Matching Collars & Cuffs?

No. Not today.  But I am definitely all about collars today and it will be cuffs tomorrow.  Collars of the fur (mostly faux) variety.  These are so unbelievably useful at this time of year.  Functional as they're actually warm and the ideal addition to finish an outfit.  I also find that they work with both casual and smart outfits - some of the collars further down can transform a plain coat into a completely different looking piece.

Other plus points are that they're neutral and go with everything but are more interesting than a plain scarf - texture adds that little bit extra as opposed to something one dimensional.  

And there's something so lovely and snuggly about fur.  A bit like the clothing equivalent of an open fire - warm, cosy and Christmassy.  Whilst we're on the subject of Christmas these also make perfect presents.  Ideal for any lucky females that you have to buy for or as an addition to your Christmas list if you're still needing ideas.

Starting with these from John Lewis - definitely on the more subtle side of fur (fear not, I have full on bear further down) but a lovely addition to wear on a daily basis.  Plus one in navy!  As much as there does seem to be more about in navy this season, black and grey do still seem to dominate on the darker neutral side in accessories generally. 

Actually as I'm typing this, I am thinking - dear lord woman, you need to get your head read.  It's perhaps not that big a surprise that there isn't the hugest amount of navy fur around.  Even though the majority of what we have here is faux, doesn't take a genius to work out that navy animals are in rather short supply.  As in none.  And I can't even blame a hangover.  That was yesterday when, huge apologies, there was no blog.  Amazing Christmas party on Friday night, which went off without a hitch.  Which was handy seeing as I'd organised it.  Bring on the Summer one!  But to say I was on the rough side yesterday would have been a slight understatement.  Excessive amounts of white wine and me do not go together. 

But it's back to fur:- we have our navy, obviously faux, fur collar. 

John Lewis Faux Fur Tippet in navy £20

In black

In grey

A similar style but in a different colour (and I will say I personally am a massive fan of the lighter coloured ones - I think a honey coloured addition to a camel/navy/black outfit is just lovely.)

J by Jasper Conran Beige Faux faur scarf - £22.40

If you do like a smaller fur scarf then this furry version of a normal scarf may be up your furry street.  Long and thin. 

M&S Collection Faux Fur Scarf now £20

Great Plains glamorous faux fur shawl in Rhumbaba £35  Some of these scarves have a real vintage vibe to them and this for me is definitely one of them.  I love this shade - apparently it's "rhumbaba".  Fabulous.  Would look gorgeous with navy or a bottle green.  

These I found on Not On The High Street and think they are just gorgeous.  And they're actually right.  There are very few of these in fact on the HS. 

Faux Fur Asymmetric Scarves by Helen Moore £37

My favourite ones are the Siberian Wolf which is pictured below. 

Mountain Wolf £37

Whilst I did say we weren't going to look at matching cuffs - it would totally and utterly remiss of me not to mention these, seeing as they are available.  Actual matching cuffs!

Faux Fur Cuffs in Mountain Wolf by Helen Moore £25

And SIberian Wolf - I LOVE these. 

Whilst there aren't many around in shops. ASOS has an amazing selection.  All colours, sizes and sorts. 

ASOS Faux Fur Snood £22 

Or in Burgundy again £22

ASOS Faux Fur Funnel Snood £22

ASOS Fur Lapel Collar  £24  This is what I touched on earlier - ideal for transforming a plan coat into something completely different.  Well it would still be a coat - it is only a lapel collar, not magic beans. 

ASOS Faux Fur Textured Collar  £24 in dark green  This is vintage one number two to me.  Again just gorgeous with navy to give it a completely different vibe.  Would also be gorgeous with black or grey.  Really unusual.  Not sure I'd team with a bobble hat.  But that's just me at 40 and not her at 19.

ASOS Faux Fur capelet collar  £30  This I think you could wear just as a capelet as opposed to over a coat (ideal for a night out if you have long sleeves and want something to fling over your shoulders)   I do also love it over the utilitarian jacket mind. 

Saving my two faves till the end.  I have featured this before on my wish list, way way back in September and it's still up there.  I have a real thing for Mongolian fur.  I love it.  This for the real mccoy for £55 is a steal. 

Reversible Shearling Snood £148 from Me+Em.  And this is just gorgeous.  Proper Christmas list stuff.  Reversible so you can have suede or the shearling showing on the outside.  It may be more expensive but it is a complete classic that you will have for years and years and it's actually two scarves in one.  Delicious. 

So tomorrow will be back with cuffs.  Fodder for every day, the Christmas list, presents for others and that last minute addition to the party outfits.  What's not to love?

Finishing with my outfits from Friday.  All very casual for the hairdressers and then helping at the school Christmas Fayre all afternoon, tea with the kids at one of my closest friends and then half an hour - yup, 30 mins! - to get the gladrags on.  No fake tan as I went to put it on in the morning and have managed to pack it away.  Pale and interesting was the way forward.  Don't think I looked "too" anaemic...

And yes, that is a sneak peak of the new bag that I got from Bicester.  It is a clutch bag but with the strap it does work perfectly during the day as well.  


Black Cowl Dress - Cos
Black pleggings (these are about 5 years old & "might" need a small stitch in the crotch...) - Topshop
Camel coat - Zara
Black wrist warmers - H&M
Black Wild Kat ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company 
Leopard print Logo clutch - Tory Burch

And in my finery for the big party. 


Lace & feather dress - Zara
Black sueded shoots - Mint Velvet
Crystal cuff - Victoria Emmerson

Off to another Christmas party this afternoon - not sure if I'm going to do trousers or the Marant skirt and top outfit... Hmmmm, can I locate any tights?  Have a great Sunday everyone and see you tomorrow.

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13 comentarios:

  1. I so love your feather dress, it is serving you well. Loving those cuffs, so cute. I must say I do have a fur snood but with a short neck it's not that comfortable for me to be honest. I like the Mongolian fur thingy from Asos, similar to a Dune one I have my eye on!

    1. It's done really well hasn't it. Never expected to get so much wear out of it (if you can say three times is a lot..!) The Mongolian one is deffo my fave too. x

  2. Inspired by the fur snood.. Plenty on EBay - sold!

  3. Adore the Zara dress on you. The whole "bare legs v tights" has me in a quandary at this time of year but you look gorgeous as always.

    1. They're not bare! They're cheapo natural tan ones from Boots. 15 denier. Cheap as chips. I always find the more expensive ones have a sheen to them. They all bloody ladder as quickly as each other as well. I think these are 5 pairs for £4.50. Result!

  4. You look super, feather dress fab. However, sorry to be moany but I really don't like the filter on the camera you're using at the moment - photo's look blurry to me all the time!! Audrey :-)

    1. So so sorry - I think it's my piece of junk old iphone that i've had to go back to using. Plus my horrific lighting insde. GAH

  5. I need that feather dress - do you hear me - I NEED IT!
    WOW that's stunning

    I love my bracelet too - thank you for sharing online before!


    1. It's yours if I ever get bored of it! Was only about £80 as well. Amazing. And yes, I LOVE my bracelet! They've sold out now. OBviously.

  6. One of the girls in work came in wearing a fab feather collar/scarf the other day & it really caught my eye! Both these outfits are just lush! I love you in the camel coat & the feather dress is stunning! You lucky girl having fab parties to go to! Ax

  7. Thought of you in the shops today; was in Joules (gorgeous red wool cocoon coat in the sale window SPOKE to me!) and saw lovely fur collars from those endangered imaginary navy blue fluffy creatures. Very nice too, something to keep your eyes peeled for in the sales peut etre? Merry Christmas Kat, your blog rocks. X