Sequinned out

Completely over and out.  I fear I may have peaked too early with the sparkles, the glitter and the sequins.  Biggest party is over - a couple of great nights out left but I fear I have overdosed on all things Christmas and have a hankering for plain.  

I don't want to have to wear anything that involves spanx, I don't want to wear anything that involves breathing in and I don't want to have to wear anything that involves excess hair removal or fake tan. (although at this juncture I will fess up and admit that when I say hair removal, at this time of the year, this does involve merely defuzzing those areas that are on view, ditto fake tanning.  Oh the shame.  And oh my lucky, lucky husband.  Happy Christmas!) 

And we unbelievably only have a fortnight left till 2014.  Dear.  God.  How can that be?  They are the busiest two weeks of the year, that's for sure and a time when mums all over don't have time to think about pulling together the most glamourous outfit of the year.  Done and dusted with all of that.  

I want something easy to wear, easy to accessorise and plain - so that I can actually make it look like a different outfit with minimal effort.  Change a necklace or swap for earrings with hair up, add different tights/shoes.  And the easiest way to achieve that is with a black dress. 

Now with the vast array of choice I do have in my wardrobe, one would assume I had an every day black dress.  The sort of dress that you can wear for a lunch, wear for dinner or pretty up for a night out.  Well that would be no.  I have black super dressy dresses - there is no short supply of them. 

So I took to the streets and the internet in search of one.  And who knew they were so hard to find. 

A black dress that doesn't look like I'm going to work, going to a funeral, serving coffee or going to a ball?  The proverbial rocking horse poo. 

So I hauled my sorry behind back to the sofa and began researching online.  And thank the Lord for ASOS.  With black dresses, plain black dresses, they completely come into their own.  

There are some other choices out there but to my mind, the best selection was definitely from ASOS.  AND, they even have 25% off till 8am tomorrow morning.  Off everything apparently using the code 25XMAS.

Starting with some dresses which don't completely fulfil my brief but I do love anyway.  I am looking for something, dare I say, slightly shorter and looser (I wasn't kidding about this not wanting to have to breath in malarkey.  I am after a dress that can hide a multitude of Quality Street) 

But these are so elegant and are the ideal LBD for so many occasions.   Just the right side of casual for a dinner or lunch and easy to dress up for an evening out. 

ASOS Pencil Dress with knot front and batwing sleeves £45

ASOS Midi Dress with Kimono Sleeve £32 

ASOS Midi Dress in Crepe with v neck £35

Now here we have my favourite top in a dress version.  This is up there with the contenders, that's for sure. 

Whistles Longsleeved Sculptured crepe dress £110

I haven't really considered a dropped waist for me until a number of people commented how much a dropped waist works on someone tall, with my lace and feather evening dress.  And yes, I am rather converted.  Would love to try this to see if it does work. 
ASOS Smock Dress with dropped waist £48

ASOS Swing dress with pockets & longsleeves £28  I am completely in love with all things swing at the moment.  The fluidity of this fabric would ensure that it hung rather than sat tentlike on you. 

ASOS Swing Dress with roll neck and longsleeves £25

Jaeger Flared Hem knitted dress reduced to £125 This one is slightly more grown up, available at John Lewis.  Possibly too short for my inner slut. 

ASOS Oversized Shift Dress (in different lengths - yay!) now £24.50  The perfect throw on for Boxing Day. 

Now I have revealed my love of a leather addition a number of times this season and after seeing one of my best friends in the most gorgeous Sportsmax number, these were absolutely on my list after I came across them on ASOS. 

ASOS Shift Dress in leather look £35

Oasis Faux leather and ponte dress £45  Would be rude not to try it....  This faux leather is honestly amazing.  I saw it in Oasis (the top version mind you, not the dress - they've sold out instore) and I have to say I genuinely thought it was real leather.  Buttery isn't the word, soft as lambskin.  My only only concern is that it would be belt length on someone tall.  But I may order just to scratch the itch.  Excellent value with the 25% off. 

A similar one is actually available from ASOS themselves 

ASOS PU T-shirt dress £40  I can't vouch for the feel of this but it does look longer and it's a steal of a dress.  Thinking forward to January for some nights out I know I have and I certainly know that I will vomit if a sequin comes near me, this is one to keep to hand I reckon. 

