You're not going to believe this but...

....the sales started last week and I HAVEN'T LOOKED YET.

Until today that is.  

I don't officially recognise myself, this is so so so not like me.  Normally I am hawking certain sites like a woman possessed and have a wishlist as long as you arm. 

I will say, in my defence, that I think they get earlier and earlier every year.  And this week I have been insanely and genuinely have not had a spare minute to even look at a clothes shop, let alone blog (yes this is me - I have not had a lobotomy although one may be forgiven for asking the question) 

So today - on the first afternoon I've had without a myriad of more important stuff to do, I've had a quick look at my picks of the first major sales that have started. 

Firstly - one of my favourite purchases and that's a bag.  Love a bag and love a bargain bag.  

Can I justify another clutch?  Am absolutely loving to offset my current obsession with all black.....

Flirty Leather Pouch DVF from Matches was £108 now £64

The 440 Martini Crossbody bag in black from DVF was £258 now £129  This would work really well during the day but also double up as an evening bag.  Smart enough to wear to the office - handy and cool enough to throw on with jeans for the school run.

Now this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but I love it.  I can't see my love of khaki going anywhere soon and into the A/W, I think this would get so much use.  Also would work with all shapes of taupe, camel and beige.  Dare I also say, navy and black?

Mini Milner envelope cross body bag from Sophie Hulme was £415 now £249

This season, I really have rediscovered my love of all things denim.  Actually that's not particularly true - what I've realised is how wearable and versatile it is and how it represents great value for money if you consider the cost per wear. 

Therefore, hunting out great denim reductions is a genius sales tactic. 

I am loving the idea of these - revisiting our denim with a twist.  I think they'd be your ideal every day jeans to throw on with a tee or jumper, ankle boots and coat.  Dress up with shirt, heels and a blazer.  

Turn up boyfriend jeans was £358 now £214 from Marques' Almeida

However my main obsession when it comes to the sales are dresses.  Clearly I have been hawking everything Self Portrait (boring myself now - have my eye on a couple of dresses...) but in the meantime, there are a host of others that would make the grade from sites that are already in sale. 

Seeing as the weather is due to warm up this week (seriously HOW cold today?), could this finally mean that Summer has arrived?

Edipo dress from Sportmax Code was £195 now £97  I appreciate this dress is random but I love it.

A fantastic plain navy option that would work for every occasion imaginable. 

Zebra Dress S Max Mara was £255 now £127 (alas I would have an issue with this being dry clean but that's because I'm a lazy slut and this would languish at the bottom of my washing basket along with all the other dresses that you can't machine wash.  Please tell me I'm not the only sloven who does this?)

Another classic black number for your Summer wardrobe - the perfect capsule black dress. 

Crepe Dress from Vanessa Bruno Athe was £185 now £129

Or a perfectly boho Isabel Marant piece of pure gold at 30% off.  Love this one. 

Scarla Embroidered Cotton Dress was £300 now £180

Ridiculously tempted by this Sportmax one that I have hankered after all season..... 

Kibbutz dress was £195 now £136

Love this from Helmut Lang which would also layer up for the A/W.  Perfect with knee high or over the knee boots (these are so going to be number one purchase for next season, I can feel an obsession many pairs is cause for counselling?) 

Wool-jersey sweater dress was £250 now £175 

Love this midi dress - perfect with flats but ideal for a dressier occasion with heels.  I am over midis after my newly found love of the length.

Eccelso dress from Max Mara was £328 now £196

More bright colour back at DVF with a chiffon (no not machine washable so keep for a special occasion.)  I'd also wear this in the cooler months with opaques or flesh coloured tights.  

Layla Dress by DVF was £398 now £278

Sale has also started at Karen Millen and I know I did a post on them recently but I didn't include shoes and they do deserve a special mention.  Especially their mid heel height (and I know these don't look mid to those who don't do heels but compared to the super high heels out there, they are!) peep toe shoe boots. 

