The Sales Manifest

Do. Not. Panic.  That's rule number one.  Or is that just me?  I manage to cling on to a sense of sensibility for about two seconds and then pure panic sets in.  There are bargains, I'm missing out - a total aura of moron takes over my body and I end up buying a massive load of tat just because it's cheap.  It can't only be me.....

So every year I set myself a set of Sales Rules.  Which I inevitably ignore as I'm me, but I shall yet again endeavour to stick to my manifest.  Vaguely tempted to have it tattooed on a child's forehead but that would involve me a) having to take them with me sales shopping which would result in meltdown on both sides and the chances of me coming home with a larger amount of unwanted junk than if I'd just done my usual smash and grab.  And b) probably social services. 

Therefore I shall stick with writing here in the hope that it does sink in.  

  • Do. Not. Panic (yes I have now written this twice as it's easier said than done) 
  • Is it something that I had already wanted earlier in the season? (the answer to this to result in a purchase needs to be a yes)
  • Make a list of things you need/would like.  Is it on your list?
  • Can you think of an occasion when you will wear it? (an actual one not a fictional one) 
  • Does it go with things you already have in your wardrobe?
  • Would you buy it if it was the same price in Zara?
If the answer to all is Yes then fill your boots.  I'm sure that there are some others but there must be some margin for error (and random impulse purchase.... See how rubbish I am?!)

Whilst I haven't braved the shops yet (these were the scenes at Westfield Stratford on Boxing Day as posted on Twitter - I love shopping but Dear. Lord)

However from the comfort of my sofa I have been click click clicking away and, sticking to my rules, found some absolute beauties that definitely tick all the Sales Manifest boxes.  Some of these have been featured before, but *insert smug grin* as they are on the want/need list and are now reduced, it's all good.

Starting with footwear.  A great all year round staple and combined with my adoration of all things leopard and or ponyskin, what's not to love?  I wear boots well into the Spring and these will work perfectly with my wardrobe.  The fact that I need another pair of boots like I need a hole in the head wasn't significant enough to stop me ordering them. 

Autograph Ponyskin Pointed toe wedge boots with insolia £29

These below are a perfect heel height to wear during the day - I had thought that a kitten heel might be the way forward (still channelling Queen Jenna) but unfortunately due to my height, on trying them it did just look like I'd collapsed the heel due to my large frame on such a tiny shoe.  Not a good look.  Much better for those of a more petite stature. 

Autograph Leather Asymmetric Court Shoes with Insolia £29

It's only a matter of time surely before we're all swanning around again with ankles out, skipping in the sunshine (ignoring the fact it nearly always snows after Christmas and not before), flat shoes for bombing around in every day are a great sales purchase. 

Autograph Ponyskin almond toe shoes £29 

*Dons French Beret* "Do these come in black?"  Why yes they do. 

Autograph Premium Ponyskin Lined Pointed Toe Court Shoes £55

High on my list of must haves for this Spring are going to be sneakers.  Hi tops, lo ones (I'm not entirely sure that's remotely the right term, I'm not exactly down with the kids as you can see...) I shall be embracing all things sporty (and I haven't even been drinking yet)  This is the plan.  Which will probably change. 

However these are such a bargain I am very very tempted. 

Black Suede & Stud Plimsolls from Mint Velvet now £45.00

Grey Suede & Metallic High Top Trainers now £45

Moving onto jackets.   There's a veritable hint of Spring around today as the sunshine streams through the window and so jackets and trenches are a great idea to hunt down.  

I do have a jacket shaped blog up my sleeve as I haven't done one in forever but as a sneak preview this one I've loved forever and it's now reduced.  Lush. 

Mathilde Print Jacket £69 from Monsoon

Ignoring the horrific pic here - Monsoon clearly hire the same web photographer as M&S - this jacket is gorgeous.  It looks criminally bad here but trust me, it's not. 

Emerline Print Quilted Jacket now only £44.50

I shall be back tomorrow with a more jacket focussed blog.  Promise. 

Today though, it's a Trench coat moment - these are two that I featured recently in my homage to the Parisians but these are now reduced and are a complete steal. 

