Letting it all hang out

Ok not literally but it has been brought to my attention by numerous people that the best thing to wear when it's a gazillion degrees (I've already confessed I don't really do heat) isn't perhaps shorts but a dress.  Not a clingy dress - oh no - we need to border on tent. 

It needs to be loose.  And I'm going to say, it needs to not have sleeves.  Oh I know, I know, some of you are worried about your bingo wings.  Well can I assure you that you are the only one who will be worrying about them in 34 degree heat BUT I appreciate that we all have comfort zones that we'd rather not move out of, so I will try and find some loose dresses with sleeves (ish.....)

So we have ONE day apparently of ridiculously warm weather.  But most of you will probably be jetting off to somewhere super warm (I'm going with I'll be ok in Suffolk with sleeves, shorts and a cardie - bring on the OTK boots as far as I'm concerned, however never say never) and I'm not sure I've done a proper blog on hot hot hot Summer dresses. 

Ones that you can throw on and still be cool in.  The main idea is that you're cool as in not too warm but luckily there is no reason why it shouldn't also be (don't all hate me as I use this ridiculous word) hip cool too.

The great thing about these dresses is that you will have them for years.  Honestly, there's something about a Summer dress that randomly stands the test of time.  For me, it's the seasonal equivalent of a polo neck.  Or a pair of ankle boots.  They transcend trends and are just those staples in your wardrobe that you rely on and drag out year after year.  

Dare I say you can ever have too many?  (well clearly I'm going to say that - any excuse for a shop eh?)

Starting with the more practical element of ones under which you can wear a bra.  I know for some there is never a excuse to let "everything" hang out....

Since we are going to need these imminently, I've only included ones that offer next day delivery and have put on each retailer the details.

Mine that I ordered earlier in the season and am dying to wear - the Triangle Dresses in both black and off white - now with 25% off special offer at £48.75  Hush next day delivery is £6.00

Other options which I'm also lusting after 

hush Catalina Dress was £45 now £33.75 in Limoges

The white version 

And the black one 

Nothing says summer like yellow.  This one some might feel is slightly dressy for the day but honestly, I'd happily throw it on with some more casual sandals.   Finery - next day delivery £5.

Larcom Ruffle Back Dess from Finery £45

I know some people prefer something waisted as opposed to a swing or shift shape so this one from Atterley in a navy 100% cotton might be on the money.  Atterley delivery - free for next day over £100 and £4.95 if under.

Atterley Navy Cotton V neck dress £48 Now this may seem like a lot for a casual dress but it I think it could be worn for work with a blazer and smarter sandals and flipflops for tripping to the beach.  And like I mentioned, they last forever so really are an investment.

Sale on at Warehouse now - this dress would be fabulously easy to wear.  Warehouse next day delivery (up to 8pm) £4.99

Grey Cupro Utility Shirt Dress was £42 now £25 

Print now in the sale at Boden - classic shift dress and yes, easily wearable for a host of occasions. Next day delivery £8, 1 day premium £6

Phyllis Dress was £79 now £39.50 - textured scallop, great 60s vibe.  This I would have worn to work with a black blazer.

Or the blue option again £39.50

There is always the option of a maxi dress and I love the fact this isn't maxi maxi due to the shaped hem. 

Panel Maxi Dress in petal royal blue and white from hush was £55 now £41.25

Or in the Stripe Hibiscus again on offer with the 25% off at £41.25

Now we do have a couple that you'll either need a strapless bra for or, if you're brave and flat chested enough to go without.  I know most of you will recoil in horror at that statement but personally - with the volume of fabric around the chest area, I have to say I think I'd probably swing free in this. (tmi?)

Rivington Fit and Flare Sundress from Finery £55 This is an elasticated waist as opposed to a belted one.  A thick elastic at that - much more flattering than a skinny nipped in design.

Now this one I assume you don't wear a bra as the shape holds it in?  This is one of those dresses that looks great on other people.  Doesn't work on me At All.  I have the ability to elevate this to a full on frump outfit as opposed to effortlessly chic holiday dress which is what other people manage to look in it.

St Lucia Dress was £59 from £29.50

I've been looking at the other prints and colours in this style (there are lots to choose from) and to be honest - I take it back - I think the black one would look pretty darn ok (were it again in a longer length - the hovering on the knee has never done anything for me) 

St Lucia Dress in black was £59 now £47.20

Another one that you could easily wear a strapless bra underneath - to be honest, I would happily wear this out in the evening, especially on holiday. 

Ellington Garland Print Cami dress from Finery £59 I love a dropped waist.

Strapless bra ahoy at Boden.  I love love love this look and would just adore it to be about 6 inches longer on me.  This would make the most stunning midi dress on the planet.  But for others, I appreciate this length works.

