So clearly the obvious purchase for June is...

.... a pair of ankle boots. 

I know it sounds bonkers but these are a more obvious choice than you would think. 

They are, in fact, the perfect year round footwear.  Admittedly in the Summer I prefer a suede version but today, for example you would be more than grateful for a pair of leather ones.  Handily for me, I have both.  But these aren't a new purchase.  I have three pairs (black, navy and taupe) and I bought my first pair six years ago.  And they get worn as often as the other two newer pairs (although the navy ones are in their third year now and I capitulated and bought the taupe ones last year)

What I'm trying to say (and totally complicating the issue - anyone still here?) is that not only are they an investment for all year round, they will get worn in years to come as well.  And, as if they weren't magic enough, they are incredibly versatile too. 

Short skirts, skinny jeans, shorts, boyfriend jeans, dresses, midi skirts and culottes.  They can be worn with all of these.  And the best thing, if you are as absolutely pap at fake tanning your feet as I am (I still maintain it's not my fault and having feet that are akin to a skeleton's, covered in tracing paper, plus toes like twiglets, it is hard) boots hide all the sins.  What's not to love?

I have been wearing mine this past week and was exceptionally grateful to my navy Newburys from Rag & Bone for keeping my tootsies dry on the school run.  I also find that they're a great wardrobe addition in this incredibly random weather (aka The British Summer) that we're having.  A Summery top and jeans, teamed with boots somehow works in balancing both warmer and cooler hours (as it does seem to go from hot to freezing about 10 times a day at the mo)  Throw on a scarf that you can then take off when the sun comes out and you're sorted whatever the weather.

My other favourites are my black suede Ohio boots which are from Pied a Terre, six years ago (so long ago, they don't even make shoes anymore!) and are pretty much identical to the Ash Jalouse.  Or the Isabel Marant Dickers.  You can argue the toss about which came first but I still stand by my Ohios as being the predecessor to both of them. *punches air*.

Jalouse are ridiculously short on stock everywhere by this time of year and I think the Dickers are ridiculously overpriced (and low stock so clearly not everyone shares my opinion - and wouldn't it be a dull world if we all spent money on the same thing) but there are lots of very similar options out there, without spending a fortune.

Some great options at Mint Velvet including these lookie likies.

Black Eva Leather Boots from Mint Velvet were £139 now £99

Another similar version at Mango and frankly, at this price, I would spray these (with a protective spray) and definitely wear them in light Summer rain. 

Suede Ankle Boots was £53.99 now £39.99

Other colours are available in the sale at M&S.

Suede Elasticated Panel Ankle boots in the sale at M&S were £59 now £29 in navy (and who doesn't love a navy boot!)

However as well as having a sale on, M&S also have 20% off until midnight tonight.  Off everything.  

Stain Away Suede Ankle boots in Graphite now £52 were £65

Or in the more unusual plum shade.

Winter White in the sale at M&S - these are leather and aren't going to be for everyone but I'm quite taken to them - and I think they'd work equally well into A/W teamed with all black or all navy.

Pointed Toe Chelsea Ankle Boots were £65 now £39

And in the suede khaki version.  Were £65 now £32

One of my favourite places to look at theroetically out of season shoes, is Shoeaholics, the discount site of Kurt Geiger.  And, as per usual, they are some gems to be found. 

These I am tempted to buy as I just love them.  Adore them and they'd be a no brainer all year round.  A total tribute to the Acne boots at a smidge of the price. 

Scottie Black Mid Heel was £150 now £59 (more I look at these, the more I love them)

If not suede - then hello ponyskin...

Scout Black by Kurt Geiger was £160 now £49

More suede - this time a super super bargain in tan. 

Bunty Tan Mid Heel by Anne Klein was £105 now £29

Or a black version.... again only £29

Another amazing Nine West bargain - I love the lighter heel. 

Jarrad Black Low Heel Boot from Nine West was £115 now £39

But on a day like today, leather was needed and these again are a great all year round option. 

Bargains to be had yet again at Shoeaholics. 

Sasha Black Mid Heel Ankle Boot was £160 now £49

A flat pair, also at Kurt Geiger Black.  Lang boots was £160 now £49

Absolute classic tan ankle boots from Seven Boot Lane. 

Tan leather ankle boot - the Delphine £165

Textured leather - my top tip.  Would adore fave pairs along with the Delphines above and the bargain black Scotties.