A swapped around version is available at M&S and I have seen in real life and yes it does rock.  However, I personally think the ones above would be more flattering - the knitted body of the M&S dress wouldn't be the most forgiving fabric to my mind.  It screamed "you'll need spanx" to me.  But it is still a lovely dress if you don't fancy that much leather look on yours.  I would probably size up though. 

Plus 20% off M&S if you use the code XMASDEAL at checkout.  On everything! 

M&S Collection Faux leather knitted trim dress £35

Great Plains call these "wetlook" panels but to me they definitely look slightly leatherette.  Dress now in the sale! 

Madison Panelled Jersey dress now £44

Some leather edging on the sleeves here from a fabulous brand at Atterley Road. 

Second Female Lucca Jersey Dress £90

And finishing with the dress I finally caved and ordered via the phone on Friday.  Now sold out.  Soddus Lawus.  It has sold out online (and yes, I did nearly cry as genuinely, I looked in every shop on the High Street and there was absolutely nothing.  Not a dickey black dress) 

But in case they come back into stock, here's the link (they do do other colours) 

Am definitely going to be ordering a PU number.  Which could be good.  Or could make me like a geriatric dominatrix.  We'll see. 

So do you have an LBD?  Do you get lots of wear out of it?  And if so, what is yours like?  I can't believe there are just so few plain dresses out there.  

Here is me yesterday - randomly pleased with this outfit.  Super comfortable it has to be said.  Feeling the love for the dress down. 


Khaki vest - H&M
Oatmeal jumper - H&M
Light khaki linen utility trousers - Topshop
Navy pleather jacket - Primark
Denim blue tie dye scarf - Cos
Grey Cherelle bag - Whistles
Gunmetal Virgin hi tops - Ash

I fear I may be slightly over this Christmas gig - the one thing that did strike me when I went shopping was all the Spring stuff that's around.  I think I need to get my Sales Strategy together.  It's list time.......

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8 comentarios:

  1. I have the black low waisted dress on order along with the other colour way, purple. Now I've had to order them again to take advantage of the 25% discount. Honestly, you turn your back for 5 minutes and another sale springs up! Loved the ME+EM one all season especially in the forest green - why is this not discounted?!?!?!

    Thanks for the heads up about the 25% discount on ASOS x

    1. ooh can't wait to hear what they're like. I've just ordered the ASOS and the Oasis leather front dresses and have the Me+em one on order so hopefully they'll both do!

  2. Love the ASOS oversize shift and also he ME+EM. Have to ask how long does it take to put your outfits together you have amazing style!

    1. oh thank you! What a lovelylovely thing to say. It honestly doesn't take me that long as generally I tend to plain things in advance - ie I buy something knowing what I'm going to wear it with? So everything in my wardrobe does sort of go together (in a fashion) so it does make it easier to grab things to bung on.

  3. Oh no, you've tempted me again! But I've had an ASOS order disaster - was online last night around 10 ish and placed an order for 3 (yes 3, very naughty) dresses - the black swing one, another ASOS pleather shift but with long sleeves and a velvet bodycon midi number. So went to bed then saw an email this morning that the order didn't go through. ASOS claimed due to "technical difficulties"!! So of course placed a reorder and the pleather shift is now completely out of stock plus I didn't get by 25% discount on the other two dresses this time as the discount code had expired! Just as well they're all cheap as chips anyway and hopefully will all be gorgeous for the festivities next week.

    1. Noooo That's an absolute bugger. If they acknowledged it was a technical hitch (at their end), I'd get in touch with them (via twitter is ok even though they were very sweet, they ddn't actually sort my issue out mind - duh) as they really should honour your discount. But hopefully the other two will be fab. I can't wait for my dresses to come! I ended up ordering the Oasis pleather shift and the ASOS one. It could be good - it could be very bad....! xx

  4. ah now I really like your straight hair with the big quiff (having just read the coat blog previous to this one) - it looks great!

  5. It is weird, you would expect to see more LBD's around.... teamed with a sparkly flat and you have the perfect outfit!