There is method in my madness

It's the warmest day we've had for ages and I'm thinking about Autumn. 

However this is not ludicrous and I haven't finally lost my tiny mind - this makes sense.

The shops are full of Sales and full of deliciously Summery stuff reduced.  But at the same time, my inbox is being cluttered up with emails, tempting me with all things NEW. 

I fear I may have reached saturation point with Summer stuff.  For this week anyway.  Certainly trawling through sales gubbins that I didn't want to buy first time round and certainly won't bother with in the sales (Zara I'm looking at you - I think off par this season). 

Great thing about giving the Sales a wide berth for a bit is the inspiration that you can garner from looking at what's coming out shortly.  Or is out now but what we should be wearing in a couple of months.... And then being able to go back and scoot through the sales loot to bag the bargains that we don't only need to wear during the height of Summer but that will take us into the A/W.

Now admittedly, all "New In" isn't entirely made up of A/W goodies as in clobber for wrapping up in.  Seeing as the Summer sales now start so early, Summer itself hasn't even started (way to go, genius retailers.....) so the New Stock clearly has to have an element of Summer to it. 

The key thing here is that it's new.  And whilst it definitely does have a Summer edge to it, most things that are being released now are designed to take us at least into Autumn.

So starting with one of my favourite brands from years ago that I haven't really been that much into the last couple of seasons - By Malene Birger.  However, it was these shoes on the email I got that made me think - WHOA.  In.  Love.  

A Fall Preview (we're the only ones who call it Autumn by all accounts) was too good an opportunity to miss wasting an hour trawling through.

And proving my point with the sandals - you won't be wearing these in the A/W or probably even into late Autumn but for the next couple of months, I could probably sleep with these on my pillow. 

Subki Sandals £295 - should also point out that this brand is la la land for prices mostly - it is designer.  But there is the odd thing at BMB that isn't badly priced and I will say the quality is excellent.   However for me, this is purely serving as a bit of wishful thinking and a good source of inspiration.  I also used to buy the brand when I could get it from My Wardrobe with a discount (oh those were the days....)  Can't say it's going to be top of my wishlist as I do think for the money, you can get as good elsewhere. 

However these sandals are so so so so pretty.  Ooh and they do a good sale as well.  Not a right lot of help when we're looking at full price new stock.  Doh.

But for gratuitous shoe porn......

Am also in love with this dress - not to mention the necklace.

Minose Dress £189  Not cheap but it does go in the machine.... And you could easily team with tights... and ankle boots.... And wear to work...... Or with sneakers....

And in the blue £189

The perfect thing to go over these dresses for Autumn would be a cardigan.  

And as if by magic.... 

Sanono Wool Cardigan £259 (which makes me very excited as it justifies the chunky cardigans I have bought over the last season)

Didn't get into this sort of style last year but saw the most amazing version from Boden at their press day and another one at By Malene Birger and I think I might be swayed....

Moniama Cape from BMB £395.  Needless to say I will definitely be hunting out a cheaper version.  I certainly do not like this £400 worth.

Whilst we're on the subject of things to keep us warm... oh. my. lord.  *prays that there is a 20% off at Whistles shortly....*

Longline Sheepskin Gilet from Whistles £695  This (with 20% off - at the very least) I have to say I would give a bit of thought to. 

And seeing as we're online at Whistles - oh how amazing are these shoes?  Again, wear these now but perfect for in the A/W too. 

Azara Leather Ankle Tie Pointed Shoe from Whistles £195

Have to say am slightly concerned about Whistles prices though... so fair enough the gilet was always going to be eye wateringly expensive.   The shoes do seem slightly less justified. 

But the jumper?  Now I love this.   I really really do, but at this price?  One would be forgiven for assuming it was cashmere.  Or knitted by a member of the Royal Family - preferably either George or Charlotte as it's a mix of polyamide and viscose so I cannot for the life of me understand how they can justify this price for that.  Hence the handmade by a Royal baby theory.  You never know. 

Marissa Jacquard Knit Jumper £160 

Almost time to be thinking about new season footwear and a great intermediate idea for when it starts raining (well raining more...) in October, is the Trippan Sneaker.

Trippan Sneaker from By Malene Birger £225  Just came across these as I was flicking through their Fall Preview.  Are we still going to be wearing this skater style this A/W?  I hope so as I love the contrast sole with the block colour upper.  Not at this price though - but one for the inspiration board. 

Or a lower pair in black - Rawani Sneakers from By Malene Birger £215  Again, clearly the Stan Smiths shape and style is going to rife.  Yee ha! 

Speaking of thinking ahead, I've just come across these at Mint Velvet in the new in section  - a white version of my utterly beloved black triple zip jeans.  The perfect pair of skinny jeans - honestly so so many people can testify to these being amazing.  The white pair both now but also into the A/W with oversized jumpers and skinny jeans.  Oh hello. 

And these seem positively bargainous after perusing both the By Malene Birger and Whistles sites.  A cunning, if dangerous, shopping plan.

Phoenix White Biker Triple Zip Jeans £69 

Staying with another white option - perfect for now over shorts but just as useful over black or denim skinnies in the A/W (I'm thinking of teaming with sneakers above.... sandals you are SO yesterday)

I absolutely love this shirt.  M&S?  Why yes.  I'd say JCrew, The White Company possibly Farhi but I'd never have thought it was from Marks.

