If I say investment....

....it's actually code for justification.  To enable the purchase of something you don't Need.  But would very, very much like. 

And if you have a proven track record of wearing said items again and again, throughout the seasons, then I think it's pretty fair to call them an investment. 

Which means if you see one that's a bargain, then it's not the most stupid idea you've ever had to buy (another) one. 

I am talking sweatshirts.  I love a sweatshirt.  And whilst the majority of my wardrobe ranges from low to high end - even on the same items, with regards to sweatshirts, the ones that I love wearing as much as the first time I put them on, are those that were more costly. 

So with the sales in full flow, it seems like an excellent idea to just have a "look" and see if there are any that we could supplement our wardrobe with. 

And whilst I've got my sensible head on (aka the justifying head....who am I kidding?  Sensible?  PAH!) - as well as wearing them year in year out, they are also an excellent purchase to take into the A/W.  I started thinking about this blog topic earlier in the week when we would all have been forgiven for thinking it was the start of Autumn.  Freezing cold and pouring with rain.  I did in fact have on a Whistles navy and white striped sweatshirt that I bought two Winters ago and still regularly wear. 

Thinking about it, I pretty much tend to throw one on every day.  Today is a prime example.  So I've been out for a lovely treat breakfast with friends and then was lucky enough to go and test drive a new car this afternoon (test drive can I please point out.. not purchase......one that guzzles less fuel on a daily basis than ours) and wore flared jeans, little blouse and a shrunken boucle jacket with heels.  By 3pm, having bombed to the supermarket and chemist, I was boiling and really uncomfortable. 

After supper, dragged two kids to the end of our road (one on a playdate) for an hour long dog walk.  And I changed, throwing on boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt.  Perfect dog walking attire.  But the same outfit, I'll also wear during the day, throw on a smarter coat and feel great.  They wash well (I know people have said the Zoe Karssen ones don't but I've never had any problem with mine) and I will frequently (every day) put one on in the evening with a vest tee and jersey harem pants (yes I am one of those randoms that gets changed as soon as the kids gets into their jamas - only if I'm not going anywhere, obviously....)

My obsession with these started about 18 months ago and, like I said, I don't regret buying a single one.  I would go so far as to say, I don't know what I did before them.  I genuinely end up wearing one every evening I'm at home.

Basically, that was a long and drawn out way of saying, I REALLY want another one.  I know I'll wear it and there are some great bargains in the sale (this is relative to the cost they were initially of course....) as some of them are stupidly expensive full price.  

Now all I need to decide is which one to go for...

Oui Printed Sweatshirt by Kenzo was £175 now £105  Love the feminine edge to the shoulders.  Just that little bit different.  Perfect with casual jeans but just as good with black cropped skinnies and ballet flats, skater shoes or Stan Smiths.  I'd even wear to a smarter occasion with coated skinnies (of which I am in dire need of new ones.. anyone else?) and heeled ankle boots or strappy sandals.

More grey at Maison Scotch - if you're a pink girl then this will totally float your boat. 

Maison Scotch Dreamy Jumper was £65 now £33

And with leather shoulders in another grey version.   The perfect neutral foil which would be ideal with whites and khakis in the Summer, fling on with blacks and all shades of blue/navy in the cooler months. 

Rebel leather paneled printed jersey sweater was £125 now £62.50

Monochrome from Zoe Karssen in the sale.  Love this.  Absolutely love this and totally wearable all year round.  Classic Karssen with a twist.

Zoe Karssen's Contrast Bat Sweatshirt in white/black was £100 now £40

How about a Breton sweatshirt, complete with French logo.  Merci. 

Striped & embroidered sweatshirt by Kenzo was £205 now £102

Or a hooded version at Maison Scotch. 

Maison Scotch Stripe Hooded Sweatshirt was £100 now £50

Keeping it in the French family at Etre Cecile.  I absolutely absolutely love this.  (ok so I love all of them.  I'm exceptionally weak willed)

Lips printed cotton jersey sweatshirt was £100 now £50

This is perfect with all shades of white now in the Summer - team with black and it will take you right through into Winter too. 

Bobbio Sweatshirt from Sportmax Code was £100 now £70

Staying with a shot of yellow - I have loved this print for ages from Otswald Helgason.  If I didn't already have the navy horse sweatshirt from JCrew, this would be mine.

Printed Cotton jersey sweatshirt by Otswald Helgason was £150 now £60

Or the red apple version again £60 down from £150

Moving onto non logo versions now - and to prove that there are some bargains to be had on the High Street. 

Crochet Panel Hooded Sweatshirt from Topshop £45

Staring at Stars Boho Hooded top was £45 now £30 at Urban Outfitters.

