If it ain't broke...

...don't fix it.  

Today I am banging on about a subject that I have not remotely got to grips with (admittedly this does seem to be a recurring theme recently....)...... skirts. 

Actually that's not true, I have actually mastered one sort of skirt that works every time so why oh why oh why do I persist in trying other ones that really don't work?  I'd like them to work, I really would.  I'd love to be able to wear a full skirt or a high waisted pleated skirt or any skirt that sits on the waist in fact (M&S Suede skirt, I'm looking at you)... but I can't.  

However I can and do love an A line skirt that sits slightly lower down on my hips.  Yes, usually I do size up so it can sit lower, but I am very thick of waist so this always helps in the flattering stakes.

And since I've found a style of skirt that works, why would I bother trying to reinvent the wheel with another sort. 

So I have leather ones that I love - two short and one longer and they really have paid for themselves over time.  But it's really the midi style that I think would fill the best skirt hole in my wardrobe.

I have tried culottes.  And I have given up.  Certainly of the fabric variety.  I've tried them, I've bought them, but they're just too smart on me.  I've finally accepted that most of my life is very dress down.  And even when I have a business meeting, I don't need to wear anything approaching to traditional business attire as that's not my gig anymore.  I can be casual, I can be dress down and I can be much more "fashion" than I could ever have been in my previous corporate life. 

But there is a line with how "fashion" fashion can be for me and fabric culottes just don't work.  Adore them on other people but somehow they're just too formal.  It also doesn't help that I have no arse and so a saggy behind and crotch with most of the culottes I've tried on, isn't a good look by any stretch of the imagination.  The jury is still out with regards to the denim variety - I'm just not sure I love them that much (otherwise I think I would have bought a pair by now...)

The same could well be said of a fabric skirt to be honest, but at the very least, I'm going to see what's out there.  

The main reason this has reared its ugly head again is my outfit from last Friday.  I had planned on wearing the little black hush triangle dress, blazer and ankle boots.  How perfect?  Well, not exactly as it was properly chilly.  Cold in fact.  So I went with an outfit I was actually super pleased with - my black jumpsuit, flat mules and a fitted blazer.

I was thinking though, that a midi A Line skirt would have been a great alternative.  And whilst a leather one would have served the purpose (my usual reliable fall back in these circumstances), a more casual one would come into its own on a daily basis. 

Starting with one.  Now for most this may be midi, but for me, I think I'm looking for a bit longer.  Being tall and long of limb, the length is so so crucial.  Too much calf on show looks frumpy bumpy.  Too long and the risk of looking like you're wearing some sort of Eastern European National Costume is high.

ASOS A-line midi skirt with zip and pocket detail £28

More 50s now with a swing style but still with a flat front - the volume comes from pleating further down the skirt - this should still sit flush over the stomach and hips.

Miss Selfridge Crepe Midi A-line skirt £35

So the M&S suede one didn't work as it was just too high on the waist and with the bigger size, there was too much volume in the skirt and it sort of swamped me.  However, with a more flowy and fluid faux suede, this just might work.  Especially for this price.  

I will admit that I did cop a feel of this in real life and it did have a hint of Woody from Toy Story's fake suede waistcoat... but I think in warmer weather this isn't necessarily a bad thing.... if you get your head around the fact it's not remotely like suede - it's more a very fine flat velvet... (ok that's not selling it either but it's nearer that than suede, honest guv)

Faux Suede A-line skirt usually £39.39.50 but on offer for £31.60 from Marks and Spencer. 

Similar version at ASOS.

Glamorous Faux Suede A-line Midi skirts with pockets £39

Proper suede now so this may be on the warmer side but it's so unusual and not a bad price for proper suede at all.  Another option again that may be better if you're more petite as it certainly wouldn't be midi on me but I think it's definitely worth a look.  Perfect for taking you into the A/W as well.

So this is definitely A/W inspired.  Amazing price.  It would be perfect for work, it would be perfect with block knee high boots and a polo neck.

Another different option for a bargain price.  Love the idea of this with a silky blouse or even a denim shirt.  You can forget the cropped vest.  Again, this sits very high on the waist on the model but I would have to size up and yank it down on top of my hips (as I would with all of these - random but it does work)

Ornate Crochet A-line skirt from Forever21 £19

The one skirt that is top of my wish list though is the A line denim maxi.  Clearly they're not as popular as I'd hoped as there really aren't that many of them around. 

The 70s A Line denim skirt from MiH was £235 now £164

I will say though that I do prefer the Current/Elliott one. (clearly more money and not in the sale.. duh) 

Current/Elliott The Sally Skirt £275

However lo and behold - look what I've found.... 

ASOS denim button through denim midi skirt £32

Even cheaper at Topshop but slightly darker £30

And... that's pretty much it.  WHAT?  So how about a pencil midi option... At first I thought - nah, but actually, as an alternative to skinny jeans these might solve that sweaty crotch issue - so think floaty, boxy peasant tops, these could be a great alternative.

Button Through Pencil Skirt from M&S in Ecru £27.50

Or a denim version, again now only £22.... 

