? I'd like to start with a basic plain black pair first. Any suggestions gratefully received.

    1. I would definitely try the M&S jeggings that Dublin Molly recommends. They are great, high cut and work perfectly for most figures. Ditto their coated skinnies as well. Far comfier than some of the more hip and younger stores. I'd also have a look at Boden - theirs are also higher cut. Hope that helps x

  5. I have same issue. Have found M and S jeggings surprisingly good. Mid rise but higher waisted than average. Sorry so much for jettisoning middle aged rut...