You've been to one too many First Holy Communions when...

.... you start obsessing about white dresses. 

For yourself. 

This will be my third week in a row of First Holy Communions and I now officially have dress envy. 

Only kidding - I am not planning on upstaging any 8 yr old this weekend (dear lord the shame - can you imagine?) and weather depending, I'm pretty positive I shall be wearing either a print or a darker shade dress. 

But I will confess that I have a total hankering for a white dress.  This may of course be my mind playing cunning tricks on me to justify the purchase of another Self Portrait dress.  I am now seeing them everywhere.  Having never heard of them or seen anyone in them, every other person (mostly slebs to be fair) seems to have one.  And I can't say I'm surprised as they are the best value (as far as a dress that costs that much can represent any form of "value"...) designer dresses I've come across in forever.  Ever in fact. 

It will also come as no surprise that none of them are in the sale.  Well on the upside, it also means that my Aurelia dress isn't reduced.  But I did have my eye on two white midi dresses to add to my collection (ie one dress.  Collection my arse) 

These are the two that I think would be a great addition to any (ie my) wardrobe.

Self Portrait Panelled Lace Dress £320  Perhaps a bit too similar to my black one.... it is different apparently - although does look exactly the same to me.

Or this one - slightly softer and a bit drapier, I am going to see if I can try this one on.

Self Portrait Checked Organza Midi Dress £250

It did make me wonder what other dresses there are out there that might serve the same purpose so I went a white dress hunting today. 

Only rule was that it has to go in the washing machine.   As I have bored everyone senseless with, the dry cleaners and I are not friends.   Not even vague acquaintances.  And as for a white dress that you can't machine wash?  No on every single level.  Which did rule out quite a lot of more expensive ones, but that's not to say I didn't find a couple of gems in the sales. 

So top of my list of ones to try out is this one.  I am slightly concerned that I may have a whiff of Amish about me in it - probably only suited to those of a less Gulliver like stature with a more gamine air about them.  And infinitely cooler than me may also help.

But I'm going to give it my best shot.  Even if I look a bit like Kelly McGillis in Witness.  Albeit in the virginal white.  On second thoughts, I can't see this working on me....

Pompom dress from & Other Stories £55

However if we're taking inspiration from Self Portrait how about a double layer cut out dress. 

Guipure cotton dress from Mango was £71.99 now £49.99

Geometric pattern openwork dress was £71.99 now £39.99 again from Mango.

So whilst we're on the fretwork option, absolutely adore this one from Whistles. 

Whistles Patchwork Broderie dress was £120 now £60  This one seriously gets my vote. (yes machine washable)

Moving now to some more summery versions, sleeveless and a bit more floaty. 

Artu Dress from Weekend by MaxMara was £158 now £110  This is a great price for a MaxMara dress - so so easy to dress up or down and yes - even a designer dress can be machine washable.

Selected Femme Ophelia Sleeveless Dress in white was £75 now £45  Very pretty, very simple but oh so summery.

However my favourite dress of this style is definitely the one I have from Hush. 

Triangle Dress from Hush in Antique White £65  Totally inspired by the addition of Jalouse boots - also must order this necklace from them as well.  It's back in stock and it is so so gorgeous. 

Shirt dresses are also an option.  However we are verging on questionable territory here.  The line between cool and summer shirt dress and looking like a dodgy Dr or Lab Assistant is a thin one to navigate.

You can always rely on DVF though.

DVF Josie Dress was £248 now £124

Shirt Dress from Mango was £31.49 now £19.99  Like all Mango dresses - ace if you're on the more petite side. Swerve if you're tall otherwise you will just look senile (as in, where are your trousers?)

Now the Mint Velvet sale has started and one dress in particular that caught my eye was this casual day dress - also perfect for holiday evenings with some strappy flat gladiator sandals. 

Vanilla Smock Dress was £99 now £69

Staying with a more Boho vibe - again at Mango.

Mango Beaded Tunic Dress was £39.99 now £16.99

This one has to be my pick of the day though (if I'm not venturing into Self Portrait territory....) 

Etoile Isobel Marant was £200 now £120  And this model is 5ft 10 so this would be long enough on me.  Ok so I appreciate I did try on some boho smock dresses at the beginning of the season and looked like a homeless Hobbit on steroids (not a look that's ever been featured in Vogue I don't think), but now wearing with glads and a bit of fake tan? - hell, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and give it another go.

On a roll now with all things boho.

Staring at Stars Andree Parachute Dress in white was £86 now £45

Another maxi version at Mango - had this on the blog the other day but I really really love it.  Yes, still worried about the Miss Haversham factor but I do adore it. 

Mango Boho Maxi Dress was £89.99 now £49.99

Staring at Stars Fringed Tea Dress in ivory was £86 now £50  This would double as an amazing beach dress as well.  Love.

So there we have my pick of recent searches and what I've earmarked. 