Or a paler denim from ASOS - Denim True Midi Skirt with patch pockets £38

Finally finishing with a print version.  Tomorrow or Tuesday I shall be back with my new cunning plan for the Summer (well, for the Summer we're having this year anyway.....) and it does include print. 

ASOS Midi Skirt in Scuba Fabric with Botanical Print £40

And finally, clearly my fave of the lot but one I can't really justify... plus I think it would sit too high on my waist and wreck my head.  But with a plain black skinny jumper.... in the A/W with a polo neck - pure perfection. 

Self-Portrait Arabella midi skirt £200

So have you mastered skirts this season?  If not, fear not as I may have, as I mentioned, a cunning alternative.  Whilst out on Friday for the most amazing lunch with The Husband (happy birthday to him - I got to go shopping and also to one of my favourite restaurants - Brasserie Chavot on Conduit Street in Mayfair.  Best Brasserie in London by a country mile.  Eat your heart out Balthazar, The Wolseley, Les Deux Salons etc - there is no competitor to Le Chavot!), I snuck in a couple of tipsy purchases. 

And here was the outfit. 


Black jumpsuit - Kin by John Lewis 
Black tux blazr - Topshop
Ponyskin mules - Anthropologie
Gold flower earrings - Forever21
Black gold stud clutch - Coccinelle 

So pleased with my purchases that I did in fact wear one of them yesterday....I shall be back!

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21 comentarios:

  1. The self portrait one is so beautiful! I think you should get it !

    1. I meant to ask Kat, have you seen any Ash Jalouse style boots on your travels ?. I really want a pair but cannot justify the price at the moment with a couple if holidays coming up

    2. SPOOKY - blog coming up either today or tomorrow. They're perfect for this time of year. Xx

  2. M&S have just brought out a taupe pleather skirt (Autograph, £50, no even on their website yet) that looks so much like leather, I compared it with my leather skirt and I couldn't tell the difference!

    Also bought a midi denim skirt from there, now out of stock. We are on the same skirt page!

    Love the jumpsuit and flats look, v chic


    1. OOH is it midi?? That'a gaping hole in my wardrobe - sounds fab. I think my friend had that midi skirt from the beginning of the season - pockets on the front from Limited Edition? Wasn't long enough for me. GAH!

    2. Yep, midi length pleather. Never thought I would say those words but I love it!

    3. Going to go and hunt it down, thank you!!

  3. I just threw my midi denim skirt out last year - typical. Trust me to throw something away just as it's coming back into fashion. Lorraine x

    1. NOO!! If it's any consolation I always do this xx

  4. I struggle with skirt length because I'm only 5ft. I'm after an on the knee A line denim button through skirt. I've ordered a Topshop one from the tall range to try and get the desired length!

    1. That's a good idea. Fingers crossed!!

  5. I have a similar straight up and down figure. A line and straight skirts are ok but full skirts put too much fabric around my waist - not flattering! I have a denim A line midi which I've had for years, I find it needs slimmer, more fitted and waist length tops and I have to be careful of footwear. In fact, it looks better in autumn/winter with boots... I think leather/denim is a stiffer material which is better for me as less pretty pretty - though the Self Portrait one is gorgeous!

    Jumpsuit looks lovely. I keep dreaming of summer clothes but it has been really cold here too. Another day with waterproofs today, looking at the weather. Sigh.


    1. Yes it is POURING with rain here. Boots are definitely back out. Blog on them today for sure. SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU?!

  6. They honestly don't budge from my feet. I promise. Clearly I think it would be a different story if you wore tights but with bare feet they are amazingly perfect. You see I can't even tuck a thin polo neck in - I have to wear it over the top. And if they dress is too high cut on the waist it looks all Simon Cowell. Plus yes super uncomfortable. Culottes. OVer them here!

  7. Wow you've found some delicious designs, I love all the button through ones! I'm also very keen on your pony hair mules, they work beautifully with those fab earrings...looking good lady!

    1. Thank you - the shoes were significantly more than the earrings which I think were £2.99!!

  8. You are so right - I have some wide leg jeans that I never wear that I should have cut off.... Hmmm maybe I could do it myself for a jagged edge look? I have tried this before and it is MUCH harder than you think!

  9. I think culottes with Stan smiths look amazing Kat - gives the material ones a dress down look you are looking for....checkout @schoolrunmum - she does it perfectly! Even my black leather look top shop culottes look great with SSs as well as heels x

    1. Oh yes, they look amazing on Frances! But she's about 6 inches shorter than me and the dimensions just work better on someone more petite I think! It's not just the footwear - it's the jackets as well... to be honest, I have the same issue with fabric trousers. I have a couple of pairs which come out only a couple of times a year. Whereas my denim and pleather jobs I live in! Know thy fabrics and what works for you! (it's not to say I wouldn't ever wear them - I just get more wear out of other options!)

  10. Is it possible to wear midi's when you are only 5ft 4 and maxi's for that matter? I am size 8 and they both tend to swamp me? Also ankle boots tend to make my legs look shorter too - is there a style/colour that will make them look longer without being really high?