Cut out shoe boot was £190 now £110 from Karen Millen

Leather Peep Toe Mid Heel boot was £190 now £110 also available in black from Karen Millen

Whistles has also gone into sale - quick pics from there...

Small Cracked Clutch in Silver was £45 now £22.50

Whistles Frayed Denim Skirt in White was £85 now £42.50

This is definitely one for me to think about as I absolutely love it and again, it's been on my radar since the beginning of the season.  It says dry clean but it's silk so I'd handwash it.

Whistles Bamboo Print Dress was £195 now £97.50

Get ahead of the game for next Autumn with a pair of knee high leather boots at half price. 

Olea Knee High Boots was £260 now £130

And on that juncture of tipping over into thinking about next season, I'm going to draw a line under my sales shopping so far.  I'm off to have a peruse and see if I can put together some ideas for next season's essentials - the best things to buy in the sale.

For me, the best places to start with the sales are the more expensive sites as it doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that you're getting a much better bargain at 50% off something that started off at a higher price. 

On the more expensive side, we still have Net a Porter and Selfridges to go into sale but in the meantime, do go forth and have a gander at Matches and My Theresa and let me know if you find any bargains I mustn't resist.

One thing I will point out... (vom bags at the ready for some of you...)

Buckle leather sandals was £225 now £157

Is it meant to be.....??

So yet again, I need to apologise for not having been around.  I would love to say I've been languishing at lunch with the girls but alas, I haven't stopped with meetings (and not even exciting work fashiony ones - Autistic based one), getting the house sorted, buying last minute vital bits (like sofas and chairs), spending a whole day in various supermarkets, cooking for 60 for the big First Holy Communion shindig that was on Saturday - remembering only on Thursday that I sort of hadn't organised a cake... (with builders still in working on the patio on Saturday morning and putting tvs and pics up on walls - not stressful at all)

As well as having people staying and the poor 8yr old Aspie not having a great time at the moment, really struggling so having to look at more specific therapy for him (anyone any experience of ABA or CBT for young children with ASD plus ADHD, I'd be most grateful for any pointers or Kent/London based contacts).  To say it's been mildly stressful is a slight understatement but it's done, the house (if I say so myself) is looking so so SO nearly there and that's been a labour of love (loads of pics and more coming on Instagram - @doesmybumlook40)

So catching up on a weeks worth of outfits which has ranged from a wintery October sytle day to the hottest day of the year so far.


Beige knit top - Zadig & Voltaire 
Off white jeans - All Saints 
Nessa cardigan - Hush
Tan glad sandals - Aldo 
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo 


White linen tee - Eileen Fisher
Khaki Cargo trousers - Tommy Hilfiger
Lace up black sandals - Forever21
Black blazer - Topshop
Necklace - Alice's Wonders 

And on Thursday when it was fabulously warm (I think warmer than Friday)


Black swing top - Zara
Cargo linen trousers - Topshop
Black lace up sandals - Forever21
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang


Grey t-shirt - T by Alexander Wang
Off white jeans - All Saints
Black thong sandals - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Hat - Zara 

And finally yesterday for my son's big day.  It was honestly one of the best days ever.  All the stress and strain of the last week was worth it.  A huge thank you to all my friends and family for their help and a big Congratulations to little M.  In the car on the way back from church he pipes up with, "Mummy, my tummy may be empty but my soul is full".  At least something went in and it was a real achievement for him we think, considering how difficult he's finding life generally at the moment.


Aurelia Midi Dress - Self Portrait 
I also wore my Burberry shoes with a black Tory Burch clutch.

So that is me this morning at 1am, having kicked off the party at 3pm yesterday.  To say today has been a day of taking it easy has been an understatement.  Not withstanding the extraordinary amounts of clearly up.  But it was all immensely worth it and bring on next year!

I'll definitely be back tomorrow but in the meantime, I need the goss on what everyone's bought in the sale whilst I've been napping.

