On a coat roll

So yesterday we had check coats.  Today I've come over all monochrome.  There is method behind my madness which I will reveal in a couple of days but suffice to say I am all about the black.  But still having a hankering after the check, I've managed to find some fab black and white check coats that are just gorgeous.  When considering check, in my opinion these are probably the most classic.  These are the ones that you will be able to bring out year after year (say I remembering a black and white huge check belted one I had years ago and charity shopped - FOOL) and look the epitome of chic over plain black or a colour.  

They add that little bit of interest to a plain outfit, whilst not being so in your face that they're a one trip pony of a coat.

And they're great to take you into the Spring as well - perfect with white jeans, sneakers and a little grey or black top.  Or throw on a pink one to ring the changes.   The opportunities are endless. 

But I'm also loving my black coat.  I have a peacoat (and I do plan on doing a dedicated peacoat blog as I'm totally feeling the peacoat love this season - I may have bought two....) that I changed the buttons on, after being inspired by the huge oversized buttons at Goat that I am a massive fan of.  Spied some for sale in John Lewis:- £12 and much cursing and bleeding of fingers later, I have a new look coat.  Exceptionally pleased with it, seeing as the coat was a £29.99 total bargain from Zara (which they don't have anymore) and I think it rather transforms it.

A black coat really is an exceptionally important piece in any woman's wardrobe - be it a coatigan or full on coat and mine has been lacking for a couple of years on this front.  So whether you're in the market for one now, need ideas for your Chrimbo list or are putting together that all important Sales Manifest, hopefully there's something that will catch your eye.  I could certainly wear practically all of them.  (and yes, the check ones may be my fave followed by the sneaky rather impractical Jaeger number) 

Starting with check and this one would look as fab over a black suit for work as it would with jeans, ankle boots and a loose top.

Esprit Checked Coat - now £90  This one is a bargain now - half price.   Collarless so hugely chic in my book - plus fabulously easy to wear a scarf over. 

Oasis Check Drape Belted Coat £68.50  I personally struggle with belted coats, having no waist and end up looking like a barrel with an elastic band round it.  But I think they look so great on other people. 

Mango Oversized Boyfriend Coat now £62.50  If the boyfriend coat is still your thing, this one is a great year round staple. 

Helen Berman Classic College Coat in mixed check - now less than half price at £110  Like the ASOS one at the very beginning, this covers pretty much all occasions.

ASOS Longline Coloured Check Coat £95 Oh I love this one.  I'm not going to lie, the cropped top and no knee jeans aren't quite cutting the mustard but as a coat, I think it's gorgeous. 

French Connection Check Bunny Coat £144  Another bargain reduction - like the Esprit one. 

ASOS Brushed Check Ovoid Coat  £59.50  This one sneaks in a hint of red, if monochrome is just too black and white for you. 

ASOS Checked Wrap Light Weight Coat £56  If you loved the Best of British one from M&S yesterday, then this one is a fabulous bargain option.  Completely LOVE the smidge of pink - elevates the coat to a different level of class for a fraction of the price. 

Moving into black territory now with a gorgeous knitted coatigan that is so up my street it's unreal.  I may have a navy and a grey one that are strikingly similar.  I've had both for years so in my book, these are a great buy. 

Mint Velvet Double Breasted Coatigan £129

Whistles Elin Double Breasted Military Coat £236  A complete classic.

Mango Quilted Wool Blend Coat £79.99  Lovely leather detail on the shoulders - a gorgeous simple collarless shape.

A really different take on a biker coat here but I like the added interest in the texture of the quilting.  Hobbs have reduced loads of their coats, this Hobbs Gwen Coat is now £159.

Now this is the sort of coat that I definitely used to favour - lots of style and, if we're being honest, not the hugest amount of function.  As a coat that is, as in, something you expect to keep you warm.  This will definitely keep the chill off, but in the depths of winter, frankly will be as much use as a chocolate teapot.  But for an evening coat, a Spring/Autumn, even into the Summer coat - as ideal with jeans and a black polo neck and ballet pumps as with a little dress for a wedding.   And in its defence, it would be great for layering under. 

