Not *everything* is sold out

I wouldn't be me if I didn't pontificate wildly about not buying anything in the sales and then at the very last minute get totally cold feet and go into panic buying mode. 


Yup, clearly most things have sold out (lord knows why I'm surprised by that.... anyone would think it didn't happen every year without fail.)

Cretins R US sign up here.  However I am undeterred.  I don't *need* anything particularly for this Summer (clearly the heat has totally gone to my head....).  And even though the weather may be lasting, I am on the countdown till September and the dreaded 11+ exam (don't forget Maths Buffs to sign up to the special offer Maths Factor Summer Clubs for £9.99 for three months which start tomorrow.  So much cheaper than buying revision books so a friend of mine informed me today.  That extra money can be SALES money!) so I am fully aware it's not that long away. 

Therefore I am thinking A/W.  I am dragging my sensible head in out of the heat and am attempting to focus.  However seeing as I am utterly pants (putting it mildly) in hot temperatures and have spent two hours at football this evening, the chances of some random tut sneaking in, are very very high. 

Especially as I'm looking top end for the final discounts (are they the final ones..??  Dare we wait for that extra 10% off that they sometimes fling us?  Anyone else fancy playing chicken...Mind you, I do have two words for you - striking dread into the heart of all last minute sales shoppers... sold out....)

I'm going in and have high hopes for the first item on the wishlist.  I am all about the khaki this A/W.  I am going to be one blond hair away from Private Benjamin at this rate.

Pierce cotton shirt from Joseph was £145 now £58  Love.  Love love love.  Perfect with black, as wearable with all shades of blue denim and lovely now with summer whites.  

Can't recommend a pair of khaki trews highly enough and if you fancy a designer pair - there are bargains to be had.  I didn't realise how versatile they were until I had some.  With plain grey, black and white for Parisian chic.  

The Army Buddy cotton trousers from Current Elliott were £200 now £80

I know the price of this seems bonkers for a plain tee but I have a grey Alexander Wang tee that I rate very highly.  Quality is amazing and this would see you through every season on its own under a blazer or layered with a sweatshirt and a jumper.  Or dress.  Perfect for under dungarees too. 

T by Alexander Wang was £100 now £40

Whilst we're on the subject of neutrals - one thing I don't have but I think would be eminently useful is a black blouse.  Et voila....  This would be perfect with black leather or coated jeans.

Silk georgette blouse from Tamara Mellon was £295 now £88.50

I've mentioned sweatshirts with logos but plain ones are equally as useful and I can personally vouch for the quality of the JCrew ones. 

Cotton blend jersey sweatshirt from JCrew was £70 now £28

Another amazing jumper at Joseph with a now bargain price tag (bargain compared to the original price that is....).  I didn't realise I needed this in my life.  I think I do.  With all black.  With camel.  With white jeans now.  Oh hello.

Leopard Jacquard Raglan Sleeve Knit was £295 now £88

A breton jumper with a difference - pink and black.  LOVE for A/W.  This with a black leather midi skirt and black heels for a night out in the pub.  Throw on with boyfriend jeans and sneakers for the school run.  Totally adore this.  I am on a roll.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel striped pink jumper was £195 now £58

My best friend is all over skirts like this at the moment and yes you could easily wear this into the A/W with a black polo neck and black ankle boots.  Little black vest or silky tee tucked in with strappy sandals for a Summer night out.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Blurred Dot Skirt was £240 was £120

This may sound absolutely ridiculous but dare, DARE I mention the C word....... Yes I now it's akin to chinese water torture even asking you to consider it now but you will thank me by November if you have a corking little jumpsuit to pull out of the bag as opposed to having to scour the streets for one at full price. 

Because jumpsuits are going to be the item to wear next season, if the pre season collections are anything to go by. 

And there is a bargain to be had for those Winter nights out (or even nights out in the Summer to be honest) with this black one from Karl Largerfeld. 

Rachel Tuxedo Jumpsuit was £375 now £138

Now if you are doing monochrome either now or in the A/W (I can't actually even believe I'm discussing Autumn, let alone Winter, in this heat) then this would be amazing.  Now - with a white tee, navy or black blazer and jeans - just add this bag to give a whole new dimension to your outfit.

M Missoni Multi Raffia Bag was £320 now £128

Moving onto a couple of pairs of *bargain* boots and shoes.  

These are pure sophistication.
Yarmouth leather ankle boots from Lucy Choi was £245 now £98

However perhaps these might be a better investment being the more classic black.  But I do think the grey and wine are classic winter shades.  Can confidently say though, I think I would live in these... 

Holter ankle boots by DVF were £309 now £154

Whilst we're talking investment - I must mention Bethany Pumps by DVF.  I have a friend who says these are THE most comfortable stilettos she has ever ever worn.  And she has worn a lot of stilettos.  Ideal for taking us in to the A/W.

Bethany Pumps by DVF was £237 now £118

And I could go on and on and on and maybe I'll bring another round up towards the end of the week.  Is anyone else trawling the sales sites - especially the top end ones - for clever bargains to wear in the Autumn?  Go on - share....

Finishing with my outfit from Sunday actually - today I was in my bra and pants.  Well I wasn't but I wish I had been.....


Chambray striped shirt - Mango
Navy blazer - Zara
Denim shorts - Warehouse
White sliders - River Island
Tan bag - Prada

I was going to bring you a shoe fest today - that'll be for tomorrow.  A new discovery.  All v exciting.  Did we all cope with the heat today?   Like I said I am crappola in properly warm weather.  But nothing compared to the poor 8 yr old Aspie who has sensory issues with temperatures.  To say after school today was challenging..... put it this way - I opened a bottle of fizz on a Tuesday.  A TUESDAY!  God love him and he's asleep now but boy......... and breathe........

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10 comentarios:

  1. The J Crew sweatshirt is really lovely and those ankle boots are perfect for autumn. It never hurts to plan ahead. Lorraine x

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? Would be so easy to wear in lieu of a jumper for a smarter look but I'd throw on with harems for slobbing on the sofa with the kids in the evening!

  2. Hope your lovely boy copes today- going to be another scorcher. It's 6.30am and I'm already sweating but.. Winter is coming ( John Snow) so I just ordered some fab Alice Temperley ankle boots - black and snake- half price John Lewis. Pays to plan.Will have a close look at your suggestions too- thanks!

    1. Brilliant idea! Perfect perfect time to buy boots if you can find the ones you want. Genius!

  3. those current/elliott pants are a real bargain!! Shame I don't play chicken with the sales and dive in to early and spend all my pennies.

    1. I can't believe I haven't done this year!

  4. oh love are you ok? I WILL reply to your email about kitchens, I promise xxx. Now your buys sound amazing - totally amazing! I absolutely adore my Hush blazer - I can't remember when I got it.. it;s the Tuxedo one and is a lightweight one - definitely no wool in mine. To be totally honest, I think you need both? That's not v helpful, is it!

  5. Love this high-end sales stuff! Do another please! So far I've bought the most divine navy knitted coat in Zara (it never appeared online) and a dress ( yes, a DRESS!!!) in Cos. I'm also eyeing up a pair of khaki ankle boots in BTs ... do I need them??? But they're half price, down from €150. I think I might!
    PS - I hate this heat :(

    1. Aha fellow Irish gene sharer - there's a gaggle of us here in the South East moaning and whinging about the heat whilst others lie out and fry! The khaki boots sounds amazing. I am always over khaki this season DO IT!

  6. They are fabulous, I promise x