Time for a cuff

As promised, we had collars yesterday and so today we have cuffs.  Of the totally decadent variety.  Unashamedly bejewelled and completely statement.  These are those outfit makers - just take a plain dress or a simple blouse and some jeans and add a gorgeous cuff.   They are perfect for giving an old faithful dress a very different edge and so easy to justify a small purchase (saves buying a whole new dress!)

Like the collars yesterday though, these make a perfect present.  And, if anyone does still need ideas for their own Christmas list, should they make one, these are a great addition. 

I'm still thinking actually what I would like for Christmas.  I've been so totally focussed on either housey things or Christmas outfits that I'm not sure I actually need anything.  Yeah.  Right.  Of course this moment of temporary insanity is just that.  A moment.  But it's something I definitely need to give some thought to - Christmas wish lists coming up this week.  

Not that I actually write a list list but a nudge in the right direction is always a good idea.  Otherwise I may get another cookery book.  Don't get me wrong, I love a cookery book but memories of The Husband turning up one year (and it was many years ago) with five cookery books still does linger - that was it.  Just cookery books.  (wouldn't take a genius to work out that he worked next to Waterstones, would it?  And may or may not have left his shopping till Christmas Eve......)  He had exceeded expectations and then some since then, thank goodness. 

In the meantime, here are my selections of favourite cuffs that are around. 

I love this brand Ottoman Hands, elegant in its simplicity but totally eye catching.

Ottoman Hands One Stone Cuff Bracelet £68

Crystal Stone Bracelet from Mint Velvet £25  This is perfect for pretty much every party outfit. 

Egyptian Cuff by Baronessa £40  This is from Not On the High Street, would look lovely with a plain white tee and faded cut offs in the summer as well. 

Or in Silver 

Metal Scroll Cuff £24 My Posh Shop  This is very similar to one that I have but mine is with gold tones.  Lovely and heavy to wear. 

ASOS Vintage style jewel Bracelet - £18  Rather different this one but I love the amber tones to it. 

Silver or gold cuff from Rose Hill Boutique £25   Ok - no doily.  Ignoring the doily (?!) there is something to be said for a plain metal.  

Dorothy Perkins have some corkers which look a lot more expensive than they are.

Beaded metallic Bracelet £10

Bead and Chain Bracelet £8.50

No 1 Jenny Packham Silver Diamante beaded bracelet - £30  This is pure decadence at Debenhams. 

M&S Collection Pearl Effect Diamante Stretch Bracelet £15   Again, this would look lovely with a plain outfit for making it that little bit more special. 

Limited Edition Diamante and spike stretch bracelet £17.50 Interesting spikes here from M&S, not their usual fare but have to say I quite like it. 

Finishing with some absolutely gorgeous selections at Mango.  

Faceted Crystals wide cuff from Mango £29.99

Or in gold, also £29.99

Leopard Print Fur Cuff  £17.99

And in a lovely grey 

Beaded Cuff from Mango £29.99 

I love the simplicity of this - for me this is the one that would take you through to the Spring - perfect with a lovely plain shift dress.  Or with a tee and jeans, just to add that little extra something.  

Oval Metal Stone Cuff in off white from Mango £29.99

And in a gorgeous bottle green 

So there we have another jewellery blog - all of which I do of course now "need".  Actually - and this is how to justify new purchases - what I do really need and yes that is Need, is a plain black dress.  I've done various shades dresses, but I think the one thing that you can always justify is an LBD.  To go with a statement cuff.  See?  Easily justified.  Ish.  Food for thought and research. 

This is my outfit from yesterday for a Christmas party at one of my best friend's house.  Annual affair - is always only going to be a quick drink and we end up coming home at a ridiculously late hour.  But it's so so worth it - a fab party.  I actually have a new necklace on here, that you can't fully see here - it's the Sierra necklace from Stella & Dot which a wonderful friend of mine managed to track down through her S&D contacts, for half price.  Yee ha!  It is unfortunately sold out but I love it - will be wearing it loads. 

Untitled Untitled

Cream crepe sculptured top - Whistles
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Leopard print pumps - H&M
Sierra necklace - Stella & Dot
Crystal cuff - Victoria Emmerson
Camel coat - Zara
Leopard Print Logo Clutch - Tory Burch

And today for a day of chores


White longsleeved tee - Topshop
Grey sweatshirt with embellished arms - Zara
Grey harems - Toast
Suede Bea wedge trainers - Ash
Blush and fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson 
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

Tomorrow, doing some more Christmas Shopping for the family.  Bits for the kids and The Husband.   As well as some new Christmas decorations.  We are so at 6s and 7s at home at the mo with the work going on and lack of space that the thought of dragging out all the boxes and adding more tat to the tat we're surrounded with from the rooms that we've lost, brings me out in hives.  A small modern white number which can then live in the new kitchen next Christmas.  It's Christmas with a difference chez nous. 

Hope everyone else's Christmas shopping is going well!  Thank the lord for the internet is all I'll say. 

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7 comentarios:

  1. Meant to comment on your last post - that feather and lace dress is stunning. Loving the mango cuffs on this post too - stop putting ideas in my head! I am supposed to be resisting things for me but succumbed to a zara dress yesterday - would value your opinion actually as it's at risk of a muttonometer alert! It's pleather and lace and I love it but not sure I can pull it off (41) http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/dresses/faux-leather-dress-with-lace-c269185p1668395.html
    Know what you mean about xmas tat - I used to have a stylish xmas house but since the children, it's all tinsel and garish red and gold!

    1. Thank you love. Ooooh I'm not too sure about that dress - my concern would be that it has a little bit too much going on at the same time? But if you love it and you know you can pull it off then GO FOR IT!

  2. I think cuffs are a great statement accessory and love to see big'n'bold. The ottoman hands stone cuff is superb, and my favourite in this selection. I also like the mango beaded cuff and the faceted cuff. Both the leopard cuffs are so nice too. What is it with leopard that makes it so attractive ?

    1. oh i am SO with you on the leopard print. I think it might actually be addictive......

  3. Thought I was going to have to skip this one as I have skinny wrists but lots of great stretchy ones to choose from and as not really a jewellery kind of girl a statement cuff is the answer. Will you be doing a coat blog anytime soon (perhaps in time for the sales) I'm like you with a little bit of an aversion to coats I think it's because I too am a bit of a jeans wearer but you certainly seemed to have cracked it this year with some lovely ones.

    1. So pleased there's something there for you! And one coat blog down - more on the way. Hope they're up your street. I definitely have found my coat mojo xx

  4. Oh my goodness! I want them all! Hubby has a few on his stall & I'm so going to raid his stock later! ;) Ax