Jaeger London Dropped Shoulder Coat £175

This is now a super bargain from Jaeger at only £125 - Double Breasted Cocoon Coat 

Gerard Darel Alpaca Coat now reduced to £259  This is gorgeous in real life.  I have to say I'm not a huge Gerard Darel fan but I have walked past this about 4 times in John Lewis and every time I stop to give it a stroke! 

Fenn Wright Manson Yasmin Coat in Black £120  Another one with big buttons - tick! 

So there we have a selection which hopefully will help those of you who have asked for a coat blog - fear not, I shall also be planning on doing one for the more colourful out there.

Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days.  Thursday night when out with the girls for drinks and dinner.  This was thrown on at the last minute - not at all what I usually wear but I absolutely love it. 

Excuse the pants photo.  The 9 year old was at a sleepover on Thursday so it was left to the 7 year old to be Chief Photographer which he wasn't exactly thrilled with. 


Black Silk pussy bow blouse - Zara
Black capri pants - Zara
Diamante earrings and bracelet - Forever 21
Leopard print pumps - H&M
Leopard print Logo bag - Tory Burch

And here is me yesterday with  - ta da - new hair!  No hairdresser involved this time, I was scalped by the lovely ghd lady in John Lewis who persuaded me to let her tame my mane with the new ghd Eclipse straighteners. 

It's very different but I have to say, as changes go, I quite like it.   As good as a rest, as they say.  


Black zip back jumper - Zara
Vintage rip and repair Saxby jeans - ASOS
Black peacoat - Zara
Leopard print loafers - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 
Black and gold razor blade cuff - McQueen by Alexander McQueen

The straighteners themselves are new out this year and apparently are "game changing"......  They do currently have a seasonal offer of £50 off at the moment - they are an eye watering £195 normally.  Nearly £200?!  Yup.  I will say though, I have old school (and we're talking 10 yrs although she did admit the technology hasn't really changed since these new ones were launched) ghds and it takes me blasted forever to straighten my hair - and even then, it has to be smooth otherwise I end up with just slightly straighter straw for a style. 

But she did these with slightly frizzy hair and just one glide over them - to sleek and straight.  I am very very tempted to get them for Chrimbo - seeing as the 9 year old with a mane like mine, can also use them for special occasions.  Does anyone have any experiences of the Eclipse before I ask Santa for them?

Am off to dinner and the cinema with the family now - back later compiling blog for tomorrow.  It's black again and this time in the form of that little dress.

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5 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat - Coats are my equivalent to a shoe fetish - love em - but tend to struggle with sleeve length as most brands haven't seemed to have caught on to the fact that some women can reach stuff from top shelf in supermarket!! I love the Phillip Lim coatigan and have got my eye on one similar - I struggle with most coatigans as 1)too tall for the fit and 2)the buggers are always too short in the sleeve - What size is your Phillip Lim - fit looks perfect on you and just what am after!!
    Ta - SallyC

    1. Phillip Lim is a size large actually. I think it's his equivalent of a size 14. Tis great I have to say but even then, the large is on the snug side if I wear something vaguely thick underneath. I'd try the MV one - that's the best one I've seen in a while. they also have it in a grey I think xx

  2. The check coats with the bright pink in from the last post and this one are my favourites. I do love pink :)
    I saw you asking about the GHDs on Twitter over the weekend. You look really different with poker straight hair! It's nice to have lots of styling options - mine are either frizzy, pouffy or straightened, he he.
    No idea about the new GHDs at all, I have had the huff with GHD for about 10 years when mine broke at university so use cheap Remington ones for the occasional straightening session.

  3. Love your evening outfit! Stunning! Your hair looks fab straight too! I want Father Christmas to bring me thick lush hair this year! Lol! Ax

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