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27 comentarios:

  1. Kat you look lovely in your Self Portrait dress it really does suit you. Glad your weekend went well. Following your features on Me&Em I visited there London store last weekend. Went for the crepe jumpsuit, lovely but I don't think I would have got the wear out of it. But did purchase the cowl neck ruched dress which is super flattering and totally different to what I would normally wear, and also the leather tote birthday present from the other half. Oh and 30% off. So thanks for the nod to Me & Em. Have a good week xxx

    1. Oh you're more than welcome and thank you xxx

  2. Bought a grey sleeveless dress from All Saints yesterday but it is quite short so I need to wear it over skinny trousers/jeans. Marie

    1. Their dresses can be short short that's for sure, but I've had some amazing ones over the years! x

  3. I never get anything in the sales. When I see things in the shops which I like but don't want to pay full price for I always think to myself 'remember that for when its in the sales' but then I forget! I got a little white top out of H&M yesterday but not in the sale, although it was only £10! Lorraine x

    1. This is a very good point. I have to say it's not often that I manage to snag something that I wanted for full price. I have bought the some total of NOTHING so far this year. It's a miracle.

  4. Hi Kat, you look fab in your dress. I have been trying self portrait dresses on today. The midi are just a little bit long on me at 5 6". I might buy and have shortened. I have bought a couple of things at whistles at half price and am so tempted by a tods bag which is half price but still £450. It's yellow and am not sure if it would work with enough outfits to justify. They do have it in beige but I have a couple of bags in this colour!! Xx

    1. In some areas of the country there is a course called riding the rapids which really helps,parents who have a child with ASD. It's run by a child psychologist and may be worth looking into. CBT may help with symptoms of anxiety. You can't lose anything by exploring all options. Good luck x

    2. Thank you so so much, I'll have a look into that. I'm currently on a course called Cygnets which is part sponsored by Barnado's and I've only done two weeks out of the six but it's certainly useful. If for nothing else than a sounding board with other parents in a similar position x

  5. What a sweet boy Kat. Glad you had a lovely weekend and sounds like he did really well to cope with a big occasion and a busy party. Good luck with getting things sorted for him. No sale purchases for me yet - serious diet first with hols in 2wks! X

    1. Thank you - and STILL no purchases here! WHAT!

  6. Hi Kat
    Have you heard of Lucy Willetts ( She's based in Reading but I wonder if she might be able to recommend a specialist for you? You never know! Sounds as if you've had a stressful time of it. Love the puppy pics by the way, the perfect accessory ;-)

    1. I will have a look at that, thank you so much xxx

  7. I love your dress for your party - wow, that is just stunning.

  8. You look fabulous in that dress, love it xx

  9. Maybe your son needs his own dog, who would help him navigate the difficulties his condition causes.

    1. That's the reason we got our puppy! It's a slow road but we're hoping it will be beneficial long term. xx

  10. Hi Kat , glad you all had a good day and especially glad that "M" got something special (ie spiritual) from it too!
    Even at 1am, and you barefoot, that SP dress looks fab! That takes some doing!
    I've been scrolling down through your blog posts ( there are A LOT!!) as I vaguely recall you saying you'd 'sized up' when you bought the Whistles leather skirt . I've spotted the Lauren one for sale in my normal size but wondering whether to risk it if it's better hanging looser on the hips..... did you go up a size and was it the Lauren A- Line?

    1. NOW yes when I bought it, it was better looser... But it's stretched so actually my normal size would have been ok...... Hope that helps xxx

  11. I grabbed the Maje riviera dress as soon as the presale started.. So pleased with it!

  12. Hi Kat - re the "Vom" Toga Pulla sandals, which look excellent, they are now 50 percent off at Harvey Nichols (until tomorrow I think) - definitely a bargain and they would look great on you :-)

    1. I have been a Saint and not caved. Yet....!


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