The other option is a sweatshirt jacket (slightly swerving away from the HS for a sec but it is a non logo one so fits here) 

Not many of these around but this one from Helmut Lang, you'd have for years.  Perfect for holiday - literally I can't think of a vacation when this wouldn't be invaluable - be it a glamourous beach holiday (perfect plane outfit), camping or the good old British countryside, this would be ideal. 

Helmut Lang Women's Zip Up Sweatshirt biker style Jacket with Asymmetric Back was £195 now £117

Back to finding bargains on the High Street. 

Madam Rage Quilted Sweatshirt from New Look £25  

And a total ringer that I've thrown in as I love it.  I love the print, I love the texture to the front and I adore the colours. 

Native Rose Hawaiian Print Sweatshirt was £68 now £42

Finally with a complete bargain.   I will admit this isn't one I would spend a lot of money on but for flinging on in the evenings and for just the odd Monday with a pair of distressed jeans (or even black cropped skinnies...), Stan Smiths or birkies - this is bound to raise a smile.  For £6 it's got to be worth it. 

Grey Checklist Coffee Sweatshirt  from New Look was £14.99 now £6

So there we have my choices of what's out there at the moment.  Have you bought into the sweatshirt thang?  Can you guess which one of these is top of my Wish List?

Finishing with pic from yesterday.


Cobalt blue Boho top - Boden

Skinny patch jeans - Mango
Khaki jacket - Hush
Tan lace up sandals - Forever21
Hat - Fat Face
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Well I'm off to pick up a daughter from Guides and then get changed into my harems and collapse on the sofa for half an hour before making dinner for The Husband.  And a bit of perusing online..... I have some great things coming up for tomorrow.  The sun is out, Summer is on its way, so can we guess what I'm gagging to look at??

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16 comentarios:

  1. I bet you're going to go for the ZK? I adore sweatshirts but have to say the quality of ZK tops is NAFF!! I have pink one with leather shoulders and the colour from the leather has run into the body. Another had a hole in it within a few days and they all bobble, which is something I haven't found sweatshirts generally do. I complained to the website and they very kindly sent me the black bat top with white leather strips down the sleeves. Love it, however when it arrived it had a stain around the neck. When I e mailed they told me to wash it and, guess what, the white leather became grey!!! Didnt bother complaining again as I felt I was mithering!! So, although I adore them, never again!
    I have just bought a self portrait dress, midi, sleeveless in blue. Thanks for the inspiration. I am now hankering after a pair of SW over the knee boots and I think it must be this weather (it's cooler up north) turning me to thoughts of autumn already. I was in Russell and Bromley this week and apparently they won't be doing khaki this year but instead a deep red colour. X

    1. LOVE the self portrait dresses....so pretty but structural.

    2. They are truly truly amazing dresses. And I AM GUTTED about the R&B boots - SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT. I have been on their "back in stock" list and every other day they email me and every other day I try and buy them and every time they tell me they're OOS. GAHHH. I might just bite the bullet and get them from SW direct and just pay more. FOOL!

    3. Oh and it's not the ZK..!

    4. Kat, the Loden are in stock on the SW website at £650. I'd go for it if I were you as the girl in R&B told me they were going to increase the price for AW. Go on, you know you want to!! I think I'm going to go for black. As much as I love Loden I think black will go with all my dresses and skirts. I'm worried I won't get enough wear otherwise! Or maybe it would just mean a shopping spree for khaki based items!!! X

    5. I ummed and aahed over the black but I think the Loden actually will in fact go with as much for me. That's the theory anyway..... I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go for it. EEK

  2. Loving the apple and the oui sweatshirts...am I too androgynous to wear them?? am I too old??? arrrgh, tricky questions.

  3. I am totally loving all these printed sweatshirts - especially the red apple one! Just bought one in the Mango sale, eagerly awaiting its arrival :)

    1. Hope you love it - I'm off to the sales today for the first time. Can you believe it??!

  4. I love a printed sweatshirt! I have a 'Feminin' one from Whistles that I wear all the time and washes well! Here on my extended stay in the US there is a great sports brand called 'Lululemon' that is also in the UK. Great zip up sweatshirts!

    1. Whistles ones are great (though the cut's all wrong for me on their logo ones. Boo) There's a huge Lululemon store in Covent Garden but it's rather too practical for my liking... (I'm not the hugest fan of exercise. the. shame)

  5. Loving the Helmut Lang grey one, really nice. I know it's 'summer' but I am getting lots of use of my jumpers and cardigans up here in Scotland. It's a nightmare! Hopefully it will get warmer next week. Lorraine x

    1. Oh no it's not super cold still is it? Have to say the weather has turned and apparently it's going to be hot hot hot next week!

  6. NO! As in no, not the lips one! But yes the Stans are great - however hold fire as I have a pair I've been asked to review which, when I told a couple of friends were like - omg they're the best shoes ever.... Comforttastic apparently! (and they're now all in the sale!)