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What is it with me and dresses?  Ok so admittedly I hadn't been look look looking for one but then of course, panic buying kicked in - of course one must have a Christmas Day Dress, no?  And then whilst I was adamant that I didn't need a Christmas Party dress, clearly that was me being totally delusional.  I did very well not to cave until recently.  And then I Needed one with a capital N. (ish)

Could I find one?  Could I heck as like.  Exactly the same as in the summer - I'm a creature of consistency if nothing else and I wanted one that filled a myriad of holes in my wardrobe.  To be able to wear during the day, at night, dress up, dress down and not just for festive wear.  So not much then.  Oh and black.  It had to be black.  And I found some but none that really floated my boat bar the Pocket Swing Dress from Me+Em which is waiting to be worn tomorrow.  Huzzah. 

I then went a wandering in Covent Garden on Friday pre my lunch date with The Husband and happened to fall into Sandro where conveniently they had started their sale.  And what did I spy?  Two perfect black dresses.  I had already ordered the pleather fronted one from ASOS which I had hanging up ready to go but these two were really rather special.  I also have my birthday in January so in no real need of another excuse to get something lovely to wear.  Yes my general justification is appalling, of that I am aware.

I actually put to Twitter which I should buy and it was very much a 50/50 split.  

Here is one 

Ribbon Dress 

Please ignore bare legs. 


And this which is the same as the one I tried on but a different fabric - the one I was thinking about was just the plain heavy jersey, not the lurex one. Roc Dress 


In the end I went with the first dress for a couple of reasons, 1) the fitted dropped waist dress isn't a dissimilar shape to the Swing dress from Me+Em but I think I'd get more use out of the latter and 2) it was very fitted - no big meals prior to wearing and I simply can't be bothered with this any more.  I'm over it.  It needs to be comfort driven.  I have a Patrizia Pepe dress from last year which needs scaffolding underneath to wear it and it's simply too much of a hassle.  Yes, I am officially middle aged.  

So the first dress was purchased, was worn on Saturday night to a big Christmas party where we were rush rush rush and so no pap shots but I'm wearing it again this Friday where I promise to take photos.  Am beyond pleased with it. 

However it did get me to thinking - hmmm, actually the drop waist - just because this one was very fitted didn't quite fit the bill but had it been slightly looser, it is a very flattering shape.  One of my favourite dresses which is super easy to wear is my feather and lace one which, hey presto, is also drop waisted.  Ideal for those who aren't blessed with as many curves as some lucky ladies  - perfect for giving the illusion of more shape. 

And what do you know - once you start looking for drop waist dresses, hell they're everywhere and there are some bargains.  So I've widened my parameters for dresses, seeing as I've got the black dress thing covered but am still sticking to my guidelines for Sale shopping.  Which I need to cover to be fair, but suffice to say, it must work with my lifestyle, wardrobe & be wearable a) immediately and b) in the next four months.  There is no room for sequins any more (she says until she finds one that is a must have and there shall be tweakage to the rules) 

This isn't reduced but it's so similar to the Sandro one above, I couldn't not put it in.   And yes it's slightly glitzy but it's not actual sequins so I skim under the radar with this one.  Just..... 

Neppy Flippy Hem Dress from Warehouse £38  On further inspection it appears to be not a lurex thread but a fleck.  Phew. 

The following dresses from Anthropologie are perfect to wear into the summer. 

I am more than a little in love with the blue one.  But the black one is super wearable all year round. 

Caravane Tunic from Anthropologie £118

Caravane Tunic Dress in Coral £118

And in Blue Motif 

This is a great classic one from Jaeger now only £70 

Frill Hem Jersey Dress

A beautiful cobalt blue one from A Wear £48 Drop Waist frill hem dress

However the winner of winners with regards to drop waist frill hem dresses is Reiss.  Tis a style they adore - I can't believe I haven't noticed beforehand.  As soon as I get a free moment, am heading off to try some of these beauties on - the ideal dresses to have in your wardrobe for the summer (not to mention those rather delicious shoes....) 