Sandra Sundress was £89 now £44.50

Another waisted dress needing a strapless bra and short but I love the length of this one.  There is something about the print, the shape - just the difference of it.  Adore.  Am so tempted to try even though I fear the proportions may be all sorts of wrong diddly on me.  With white sandals, black sandals.  For the day for the night.  Oh I just LOVE this.  

And here's an interesting concept.  If this was at Sandro say and was reduced to the full price that it was at Warehouse originally (in fact probably even double that amount... ) I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Now that's something to consider no...??

Aztec Cami dress was £45 now £25 from Warehouse 

The Grecian dress at hush offers you the best of both worlds with regards to belted or a swing shape.  You can wear with or without a belt. 

Grecian Dress in leaves print was £40 now £30

Waisted or loose in the hibiscus - loose here - again now £30 with the 25% off at hush.

Now for work.  There have been a couple that maybe you could wear with a blazer but these from Kin, in the sale would be ideal in super hot weather.  Corporate but at the same time chic and minimalist. 

Kin by John Lewis Cocoon Dress was £69 now £48

And the white version was £69 now £34

Some options with sleeves (of a fashion) - in fact I have one on today that I absolutely love.  It was heinously expensive last year but I have worn it more times than I can remember for both flinging on for the school run and with heels for a night out.  

Other options that could work just as well - for casual, for dressing up or even for work. 

Atterley Multi Mosaic Print Shift Dress £55

Swing dress in jersey which again, is ideal for work but loose enough to keep you cool.  This would also work perfectly for work on steaming days. 

Deep V Swing Dress from Me+Em was £98 now £49 in navy 

And in the black from £98 to £68.60   For me these are the most versatile dresses here and ones that I would wear and wear and wear.  With casual sandals or sneakers for the school run, to lunch with dressier flat sandals or ankle boots and out for dinner in the evening with heels and a bit of bling.  Honestly, how I do not have one of these in my wardrobe already, I don't know. 

Cap sleeved with volume at Boden - this one actually has breezy in the title - exactly what we need. 

Breezy Emma Dress from Boden was £79 now £63.40 in the multi tropical floral

Personally though I prefer it in the white which is handy as it's cheaper at £47.40 from £79

Or the Forget me not blue.... again £47.40

Bargain of the day though with capped sleeves and a defined waist at Warehouse. 

Black Stripe Dress was £32 now £10

I'm off to order the Me+Em ones - super excited actually, I can't believe I haven't clocked exactly how versatile they'll be.  I have a dinner party on Thursday night and this is exactly what I need to wear during the day and just change shoes for the evening.  Simply perfect. 

And here I am in my outfit from today.


Dress - Sportmax Code
White sandals - River Island 
Tan bag - Prada

Tomorrow I am back with a footwear revelation. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Love those hush dresses, they look so easy to throw on on a hot day! X

    1. They're fab aren't they - all great.

  2. I have the Hush triangle dress in (off) white and I love it, just bought it recently though so he legs are not tan enough to wear just yet.
    Both colours are sold out which is a pity as I was hankering after the black version. Hush say they will not be getting any more stock in *weeps* so I am keeping an eye out for returns that might pop on the site.

    1. Yes the white one is definitely for high summer! But the black one yes, perfect! And NOOOOOOOOO it's out of stock. That's such as shame although there is always the yellow white and black option. Other than that, I'm definitely going for the Me+Em one.

    2. Woohoo! I figured out (through some mild stalking) that Hush put returns back on the site at around 7am. I missed the black in my size the other day and looked again today and there was one in stock. In and out by 7.10am! Delighted with myself.

    3. Hilarious "mild" stalking...! But WELL DONE! It's a gorgeous gorgeous dress x

  3. Funnily enough I am wearing the Hush Panel Maxi in Blue/White right now and can confirm it is very cool and breezy and perfect for our few days of summer. It's the first time I've worn it and I have had several compliments on the school run already which is nice. I'd say it was the next best thing to running about starkers, but I fear the neighbours might report me if I was to do that...

    1. I was exceptionally tempted at one point today to strip off to my bra and pants. There is no denying that. I may just sit in the bath all day tomorrow... When not I shall be in another triangle dress.

  4. That Sportmax Code dress you're wearing is just gorgeous. Great colours for this time of year; the flashes of yellow and blues are lovely. And the John Lewis Cocoon Dress, in blue, is such a fabulous colour; it would look great on you x

    1. Thank you - one of my absolute faves!

    2. You're very welcome :-) x

  5. I am officially stalking that triangle dress like a woman possessed...quite worrying really!

    1. They may well get returns. Is worth stalking...

  6. Hush Panel Dress totally the answer to this hot weather - love it!

  7. Thanks for this round-up, I ordered the navy cotton Atterly Road dress, it's just arrived and it's a keeper. I would definitely wear this for work, too. In fact O ordered 2 sizes and am tempted to keep both, 1 for more casual (hot) days.

    1. oh so pleased it's a keeper! I think it's actually v difficult to find ones that work, especially for work. So pleased you like them xxx