John Lewis Belted Trench in navy  £49.50

And in black £49.50

This Barbour Classic Trench Coat is now at a great reduction £161 from £269 at ASOS

So armed with my Rules, off I go.  What will I come back with?  I am determined it shall be on the list as opposed to the Sales Roulette I normally indulge in. 

Any bargains out there that you've snaffled?  Are you an expert Sales Shopper?  Would love to hear about them (and be jealous and move into panic mode default setting)  

Here are my outfits from the last couple of days.  Starting with Christmas.  Was absolutely over the moon with my new Me+Em Dress.  Much more than I would perhaps spend but I love it and can see me getting a lot of wear out of it.  Next stop New Year.  And I've got it earmarked as my Birthday dress.  


Pocket Swing Dress - Me+Em
Chandelier earrings - Forever21
Black Margo boots - Sam Edelman

And for a walk on Boxing Day.  I know.  It is pretty unbelievable but there is a first time for everything.  A bracing two hour walk, up hill, down dale, through mud.  All five of us with no whinging.  A true miracle of Christmas. 


Sweatshirt - Hush
Jeans - Boden
Navy Wellies - Joules
Snakeskin scarf - By Malene Birger
Parka - South at Littlewoods
Crocheted beret - Primark

And my new Sandro dress which again, I am over the moon with.  I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this - good things truly do come to those who wait.  Last night for a fantastic party at one of my best friends.  Great great night.  


Black dress - Sandro
Black Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Leopard print clutch - Tory Burch
Razor blade cuff - McQueen by Alexander McQueen
Earrings - Forever21

I shall definitely be back tomorrow with more sales bargains. I will admit, I had slight sales overload over Christmas itself, but on it like a rocket now. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and is enjoying a lovely break with their families.  We're off out for lunch with friends and then off to the theatre to see The BFG.  Not entirely sure who is more excited - me or the kids!

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11 comentarios:

  1. Loved the info - I too have had my eye on the Monsoon jackets for a while and once I can pluck up courage to move from the house to the shops will hope they still have my size available. My excuse to buy new sales stuff is to go through my wardrobes and declutter lots of bits for charity shops or friends. Then don't feel so guilty stocking up the wardrobe again.

    1. That is such an excellent idea. I shall definitely be doing that once the kids have gone back to school. Bring on the Spring!

  2. Hi Kat! Great Sandro dress, what would you say the sizing is, true or snug? thanks
    Fan from Canada

    1. Thank you - I would actually say the sizing comes up small. That's a 3 which I think is a 12 and I'm normally a 10. I sized up - very small on the shoulders but then I am 5ft 10. Hope that helps. It really is a gorgoeus dress.

  3. Great post! Thanks, had a little look round today, just Toast, Cos etc - couldn't brave high st proper. Got some lovely sparkly black trousers at Cos, half price! Tried stuff on in toast but the reduce nighties made me look like an extra from Annie ( and I'm in my 50's so not. Agood look). Now hanging on for the Hush sale on the 7th. Did go for their 20% off offer and got some leggings and a nightie. H'm a sale at Mint Velvet you say?

    1. All the shops I love. Yes, Toast is definitely for a sort of person. I do manage to look Amish in most of it, whereas a friend of mine rocks it like you wouldn't believe. Hush sale will be brilliant, can't wait. And MV has some good reductions but stuff is going fast!

  4. I managed to score a Whistles waffle knit cashmere jumper in grey - been eyeing it ever since it appeared in John Lewis at £175, purchased today for £85! Well chuffed. Also got some Zara tan Chelsea boots on order, fingers crossed they look as nice in real life as on the website...

    1. Well done you. I know those boots - they are AMAZING. I would love to get them but totally cannot justify with my Acne ones being vaguely similar. However the M&S ones will fill a non existent boot hole in my wardrobe just the same....!

  5. Only item i have brought so far is the black trench coat from John Lewis, ordered it on boxing day due to be delivered on Monday. all other sales shopping has been for my 26 year old daughter who is expecting our first grandchild and in need of clothes that fit

    1. oh well done you - that is a complete bargain. And congrats!!! I remember those days of nothing fitting, well xx

  6. I managed to get the black JL trench for £29.