Dear Weather

I hate you. 

Seriously.  June?  This morning I woke up and genuinely wondered had I hibernated all through Summer and woken up in October.  It was wet, it was windy, it was cold.  And obviously the kids went back to school today.  Oh and the puppy is supposed to be taken out and cajoled into weeing on command.  Joy.

Way to put me in an amazing mood..... Especially when I was eyeing up all my new sandals, shorts and summery tops to wear but no.  I would have been more at home in my dog walking/rugby wearing Ilse Jacobsen wet weather gear. 

But I refuse to give in on the 2nd June.  That's frankly ridiculous and just not British.  

So planned blog shelved (I'll be coming back to this tomorrow..) and instead I thought we needed to look at some "summer" jackets.   Now admittedly some of these you will need to drag a brolly with you to wear (or a hat... I need to do a wet hat blog.  A hat for wet weather).  But this time of year it doesn't necessarily rain rain rain.  

It's just that rubbishy drizzle that lasts for five minutes then stops.  You wouldn't want to be wearing flipflops but unless you are going for a hugely long dog walk (puppy too small yet) or you have a mammoth walk to school, then you're not really going to get properly wet.   A little bit of rain never hurt anyone.  And chances are - five minutes later, rain has totally stopped and the sun has come out (yes of course, this happened today.  Gotta love the Summer here) 

And for me this season, my perfect throw on jacket for the Summer is definitely the military jacket from hush.  It really is the perfect weight jacket - warm enough for a cooler day but with a tee on underneath it's still light enough to wear when it gets a tad warmer.  Also love the idea of it over a dress, either with ankle boots like this or with flat trainers.  Please just let it be a smidge warmer so I can get my legs out without succumbing to goose bumps. 

Military jacket from hush £65

There are of course loads of other jackets to consider too.  Have also found a navy option at ASOS. 

ASOS Jacket with Utility Detail and Quilted Liner £55

A belted option at Vila in camo if you prefer a bit of print. 

Vila Camo Military Jacket £48

Another option of course is a summer weight parka.  Not practical in the most practical of senses (ie probably not super waterproof), but a great casual look for dressed down days (and dog walks - you see?  New animal = new wardrobe.  You can see why The Husband was *desperate* for us to get a dog, can't you?!) 

FCUK Santa Fe Drape Jacket £140

I think this one would be slightly more functional than the slightly prettier one above but still, very cool. 

Oasis Charlie Lightweight parka jacket was £69 now £35 

Never it let be said that I don't do practical.  This one will actually keep you dry.  Waxed parka.  And looks great too. 

ASOS Festival Parka £50

On a roll with the practical - something I never thought I'd say (although for me, I've stopped looking as the Festival parka wins hands down on all fronts) 

Navy & Black waxed jacket from Mint Velvet £139

Not so practical now but on a scale of gorgeous and unusual this scores exceptionally highly.  It's rare that you find a jacket that is unlike everything else out there, but this ticks all the boxes for me.  A cross between a parka, a utility jacket and a trench.  What's not to love?

ASOS parka with utility detail £65 in camel (this also goes in the washing machine - seriously could a jacket get any better?!)

Another utility cross parka from ASOS but this time in khaki and with a hood. 

ASOS Summer Utility Jacket £55

The other option of course is a biker jacket.  Now leather may be too warm and heavy for this weather (risible comment I appreciate, as I crank up the heating) but lighter versions are a great option.  Admittedly you will have to add a brolly....

And starting with a cross from above - a biker style parka... 

Waterfall Front Parka Jacket from Topshop £59

So I had an East dress on the other day and now we have a jacket - Judi Dench, eat your heart out. 

East Linen Biker Jacket in Smoke £99

Or in stone but personally I love the smoke

Or how about an amazing dark navy version in jersey from Wrap London. 

Wrap London Cecily Biker Jacket £89

ASOS Biker Jacket with waterfall front and zip detail £55 Not leather but pleather - much lighter than a heavier leather version.

Or another option from Warehouse. 

Waterfall Drape Jacket £50

Ok so I said I wasn't going to do any leather jackets but this one looks lightweight and so is perfect for this time year and an amazing price for leather.  

