Item numero uno on my Christmas List

And I will admit, this has to go on my Christmas list as, whilst I need this, it's with a heavy heart I acknowledge it's need with a tiny n.  That size n is being ambitious, truth be told.  The item in question is a black clutch bag.  I love/adore my black Tory Burch clutch bag that I snaffled at Bicester last year and I think I have used it pretty much every week since. 

Whilst one of my fave purchases ever has been my Alexander McQueen tan De Manta clutch, it's the black Tory Burch that gets more use.  In both summer and winter - tis without a shadow of a doubt my go to bag.

I would love a bit of bling in a bag for the Christmas season and I certainly have seen some that would transform a plain outfit but if we're looking at Christmas presents, then something with longevity and year round use is probably a more sensible idea.  Which means a black bag can easily make its way onto your Christmas list. 

Whilst a little Chanel or Bottega Veneta number wouldn't go amiss, I'm going to hazard a guess that for most of us, there won't be a new little one of those under the tree.   And you certainly don't have to spend a fortune to get a gorgeous black clutch.  Yes there are some more expensive ones if you have the budget and certainly I do adore my Tory Burch (which I hasten to point out I did buy reduced!).  But there are also some designer bags with not "such" eye watering 4 figure price tags. (and of course some great high street options too) 

So starting with the one that prompted this thread - the most beautiful black clutch that I've seen in absolutely eons.  

Arlo Weave Foldover clutch in black from Reiss £129  This to me is more than reminiscent of a Bottega Veneta but actually I don't think they make any bags in this style so it's definitely just a slight hint as opposed to a direct copy.  I've seen this in the flesh and it is absolutely gorgeous.  The most beautiful buttery leather and the perfect size.  Looks a lot more expensive than its £129 price tag. 

If woven is your thing there are a couple of other beauties that I've found - both in the box variety and both in a satin.  These work perfectly for all occasions - smart enough for a black tie event or just as useful for a dinner out.   Both a really good size as well - small enough to be delicate but not too small that you can only fit 2p and a tampax in. 

Collection by John Lewis Amanda Weave box clutch handbag - £35

M&S Collection Satin Boxy Clutch Bag £29.50

Now for one of my current favourite designers when it comes to handbags - Tory Burch.  No they're not cheap cheap but for designer bags, they really are, I think, the best value out there (which seems random when discussing value and ludicrous price tags but all is fair in love and designer handbags....).  The quality of the leather and hardware is easily as good as bags that cost fives times as much.  Plus, I like that fact that it's a slightly quirkier brand (here in the UK anyway) than a more mainstream handbag designer. 

Tory Burch leather logo clutch with chain £295  The thing I love about these bags are that they can also be used as a cross body bag.  These are the ideal bag to wear during the day when you are able to just have purse, keys, phone and lippie  (and pen, tictacs, lip salve etc etc...) and don't need a bucket of a bag. 

Slightly different leather and logo, again from Tory Burch is the Amanda Logo Clutch at £300  

Again can be worn as a cross body bag. 

Tory Burch Marion Quilted Leather Cross-body bag £210  This is a super cute mini bag - 15 cm in width - perfect for those amongst us who are able to travel light.  Unfortunately a concept that is completely alien to myself, who thinks that the kitchen sink is necessary to make a good a night out. 

A couple of other designer "bargains" but hey its Christmas and we're making lists, checking them twice and hoping that we've not been naughty but nice....

And finishing the quick designer round up (fear not, I do have another super handbag wishlist for Christmas in my Santa sack) with the black version of my beloved tan McQueen clutch. 

If you're looking for a really plain classic black clutch then this from Jaeger, again isn't cheap but will last you for years. 

Jaeger Smith Bag £199 but with 20% off till Friday.

Now you don't have to spend a fortune for a black clutch - there are some great ones, as I mentioned earlier, on the HS. 

Collection Weekend by John Lewis Mistry Clutch £49

Patent Assymetric Clutch Bag £15 from M&S

Mango Metal Tassel Quilted Clutch £34.99

Finishing with the bargain of the day - a ponyskin and leather combo clutch from Pied a Terre at House of Fraser.  I and a couple of friends of mine are really feeling the ponyskin love at the moment - both have black boots, I'm abstaining for the moment aka biding my time... Black boots I don't need but I do love a bit of ponyskin.  (which reminds me I have an old Zara bag which I could probably resurrect....) 

And with my outfit from yesterday - making a start on the family's Christmas Shopping (I have done the nieces and nephews already, polish halo) 

Untitled Untitled

Leopard print jeans - Whistles
Navy zip back jumper - Zara
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Navy peacoat - Zara
Stone maxi cross body zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Today I may have been for a sneaky last min trip to Bicester.  "Christmas Shopping".  I did in fact go only a matter of weekends ago when I came back with nada.  Zip.  Yup, absolutely nothing At All.  Needless to say, I didn't fail this time.  Success!  Which I shall be reporting on tomorrow....and yes one of them was a present for The Husband (and no I didn't buy him a handbag) 

How is everyone else's Christmas shopping going?  And dare I ask about the Christmas outfits?  Big night out for us on Friday here.  Think the outfit is sorted.  Ish.  Small matter of shoe boots which I still need to address but I wouldn't be me if I didn't cut it fine. 

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10 comentarios:

  1. Love the arlo weave foldover clutch. must admit top of my wish list is the Mulberry willow as i convince my self its several bags in one so has to work out well on the price per wear, unfortunately Husband isn't as convinced so top of the wish list is pretty much where it will stay

    1. aww no. Is there no way you can use the Willow during the day? Hmmm praps not. But you will have it for years and years and years...... Good luck with that one!

  2. I am soooo loving the Alexander McQueen clutch, but for the price john Lewis has come up trumps am loving their one, I will check it out as I desperately need a new one for next Friday and black is just perfect! X

    1. oh yay! it's fab in real life. Would be great if you attach one of those tassel keyrings to it (an Anya one which costs about £200 for example - yeah right....!)

  3. I got a lovely ponyskin black clutch from Next of all places which can also be used as a cross-body bag. I see they've also done a leopard print version and am sorely tempted as is the most useful bag ever and only £45.

    As far as party dresses go, today I bought an absolutely beautiful embellished nineteen forties dress which is actually properly vintage and for a bargainous £50. It's not completely pristine - they rarely are these days as it's very old but pretty good. Am ridiculously pleased given that a Miss Selfridge version would cost three times that. Plus I can hang it on my wall.... Also scored a second-hand Sportmax black glittery party jumper for wearing with full skirts - £15 and some forties-style gold sandals which I think are probably from the Seventies and Italian.

    1. Yup, I think if it is also a cross body bag you deffo get double bubble out of it as you can use it during the day as well. I've used my new Tory Burch one a couple of times and it's definitely going to come into it's own in the next few months. Perfect for a lunch out where you wouldn't normally use a clutch bag but a large bag is so cumbersome. I always forget to look for vintage. Must try harder. Outfits sound fab x

  4. I managed to snag an Alexander Wang Jena Clutch on eBay last month. It is certainly my favourite clutch of all time and vaguely reminiscent of some you have posted above

    It's bigger than it might appear to be!

    1. Absolutely gorgeous and well done you!

  5. Check out Zara pony skin clutch/ cross body. Comes in red and black. 50 euros. Got so many compliments on the red, going into Dublin's Grafton St shops including Brown Thomas that I ordered the black too. Now have both and delighted

    1. Have had a look and can't find it! WIll go and see again if I can see instore. xx