The Summer Accessory I've yet to master

The blinking beach bag.

Even though most years we don't tend to take the children on foreign beach holidays, we do spend at least a couple of weeks on the beach here in the UK.  And carting all the guff needed for three kids and now a dog means that a bag the size of a Nissan Micra is actually required. 

Now I have (unsurprisingly) failed in my mission to find a bag of that volume with any iota of style in years gone by.  Actually not true, I did have the most amazing basket bag from TKMaxx - a total one off that has served me well over years and years.  But it died a death last year and I had to go on a mission to find a replacement. 

I did purchase a bag from Monsoon which definitely did the trick last year.  It was so cute that the 10yr old has purloined said bag for her own use.  As much as I am lamenting loss of lovely bag, this has in fact been a bit of a result.  One, she gets to carry her own detritus round (bless her, in fact she only really carts books around.  LOVE her) and I get to choose another bag. 

But what to go for.... what texture, what colour, what style?  To be honest, I'm a bit meh about the whole Summer wardrobe shenanigans at the moment.  I feel like I'm being jack of all trades and master of none.  This, however, I will address on another day. 

For the moment, I'm looking at what is out there Beach Bag wise and seeing if there is anything that inspires. 

I would say, from the research that I've done, that the current trend is a bag with colour.  Think embroidery, think woven, think texture but definitely think colour.  

And you can also think expensive to buy The Beach Bag of the season which would be a Sophie Anderson one.  Handily if these are your thang, they're in the sale at Matches.  Personally as much as I love them and maybe if I had a super special holiday coming up (not that all holidays aren't super special - so let's say an especially glam one.) I might consider one.... and then again......

Luz Woven cotton tote by Sophie Anderson - was £408 now £285

However a cheaper version (and I have to say, I prefer this one) from Mango.  And probably the best bargains are to be had there with their code - 6VIP11 gives 40% off more than one item (30% off one)

Boho Jute Bag £35.99 (you could always add your own pompoms.....)

Mango are on a serious roll with their beach bags this year - another amazing jute number (and check out further down for their canvas ones).  It's probably wrong to admit, having given it a bit more thought, that I way prefer all the bags at Mango compared to their much more expensive counterparts at the likes of Matches, Selfridges and Net a Porter.  I just don't get them.  And yes, this is me typing this, the blog has not been hijacked.  I repeat, the blog has not been hijacked.  I don't think I've ever seen a beach bag that costs oodles that I think - yup, that's worth shelling out for. 

I should have that bit cut out and laminated for The Husband.  Let's move swiftly on before I change my mind and see the other "bargains" I've hunted out.

Jute Bag £31.49 again at Mango - so 6VIP11

Pompom straw tote from Topshop £25  How can you tell the difference between this and one that costs ten times as much?

Pineapple Straw Tote Bag - £25 from Topshop  This I absolutely adore but it's not the biggest beach bag I've ever come across (get the kids to carry their own junk - that would be my advice)

Straw pineapple clutch £20 from Topshop Clearly someone else would have to carry my junk if I were to just have this but it's another little cute addition to your holiday wardrobe.  This is just too twee (in a good way) - perfect if you're jetting off somewhere super glam that has one of those fabulous beach bars you swan over to for lunch whilst leaving your belongings on your lounger being closely watched by a keen little man.  Oh those were the days....

Aloha Straw Duffle Backpack £25 from Topshop A touch of kitsch. 

And moving now onto what I would call your more classic beach bag.  These scream Aldeburgh to me.  Anyone who's been there will know exactly what I mean.  How I love the English beach (certain resorts anyway......I'm not going to lie - there are some I've been to over the years, that I have no desire to ever return to...) 
Pimkie Canvas bag £12 Yes, that's TWELVE POUNDS

Similar at Mango (don't forget your code...) 

Striped Panel Bag £31.49

Stoupa Stripe Shopper £22 from Oasis 

In red £22

But I think my favourite would be the silver straw version - also £22 still at Oasis

Jute Cotton-blend bag £22.49 in khaki  Back at Mango now.

A black and white striped version

Sand stripe as well - great price with 40% off £22.49

A fabulously plain version with leather handles from East.  

East Hobo Bag in Pebble £25

And plain straw but in a different style from John Lewis. 

Collection WEEKEND by John Lewis £29

Or even more unusual in the navy version 

If you're looking for something with a bit of impact though, Boden have come to your rescue.  There actually aren't that many out there that are a print but fear not, if you want something that little bit more interesting with a definite British seaside edge to it - either to use here or be a beacon of all things Brit on the beach abroad then this is the way to go (as opposed to tats and a footie kit - of course the choice is all yours)

Beach bag from Boden was £49 now £34.30 in the multi souvenir print

And in a floral print - the multi painterly floral.  Also £34.30 having been reduced by 30% 

Have to say I think this one is my favourite - especially with denim and white  in the bright cyan mosaic

Ok so I'm going to be honest.  I am now super confused.  I love most of these and don't know which one would be best..... I have to say I think my top runners might be the Oasis silver straw shopper and the East Pebble one.  Thoughts anyone?