Houston Black/Cream Knit and Jersey dress now £109

Love the print on this one 

Estelle Kaleidoscope Dress now £125

This one is totally perfect for the summer - buy now! (and god, those shoes again....) 

Roe Snake Indigo Fit Printed Flare dress now £85

Another one with Spring written all over it is this bargain - the Giselle Blue Watercolour Check Frill Dress in Blue £85

And how perfect would this be for a Summer Wedding, Christening or just a great dress to have in your wardrobe for that special occasion which always creeps up on us. 

Roe Blush Butterfly Print Dress £109

So there we have some great dresses which we can totally justify as they are perfect for Spring.  Oh yesh.

This is me yesterday having got very very wet.  Literally walking from just the car to the theatre.   Winds of god knows what ridiculous speed, rain coming sideways, utterly bonkers weather. 

Took the kids ice skating, quick last min whizz around Bluewater (those darned elves having left buying pyjamas for the enfants till the last minute - one would think they'd be more organised.....), lunch at Wahaca (amazing Gluten Free menu if anyone needs it and we got to sit in a camper van - imagine the excitement) and then Robin Hood the Pantomime.  Amazing.  And I got to dance and have a kiss from Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours.  Note to self - do not ever book seats in the front row again.  That and the 7 yr old loudly declaring that he could see all the dancers' knickers.  It was one to remember.


Denim Shirt - New Look for Men
Horsing around Sweatshirt - J Crew
Khaki zip skinny trousers - By Malene Birger
Camel Cypress boots - Acne (look at them - they're soaked!) 
Camel coat - Zara
Stone Maxi Zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And today for a day of bombing around - no trip to London as planned as there were no trains running.  Clearing up, wrapping more presents, last min food shopping and the Crib Service with the kids.  Now I had planned on changing before it but seeing as it took me 45 mins to do a 5 min journey (seriously WHAT were all those people doing out - when I actually got into the supermarket it wasn't even busy) but was running so late, I ended up going to church in verging on my jamas.  The. Shame.


Cobalt blue longline vest - Hush
Liquorice Dolman Sweatshirt - Hush
Charcoal harems - Toast
Tall Chestnut Uggs (these are being retired next year - definitely need new ones. I know they are completely marmite but I loves them) 
Leopard print scarf - Mint Velvet.

And there we have it.  I have a Bellini on the go (amazing peach juice with 50% pulp from Lidl by the way if anyone is a fan of them), The Husband has gone to pick up a takeaway curry, the kids have seen Santa's sleigh (a flashing light across the sky which may have been a plane but not so according to the 7 year old as he could see antlers), the food is out for Rudolph & Santa and the small monkeys are asleep.  Boy do I wish it could be Christmas Eve every night. 

I would love to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fabulously Happy Christmas and looking forward to sales shopping you all.  Bring it on...

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    1. V belated but thank you darling from me xxxx

  2. Gorgeous Reiss dresses and stop showing those shoes!! Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and say a huge thank you for your posts - they make me laugh and give me much needed diversion from two gorgeous DDs plus you have changed the way I dress. I now say whilst buying stuff ( 10 minutes ago on the zara sale website!) - would Kat buy this? Helps enormously as I was queen of tat before and went for all things sparkly and show stopping but then never had any basics to wear. I've sailed through xmas with lovely outfits for every ocassion and felt confident - thank you. Keep the posts coming in the new year - can't wait to hear about your sales buys (bet you get those Reiss shoes) x

    1. YES! I got the shoes. YEE HAAAAA! Perfect for the S/S although i'm now wondering if I should have got them in the blue - hmmmmm oh balls. Oh well. They were £50 more - sod that. x

  3. The first dress looked fab on you! I love your Toast harems! They are so fab! Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas Kat & all the best for the NY! Ax

  4. Beautiful dress. It is suitable for all kind of occassions like birthdays, weddings, etc..
    Good luck!