I'm going for the double

Dukes of Hazard eat your hearts out - I'm going double denim.  And I don't even mean denim yesterday and denim today.  I mean denim up top and denim on the bottom.  Now I don't think this is as much of a no no as it used to be.  In fact I know that it isn't, despite the general guffawings of The Husband and the mutterings of a Tiffany's song from the 80's whenever I dare to double up. 

But I don't care.  I love a denim shirt over denim jeans, with a blazer or a jumper/sweatshirt over the top - I will admit I draw the line at a denim jacket over jeans, not quite that adventurous just yet.  GIve me till next Spring (or maybe not - I fear if I did it the first time round, I shouldn't be doing it again). 

So I've got some new boyfriend jeans winging their way to me (I got all mine from ASOS - own brand - worth looking at today as some of the ones I included yesterday have been reduced!  Better than using the discount code so thank goodness I was ridiculously disorganised as per usual and didn't get round to ordering last night) and I do already have a denim shirt.  But it's on the snug side.  Which is perfect in certain circumstances but it's slightly uncomfortable if I'm honest and it doesn't really work as a layering shirt.

And we all know from my recent posts, I am edging towards a shirt obsession.  I have resisted purchasing more white ones as whilst I could wear one every day at the moment, I run the risk of looking like I'm wearing a uniform.  I have toyed with other colour ones - quite like the idea of a stripe one - maybe a polka dot one, but have fixed my beady sights on a new proper sized denim one at the moment.

To wear double denim stylee.  Oh yesh.  I also think it will look great with the couple of pairs of print jeans I have, also with black trousers and a jumper/sweatshirt over.  Under a navy jumper dress I have from eons.  Over my tan leather A line skirt.  I.  Am.  Sold. 

This is definitely a tick on my A/W wishlist - another perfect shirt to go with jumpers and jeans I already own, giving them a new lease of life.  And me, another little jog in the right direction to a slightly more grown up style.  Fingers crossed. 

But of course, with Christmas round the corner, I want to spend only 2p. 

I may obviously have had to spend a little more, but starting with this utter BARGAIN (and yes, I do need to shout about this one) from ASOS.  For £3.  Yup, Three whole sterling pounds.  Less than a glass of wine in a pub.  I have tea towels that cost more than this. 

And if in doubt, I can send it back.  Or I can use it as a tea towel.  

Primark Longsleeve shirt in midwash denim £3

There was also this one but not available in my size for a not so paltry £7.  To be fair, I actually prefer the one above and wouldn't have minded paying £10 for it.  But for less than that, it would surely have been rude not to.

Primark Denim Shirt

Whilst I was there, it also seemed a good idea to try one in a darker wash.  This was slightly more expensive from New Look.  But still a bit of a steal for the difference it can make to pulling my wardrobe together.  (I am sort of looking at these like a wardrobe miracle - have you noticed?)

New Look Denim Shirt £14.99

Speaking of dotty, this one looks great - we are still in Men's here by the way (the clue is clearly the bloke wearing the shirt) but I honestly don't think in my experience that they're huge huge.  You can actually see that it's short for him on the side here.  Unless you're tiny tiny in which case, yes, they will look comedy big on you. 

Brave Soul Denim Shirt - now £21 from £55 

There is also a woman's version available from Brave Soul in a paler blue chambray fabric. 

Brave Soul Chambray Shirt with spots £25 from £40

If dots aren't your thing but you do like a bit of print interest then this one from with a floral pattern from M&S is really pretty. 

M&S Collection Pure Cotton Floral Shirt - £25 but £20 today as it's apparently Cyber Monday.  Of course it is. 

If we're looking at women's ones I have to say I LOVE this pink one from Vero Moda.  Pink denim - how lovely will this be in the Spring as well.  With whites and greys - just gorgeous. Or navy and white.  Lush.   Thank goodness they do free delivery as I may have just ordered this as well.  In the interests of research of course. 

Vero Moda Denim Shirt £10 in the sale 

Now Gap have 40% off today plus free delivery so these are definitely worth considering.  Enter Superdeal at checkout.  

Starting with a lady's shirt. 1969 Western Shirt £34.95

Or in a light denim 

And err that's pretty much the offering from Gap.  Denim shirts clearly are not the happening thing on the other side of the pond.  Hmmmm. 