So here we are today when I thought it was going to a lot warmer than it actually is.  And then it was warm... and then it wasn't.  GAH.  


Black jumper - Tommy Hilfiger
Tan mini skirt - Zara
Black Ohio boots - Pied a Terre
Diego bag - Alexander Wang

I have decided that this weather is wrecking my head.  I wish it would just make its mind up.  Be a couple of degrees warmer or a couple of degrees colder.  Do NOT start the day at 10 degrees which is ridiculously cold for this time of year and end the day at 23 degrees.  This is not helpful AT ALL.  I need to rethink dressing in this dumb climate.  Can you tell I've had a cruddy day?! (no, not all weather related.  Not even I am that shallow)

It was not helped by the cancellation of the Foo Fighters concert this Friday night which was The Husband's birthday present.... for which of course, I paid well over the face value for tickets from Get Me In.   On the upside we're going for a late lunch instead which will be lovely and am also hoping to get a sneaky peak in Selfridges too... just in case....... Always an upside.  Hope everyone else was able to dress more appropriately than me today.  Oh and I ordered the ASOS black tux jumpsuit from yesterday and it looks properly pants on me.   Back to the drawing board and tomorrow, I'm going with better the devil you know.

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27 comentarios:

  1. I have an LL Bean bag - you can design your own, get it monogrammed, choose your size and it's not expensive. What's not to love?

    1. What a fantastic idea! I didn't know they shipped to the UK - they are amazing value at that price x

    2. Well, they used to ship to the UK but it appears no more. Only US, Canada and Japan. Sorry!

    3. BOOOOOOO!!! (but thank youxx)

  2. Have you seen the beach bags in that tapas style restaurant in Bluewater? It is on the ground floor near next and the bags are stunning, priced around £40

    1. No I haven't - is that the Lebanese style one? I'll have a look next week, thank you x

    2. Yes, I looked it up and it is called comptoir libanais. Well worth a look x

    3. That's what I thought - it's lovely for lunch too!!

  3. Have you seen the Oasis bag in real life. It's seriously gorgeous and seriously huge!! Tried to get the daughter to buy it for the hols as I've got mine already. Intention of course was to swap. x

    1. The silver one? No I haven't - it just looked amazing, I'll definitely check it out. amazing price too!

  4. I love your blog name (made me chuckle out loud) but there's no way your bum could ever look big lady! Great post, the links are so helpful I need to start doing that. I adore the Sophie Anderson but will get the Pimkie & YES it does conjure thoughts of Aldeburgh (aussie chick - still having trouble pronouncing that one)...Isn't the Diego bucket a Wang bag?

    1. Oh my lord my brain. I've only had it for nearly two years... duh! Getting my Alexanders confused! Will change it now. Hopefully it's the first time I've ever done that.. (or at least it's the first time anyone's noticed!) xxx

    2. Easily done, feel free to delete my comment then it'll just be our secret ��

    3. Oh lordy no, I do it quite often I'm sure!

  5. Hi Kate Love the silver one but the practical - don't want my purse and phone pinched part of my brian is questioning the lack of a zip hmm might have to pop out and take a peek. Also drawn to the top shop pom poms which is a bit of a surprise!

    T :-)

    1. I always have my purse and keys in a little zip bag at the bottom of my beach bag! The pompoms are hypnotic, aren't they?!

    2. OO more great ideas and so loving the silver that just bought a pair of silver sliders in M&S sale so not it would be rude not to wouldn't it!

      But oh help me! the pom poms are reduced to £10 now that would be rude!!!!!

  6. Oh heck just done an order for three mango bags, but thank you so much never think of looking there and the discount code made it so necessary!

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they? I'm not sure they've done them before to be honest. They seem to have so many more accessories before!

  7. Blinking beach bags indeed. I was determined I would have a stylish one by my side this year despite holidaying with a toddler and 4 mth old. We are 1 week into our hol and has it seen the light of day yet? Of course not. Still carting all the gear round in very unstylish plane carry on hanging off double buggy...

    1. Don't worry; we have a 3 y.o. and still use an Ikea blue tote for trips to the beach! It holds absolutely everything, deflects sand, and can be hosed off :)

    2. GENIUS. I spend way too many years sobbing over a spilt Ella's something shit in the bottom of my handbag.

  8. yes yes yes of course my love xxx

  9. Look at The Basket Room's website, they have some lovely baskets from Kenya, and the purchase contributes to the maker's welfare.

  10. Love a beach bag - but you are missing a trick by not looking at the Jacksons - their jute bag is perfect for any sunny day on the beach - or off.

  11. Great and varied designs. I think these beach bags are also pretty good and stylish that mach pretty well there.