Supima Cotton Collared Autograph shirt £39.50 (this is practically a give away after the earlier prices - I'm liking my plan)

Well this dress I LOVE.  In fact, there was a Preen Line dress on Matches that I soooo wanted but it was £500plus something full price (put it this way - it was £313 in the sale...!).  Admittedly after a glass of wine I did contemplate but came to my senses (I did have £100 off, whoopee do) and just lusted from afar. (now sold out which is handy) 

Here it is (or was)

But hello "new in" at Atterley (they've ditched the road) - check this out. 

Print Shirred Waisted Dress at Atterley £80  AND 20% off all new stock with the code SUMMER20.

Finishing with an update on one of my hits of the season (you may or may not have noticed...) - the jumpsuit.  And the renowned khaki one from Topshop has just been released in a navy. 

Utility Jumpsuit £55 from TS

And an ecru version £55

And I could go on and on and on but I have a small glass of wine calling me (after I've put the children to bed...).  All a bit of a hotch potch from me today but just a quick round up of what I've been looking at whilst I try and work out if there's anything I need from the sales. Doesn't mean that I won't stop having a squizz at some other sites. 

Before I do though - quick outfit from yesterday and today. 


Print blouse - Zara
Boucle jacket - Zara
Flared jeans - Stella McCartney
Black heeled peep toe sling back Sarina Bettys - Clarks
Medium Marcie in whiskey - Chloe 

And today


Black shirt dress - & Other Stories
Black glad sandals - Forever21
Black quilted bag - Zara

What I think I'm going to do is put together a Wish List of things for the A/W (it's never too early....) and see if there are any sales bargains we can take advantage of.  For a start, black coated skinnies are TOP of my list - leather look ideally.  Swerved them last year but I have a feeling that they will be very very needed this Autumn.  

Am also highly motivated by the white biker jeans from Mint Velvet.  I don't think we wear enough white in the A/W..... And dare I mention over the knee boots?  Let's gloss over that for the time being... 

Anything else you have on your list?  Anyone else over the Summer (before its started?!) 

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25 comentarios:

  1. I spotted that shirt in M&S today from the corner of my eye as I was running through to the foot hall, I backtracked to it and I must say I was quite taken with it and totally agree with you Kat more J. Crew than good old Marks and Sparks.

    1. that should say food hall ... silly me. x

    2. Yes but where is the foot hall? I have to know and visit!

    3. I'm off to M&S today - I'll let you know....!

    4. A beautiful crisp cotton. That would look like you'd slept in it after ten minutes. DARN IT. I did though, find a plethora of amazing linen tees which I'm going to dedicate a whole blog too. Far more practical x

  2. Hate to tell you both, but i did the crease test - scrunched in my paw for 10 secs - on that shirt last night and it failed miserably ��

    1. didn't have time for that as i was in a rush, but thanks for the tip. Looked nice on the hanger, cross that off the wantless.

    2. oh BOOOOOOOOO. In my head it was a lovely soft viscose/cotton sort of mix. But is it proper shirt shirt? GAH.

  3. As a side from all this loveliness, I'm struggling to get to grips with Atterley on the Ipad. I'll manage!!

    1. They do constantly change don't they? All a bit of a mixed message although I am liking the designs of their own at the mo. Definitely one to watch. x

  4. Completely over summer & more than happy to discuss over the knee boots & coated skinnies!! Rock on :)

    1. I am going to be insane in the membrane for OTK boots come October. How many pairs do you think would be too many??

  5. Ohhh thanks Kat for the TS navy jumpsuit find, love my green one, so it's a no brainer. X

    1. It's a fab one, isn't it?!

    2. It so is...ordered! Excited!

  6. I just love that BMB dress, sandals, necklace... definitely one look for the inspiration board. I have started pinning stuff for autumn, but then I love early autumn, late summer. I'm a wimp in the heat (not that we've had any!). And yes, what is it with whistles' prices :o.


    1. The outfit is amazing, isn't it? and Whistles are insane!

  7. I love those white jeans from Mint Velvet. They are definitely on my shopping list. Lorraine x

    1. I so hope they're as amazing as the black ones x

  8. O.k you may have converted me to BMB, I wasn't a fan but those shoes & that shirt dress ( I'm mad for a shirt dress best of times) are gorgeous! The shoes look like they'd be comfortable too so that tipped me over. Nice Marcie btw lady....

    1. I've loved BMB for eons and I think they've sort of lost their way in recent seasons but love the new stuff. YAY!

  9. Now I know you're not impressed with Zara but I've just hauled exactly what you're looking for - 4 pairs of skinnies - various shades of khaki, grey and black - all coated, zipped, biker style etc. - all gorgeous and complete bargains. Think they'll be perfect for a/w. Have a look - practically identical to the mint velvet and 1/4 of the price plus Zara fit is super skinny. Loving your other stories outfit - you look perfect. HAGW x

    1. But don't you find their skinnies sooooooooooooooooo low cut?? I tried on a couple of pairs of coated ones earlier in the season and a) they're now so so short (on me, granted!) and b) omg muffintastic! SOB!!!

  10. Completely the opposite here. In the depths of an Aussie winter and cannot wait for summer! I host a fashion link up every week it would be great if you could stop by and add a link :)

    1. I'll try!

      And to be fair - your summer is on a different scale from ours!