Of course I'm left with the dilemma now of what to wear tomorrow.  No more Foo Fighters and no more Wembley but instead, The Husband and I are going out for a late lunch in Mayfair which handily happens to be very near Selfridges, & Other Stories, Cos and JCrew.  Oops...... (he is aware of this.... )

What do I wear?  Well of course, a white dress would have been top of my list now that I've become obsessed with them but a) it's not going to be that warm and b) I only have one of them - the Hush one. 

But, genius moment, I'm going to wear the black Hush Triangle dress, black Hush tux blazer and ankle boots of some description.  The most perfect thing about the Hush dress is the looseness of it. 

Seeing as dinner tonight has been a bag of Pita Chips (I would love to say I shared them.  I didn't) and a bottle of wine.  Reason for such a healthy supper was that my supermarket time earlier was taken up with sewing Beaver badges on for the 6yr old.  Which wasn't part of my plan as I had intended it to be a 5 min stick on task with the Liquid Thread which assured me it was a "sewing machine in a bottle".  My.  Arse. 

So an hour later, much cursing and very sore fingers to boot, the badges were very badly sewn on and I had no time to go and get something decent for tea.  (can I point out this was just for me and him - the children had something else!) 

Therefore I will be bloated as a bloated thing tomorrow and my lovely loose dress will be the perfect attire for a slap up lunch. 

Very very much looking forward to it.  

Outfit from today.


Leopard print dress in navy and black - Whistles
Midnight boucle blazer - Zara
Navy Lilly lace up shoes - Boden
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Have a great evening in this gorgeous weather - it has inspired me to buy The Husband a new bbq and chiminea for Father's Day (and yes, nothing like leaving it till the last minute...I got a Dog Crate for Mother's Day - that's all I'm saying)

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21 comentarios:

  1. A dog crate? I got a dust buster. Yes, a dust buster. Roll on Father's Day! I love the long Mango dress but with two toddlers my sensible head says no. But then who listens to their sensible head....?
    Sarah x

    1. Ah. At least I got a dog to with my dog crate! Maxi dresses with toddlers are a total no no - you keep tripping over them every time you bend down and stand up again.! (but yes - sensible head?? why?!)

  2. All very lovely. And so is your outfit! I am happy as back from Bluey with Dune sandals in the sale..bit of leopard print..can't go wrong! Enjoy tomorrow Kat xx

    1. Oh they sound fab. But we should all be buying boots in this weather!

  3. Get the 1st not the 2nd self portrait - the others cannot compare! And you're busted with your legs out on a Thursday - fake tan holding up well!! Have a gorgeous lunch - oooh and heads up to everyone, the Zara sale started today. May have already placed an 8 item cheeky order!

    1. I did have a cheeky tan up during the week, well spotted. I haven't even looked at the Zara sale - have bought very little from there this season actually. Over seeing everyone else in the same things!

  4. My friend stapled her sons Beaver badges onto his uniform! He apparently complained all evening there was something scratching his arm, she never confessed tho ��

    1. This is too funny!! :-)))

    2. This had definitely crossed my mind..!

  5. This is a beautiful white dress Kat - it's a Lola Sky dress and Dorothy Perkins stock them - google LOLA SKYE WHITE LACE GRID DRESS....its amazing on x

    1. I will go and have a look at that, thank you xxxx

    2. That is indeed gorgeous! So weird though that the pic of the dress looks so so different from the pic on the model! Do you happen to know which one you actually get? The one that's an off white with the capped sleeves as opposed to the white white sleeveless one?

  6. Now in my day, First Holy Communions were done in big batches - the whole class of 7 year olds on one day. The nuns then made a communion tea featuring beetroot sandwiches and lime jelly. Our mums wore best dresses and hats. My gift was rosary beads. Happy days! Xx

    1. Exactly the same here! Oh and I had a bag, gloves and a fake lace umbrella. Happy Days!

  7. I love a white dress in the summer with tanned legs and flats and then black opaque tights and high boots in the winter. Perfect for al year round. An investment pice really! Lorraine x

  8. I have a feeling you will be buying another SP dress soon, you won't be able to resist. One of the ladies on Avenue57 bought the fushia Azaelea dress to wear to a wedding recently and it was STUNNING on her. Love your outfit from yesterday, that Whistles dress is gorgeous. Yes I have done that large bag of kettle chips and wine for dinner once or twice, so disgustingly unhealthy but yummy! Also done full tub of Haagen Dazs salted caramel ice cream with bottle of wine for dinner-I can highly recommend

    1. Well I just caved on two other dresses which were a shed load cheaper and more practical on a day to day basis so not sure I can justify another one. Maybe I'll wait to see what he brings out for A/W!

  9. Definitely the first Self Portrait dress. The other ones aren't a patch on it. I know you think it's too similar to your black one but this one is white (good enough excuse!) and you'll be kicking yourself if it sells out. PS love your blog and more cute puppy pictures please!

    1. Thank you! And STOP with the persuading!!!!!

  10. The Pompom dress? OMG. So no on me! Will post pics shortly. Hilariously awful on me as suspected! Had a gorgeous day thank you xxx