It's called Investment sales shopping...

Buying things for your wardrobe that you can both wear now but can also wear into the Spring.  This is clever sales shopping, getting ahead of the curve with pieces that the shops will be full on in a couple of weeks but you can grab a bargain now by sorting the wheat from the chaff in the sales and buying very similar items. 

And hey presto, the jacket.  They are around in A/W - mostly either from the Autumn end of the season or with a more night out look in mind.  Some are also ok for layering either under or over.  But who cares - there are bargains to be had.  And and and we are being super good at sticking to a Sales Rule.  Justification ladies = free reign to shop to your hearts content as you are a) being sensible and b) saving money.   This is the sort of tripe that my head is full of.  Imagine my poor family and friends. 

Unlike the last couple of years, stuff does really seem to be shifting so it's all hand to the decks and get shopping. 

I love a jacket (as I may or may not have mentioned a gazillion times)  But I have definitely neglected them this year in favour of my new coat obsession.  However the seasons are a changing and it's jacket weather that is (hopefully) on the horizon.  A short fitted jacket teamed with my new love of looser style jean - perfect.  Not neglecting my skinnies of course - I like the look of a slightly looser shirt/blouse with a fitted little jacket over.  Everyone's a winner. 

There are some really great bargains out there to be had.

This is just gorgeous in real life. 

River Island Orange Boucle Embellished jacket now £40 was £90

Staying with embellishment and following on from my favourite Mathilde jacket yesterday at Monsoon, this vies with first place.  I absolutely adore this jacket - complete Balmain to me.  

Glasto Pom pom jacket now £82.50 from £119  I love the fact this can be dressed up for a smarter night out as styled below, (I use dressed up in the loosest sense - again, Monsoon have tried their best but really?) but would look just as fabulous with faded cropped jeans and a plain white tee. 

Another pom pom success can be found at Monsoon, the Ike Pom pom jacket.  A fabulous subtle ikat print in lovely muted colours which will be ideal for the cooler Spring days. 

Ike Pom Pom jacket now £44.50 from £89

Rita Print Jacket from White Stuff  now £39 from £59.95  Sticking with the boho theme, this is a great dress up dress down option from White Stuff. 

Lana Jacquard Biker Jacket now £49 from £99  BIker jackets haven't had their day yet - very easy to wear - open if you are larger of bust but can easily be done up if you were not blessed. 

Now I have sunk to new depths but this is something that I've always had quite a lot of success from, let's say slightly more random brands.  To be fair, having said that, I remember when I was young, (much much younger..) at some point I do recall Betty Barclay was the epitome of older elegant chic to me (no I didn't get out much).  I will say though that I haven't ever purchased an item from there but this jacket really is quite special. 

Betty Barclay Cream tweed jacket £80 from £160

Another classic coloured black and white jacket which I did have my eye on earlier in the season is now a complete bargain at Great Plains 

Binky Boucle Boxy Jacket now £55 from £110

Another bargain in navy also from Great Plains is the Silver Bells Summer jacket now £31 from £79

Tweed BIker Jacket from Sandwich £60 from £120  Staying with navy I love this jacket.  I think the quality of it looks amazing and belies it's now £60 price tag.  Gorgeous - a twist on a classic navy tweed blazer. 

Jigsaw Tweed Lambswool Knitted Jacket £64 from £129  This is one that you could definitely wear now with a coat over but have as a jacket on its own in the Spring.

Now this is a complete ringer but I absolutely love it.  Don't know why, certainly shouldn't but I am totally drawn to it.  And not even because it's now just £20.

Khaki Two-tone denim military jacket £20

And finally finishing with some fabulous neutral jacket on sale at Mint Velvet (couldn't forget my new French resolution) - love the subtle on these, the off centre zip, the ever so slight flattering peplum, zip detailing on the wrists, just all gorgeous. 

Black Jacquard Jacket - now £70 from £110 

And in shell - perfect for the warmer weather 

Black Multi Zip Jacket now £59 from £119 (great reduction)

Storm Multi Zip Jacket now £59 was £110 

I could pretty much wear all of those - all would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe and are perfect for a dinner, a trip out to the pub or general every day wear.  Definitely worth investing in.

Now may I finally introduce to my Christmas present from The Husband and didn't he do well!  The New Marcie Satchel from Chloe in Whiskey.  There is a new love in my life and yes, it's my new bag.  I absolutely adore it.  Perfect size, can be worn as a carry bag or has a strap inside which you can then wear over the shoulder or cross body.  Love the colour - it's not as orange as this in real life but it's definitely a more pumpkin shade of tan (that'll be whiskey then - a gorgeous rich tan)

Expect to see a lot of it.  Had a fab day out yesterday with the family and some of our best friends.  Went out for an early dinner and then to see The BFG at the theatre.  Absolutely amazing and we all loved it.  Highly recommended if it ever comes to your area. 

Untitled Untitled

Off white sculptured top - Whistles
Real straight jeans - Gap
Camel coat - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Cuff - Hultquist
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Whiskey Marcie satchel - Chloe

It's a gorgeous day here today as we may well, hold your horses, go for another walk. However this time I think we might end up in the pub.... It's nippy out there so wrap up well folks. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, hope you had a fabulous Christmas! Loving the jackets especially the Ted Baker that's right up my street. I've decided to follow some of your shopping tips for 2014 see if I can 1. curb my spending a wee bit and 2. not end up with random items of clothing that go with nothing I own - wish me luck. Still loving your blog and would really appreciate it if you could take a quick peek at mine, see what you think and maybe if you like follow me back - no pressure honest, and if you don't I promise to still read your blog because its one of my favorites! - God what a crawler Ha.

    Lindsay x

    1. Didn't think there was a TB one? Good luck with the shopping and I'm absolutely pants at shopping my own advice! What is your blog - I'd love to have a look at it! xx

    2. Ha ha read Tweed Biker as Ted Baker, now this is why I need to start wearing my glasses!
      My blog is would love for you to take a look.

      Lindsay xx

  2. Fabulous bag!!! Lucky lady! Did you buy the Eclipse straighteners? - loving your hair straighter for a change:)

    1. Am v pleased with it indeed as you can imagine. And yes, they are the Eclipse! A christmas present to myself - as you do. A change is as good as a rest with the hair - I like both to be honest but it is lovely having a change!

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