A couple of other great reasonably priced ladies options from Oasis and Mango.   Totally neutral - ideal for every day and every season.   Just depends on which shade you prefer. 

Oasis Stephanie Denim Shirt  £28  

Mango Dark Wash denim shirt £34.99 (doesn't look so dark to me - this is along the lines of the dirty denim that I love - very lived in, just gorgeous) 

A real variation on the theme is this Denim PU Collar from Warehouse £38.   And Warehouse are also getting in on the 20% off act by using the code XMASFF20 - today Monday. 

This is great to dress up and down and to wear on its own or to have as a layer. 

So there we have a selection from which I've chosen two (oh actually three with the pink one) and have high hopes for.  Without having to spend the earth.  Are you in the The Husband's camp of double denim being a crime against fashion or will you be doing the hoedown with me?

Today, day of icing more cakes for the school Christmas Fayre on Sunday, final arrangements for our big school Christmas Party on Friday night, which I somehow managed to volunteer myself to organise, yet another trip to the supermarket (yawn) and the chasing around that is the rat race of kids after school with their various clubs and lessons. 

Untitled Untitled

White longsleeved tee - H&M
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Leopard face sweatshirt - Boutique by Jaeger
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Mustard and fuchsia Stag print scarf - M&S
Black Diego - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow I am on my final hunt during the day for a pair of black suede shoots for Friday night for a big school Christmas Party to wear with my black lace and feather dress from Zara which I've decided is getting another outing.  Wish me luck..... I think the Mint Velvet ones are winning. Of course the chances of me getting hold of them are completely zero, aren't they?  Darn. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Must admit to being rather terrified of double denim ever since I got accused by my sister of looking as though I was heading to a Status Quo concert but you might just be talking me round....!

    1. Go on, you know you want to.....! Still waiting for my order..

  2. Funnily enough I ordered a denim shirt from Asos yesterday, using the 20% off discount. It's called the denim shirt in mid-stonewash blue...I wanted a true blue rather than the dirty denim. I tried the Gap one you showed above but the little flaps on the pockets were very badly behaved and stuck up strangely under jumpers, making me look like I had two very small pointy boobs above my real ones. Not a good look, I think we'll all agree.

    1. Great minds! I do think you have to be careful with the pockets definitely. I tend to iron the ones on mine down and it does definitely work best under a sweatshirt as opposed to a jumper.

  3. I love that you are now bringing mens clothing into the equation - opens up a whole new world of possibilities! plus we get to look at handsome models - special request for a blog on wearing mens pants? purely for research of course!
    joking aside, thank you - your blogs always make me smile (and spend a fortune!)x

  4. The mango shirt looks more like an 80's snow wash. Its a step too far I'm afraid. I'll leave that one to the teenagers.

  5. Love the jaeger jumper! Love the fact you are blogging more often - I need some pics of the work you are getting done on te house!! I'm not sure about the denim shirts but am converted to wristwarners thanks to a recent post!
    Any chance of a blog on over the knee boots - I know you did one last year but I am late to the party and just go a pair last week - they seem to be very popular this year - are you not tempted? Hair still looks great xx

  6. I agree with the poster up thread, you can't wear a shirt with sticky out breast pockets underneath a jumper or sweatshirt unless the said over garment is very thick.

    1. That's why I tend to wear a sweatshirt over mine. Have never had a prob with it!

  7. I bought the Gap one last week when they had a BOGO deal and there's a much broader selection in store here. So tempted to get another pair of Saxby jeans - I love mine from last summer they are a great cut!

    1. Can't wait to try them again adn the newer ones. Will report back. Still waiting for them.....

  8. I've never been a fan of denim shirts but have to admit a denim shirt with a pattern looks really good ( I think the M&S floral and the pale spotted shirts are ace)

    Love your Jaeger top and the yellow scarf tops the outfit off perfectly

    1. Thank you! It's my inner Billy Ray Cyrus that is doing the denim shirt dance... Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  9. like the pink one but not convinced on wearing double denim. Love the M&S scarf - great colours. Good luck with the baking and party organising

  10. Double denim is called I believe, a Canadian tuxedo? Someone will hopefully correct me if I'm wrong though! Also loving it that you're blogging more often.

  11. I have both a J Crew and Madewell denim shirt. That's about the best one can do on this side of the pond. You look amazing by the way.