Dune Black Piah Reptile Ankle boots were £180 now £126 

Or in the black also £126 from £180

Or a mix of both from Rag & Bone.  Bargains to be had at The Outnet.

Kendall Leather and Suede boots were £460 now £184

And the lower version - The Mercer were £470 now £211.50  Or maybe these... hell I could do with more than a couple of new pairs.

Last option which does work in both sun and rain (although I would get spraying beforehand...) is nubuck.

And some great reductions again at Mint Velvet.

Tan Stella Ankle Boot was £149 now £99

In taupe again now £99

And a black nubuck also £99

Or the ultimate in day to night boots - the Limited Edition Diva Boots in Silver Glitter from Seven Boot Lane £175 

Honestly I think everyone can justify at least a couple of pairs.  Are you an ankle boot fan and do you find them as useful all year round as I do?

I am having to sit on my credit card not to go and splurge..... 

And can I please polish my halo as I haven't bought ANYTHING in the sale yet.  Admittedly I did buy two things at full price on Friday, which I will be reporting back on very shortly.  Maybe tomorrow - but I have another MUST HAVE sales purchase I think I need to make.  Again, if I call it an investment...???


Navy and white striped top - Whistles
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS
Camel knitted blazer - Whistles
Navy Newbury Boots - Rag & Bone
Medium Marcie Satchel in Whiskey - Chloe 

Is everyone else loving this weather?  I bought The Husband a BBQ for Father's Day.  So apparently it's all my fault.  Oops.

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17 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, this weather does make you look at boots, no doubt! I seriously contemplated buying acne's pistol boots in the sale here but luckily they weren't in my size anymore. Now I am on the look out for similar leather boots and I can't find them. I might might might just buy the real mcCoy this Autumn, because like you Saïd, they'll last for year! ( what would you do?)

    1. I'd just cave and buy them. Think how much wear you'd have got out of them in the past month alone!

  2. Love an ankle boot - I've got chelsea boots in both tan and black, pointed black boots with buckles, gold ones from allsaints, white ones from senso... And I wear them all year round!

    1. I was looking to see if I could find any Senso ones in the sale. Alas. no. Still kicking myself I didn't get those All Saints gold ones from years ago but at the time I didn't like them. Now I SO wish I had them!

  3. Fancied the navy pair but sadly out of stock :( will pop into local store tomorrow on the off chance! Love your selection here. I already have an MV taupe and black pair squirrelled away! off to browse the sales, thanks for the inspo xx

    1. Oh boo! But loving your squirrelling away of stock. Genius!

  4. How ironic I just picked up my delivery from Mint Velvet this evening of the Black Eva Boots and am already in love with them unlike my Black Ash Jalouse Boots that I have been drooling over for 2 years and finally purchased them only to find that they really do not look that great on me! So there they sit in the box never worn and am seriously contemplating sticking them on ebay to fund my new drool of the MV Tan Stella Ankle Boot before they sell out - I mean a girl can never have too many boots regardless of the season! Can she??

    1. You will sell them in a heartbeat - they are so hard to get hold of. And yes, it's funny how they can work for some and not others. But yay that the MV ones are cheaper!

  5. Hi Kat, I also have a much loved, well, well worn pair of taupe Ohios which are the standard bearers for ankle boots. They have been re-heeled and re-soled a few times over now and I am desperately trying to prolong their life!! The Jalouse is a fair match definitely. Also great are the Jones Orton which are currently on sale for a bargain £33!! x

    1. Oh yay someone else who appreciates how great they are! I so wish I'd bought the taupe ones as well. They're just gorgeous aren't they? Does everyone else also ask where you got them from?!

    2. Yes, people often assume they are Isabel Marant but I agree that the Ohios are much nicer! I only really wear them in the summer now and they look great with cuffed jeans and tanned ankles. I searched high and low since online to get some more but sadly it was not to be. Glad you enjoy yours too x

    3. I've done exactly the same! Oh well. Hopefully mine have a year or two more in them!

  6. You EEJIT!! I have done this with so many things though. Maybe it's better to move on....!

  7. Some FAB boots - Mango are my fave ones for that price!

    1. They're great, aren't they? Sod's law that I don't need any in the sale!

  8. Ooh, lots of fab styles. I love the Mint Velvet Stellas in tan. And yes, everyone loves a navy boot! xxx

    1. They're a great choice aren't they? Not nearly enough of them around xxx