ASOS Leather Jacket £130

And call off the dogs... they have it in grey.  Love.  Again £130  I defy anyone to realise this cost only £130. 

And finishing with a total ringer - so this is about as much use as a chocolate teapot but it's the perfect cover up for those cooler days.. (and let's face it - it's hardly warm at the moment although yes yes yes there's a "heatwave" on the way....) 

This is the fabulous compromise between a cardigan and a coat.  Trying so hard to justify this and failing miserably.....

ASOS Blanket Wrap coat £70

Enough choice for all there and I have come across too many gorgeous jackets that I Need.  I have had to stop.  There will be other blogs...

And here I am in my Summer jacket.  Trying to stop the wind blowing my hair everywhere.  Will be wearing this a lot.


Stripe jumper - hush
Khaki Military jacket - hush
Saxby jeans - ASOS
Dakota shoes - Seven Boot Lane
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Harker Hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

Hope everyone survived the vile weather.  Still lashing a gale out there.  I have it on good authority from the BBC weatherman who tweeted me earlier that the weather is due to warm up.  He said leave it to certain newspapers to dictate whether it's a *heatwave* or not. 

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21 comentarios:

  1. Kat, which ones are the saxby jeans from asos? I keep searching for them and they can't be found. Love the jackets, but the hush one is all sold out again, dagnamit!!

    1. oh love I'm so sorry, they're from two years ago. I honestly have never found as good a pair (sorry that's about as much use as a chocolate teapot, isn't it) And again so sorry about the hush jacket. Not the best blog for you clearly!

    2. Ha ha, don't worry. I ordered the little boxy jacket from River Island the other day and am going to pick it up and try it on later today, maybe that will tick the jacket requirements instead?

    3. Ha ha, don't worry. I ordered the little boxy jacket from River Island the other day and am going to pick it up and try it on later today, maybe that will tick the jacket requirements instead?

  2. Our Leaving Cert exams start here in Ireland this week. They reliably coincide with a heatwave every year. I hope that some of the nice weather moves on in your direction!

    1. oooh I just need it to hang out until the middle of June for my son's FHC!

  3. This weather is truly awful. Loving your selection of jackets. I've been going between my lightweight kakhi Parker from Zara and my heavy grey knit cardigan from Next. Lorraine x

    1. Well you sound like you've got a couple of great choices!

  4. Anything above 20 degrees will feel as a heatwave now...great jackets you found. I ordered a Barbour ( very practical) parka-like jacket in the sale and I'll wear it grieving my sandals and new summerdresses.

    1. ooh v practical. They're not long enough for me. (wet bum syndrome....) But they're fab x

  5. I brought a khaki parka from mango last year and got lots of wear out of due to currently living in the North. got it out to wear this year for the school run, looked around and there were at least another 40+ people in a khaki parka including 8 and 8 ear olds. Husband thought it was hilarious and took great delight in pointing them out everytime he saw one.. I came home jumped on line and ordered the Hush military jacket, i love it and i'm the only one with this jacket (at the moment)

    1. thats meant to say 8 and 9 year olds. fat fingers this morning

    2. ha ha ha! And the hush jacket is sold out so you'll be fine!

  6. Hush jackets sold out!!!! It's 25+ in munich but apparently we're getting blightys current rain/wind next week....

    1. oh no I'm sorry! Hopefully you've found an alternative. And lucky you getting our weather.... (oops) But it is set to improve here next week (fingers crossed!)

  7. OOH that's so interesting as I've got my eye on the white one but think it will be too short and skimpily cut on me. How tall are you again? It's not going to fit my proportions at 5ft10, is it? I'm wearing my SP dress to my son's FHC next week. And have another couple of events I've got in mind for it as well. Eat away!!! xxxxx

  8. It's been bloody awful hasn't it?! It's making me want to pack up & head back to the Med! Love the belted Vila military jacket! Andrea x

    1. That's one of my faves too. So lovely to make a real difference to plain old basics x

  9. Love, love love the blanket wrap coat Kat. xx

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it....! I think I'm definitely going homeless blanket look this A/W