Feeling hot hot hot

So admittedly my moaning about the weather being pants may have been slightly premature.  

We seem to be going from zero to a 100 (or at the very least from 12 to 34 degrees if the current weather forecast is to be believed) in a space of a matter of weeks. 

All hail the heatwave.  

And (if you're anything like me), all hail total panic at what to wear. 

Firstly, may I urge restraint.  This weather, as much as it seems at 3am in the morning (when you're sweating like a pig and contemplating a shower except that you've realised all the clean towels are downstairs in the laundry room and you cannot be faffed to negotiate stairs - you get even sweatier thinking about that level of exercise at stupid o'clock) like it's going to last forever (just me?) - it's not.  Trust me when I say that in a fortnight we will be all over blanket capes. 

But for now, it does seem like Summer at circa 30 degrees is going to last until the end of September and WE HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  (again, just me?) 

Well actually I do.  And I'm sure you do too.  Because at the end of the day, you only need a couple of pairs of shorts (if you're up for getting your legs out.. come on...) or loose trews and a skirt.   At the very most.  One pair of shorts would suffice, let's be frank.

And my go to thing which works every time - a sleeveless top.  Are my arms like those of Nicole Shirtswinger?  No.  Do I care?  Well I might think twice about doing some sort of toning before a big event (note the *might*.  The will is there - the actual fulfilment of said action is frequently lacking) but for a sweaty hot day midweek, it's all I can do not to look like Waynetta Slob in a sauna.  So no, I don't care.

Why do I love the sleeveless top so much?  One - lack of ridiculous tan marks on upper arms (yes of course you do have them around the tops of the shoulders but since my days of strapless tops are exceptionally few and far between... bothered) and two - lack of leaky pits and big damp patches.  And that's my last comment on that subject. 

Let's just say, I have built up a decent little arsenal of these tops as every year without fail, I neglect to remember how shortlived our heatwaves actually are.  And so purchase one (or ten)

This year I have absolutely no need for one.  Will this stop me buying another?  Will it hell. 

I'm on a roll after the Summer Fair and am praying that if I order tonight, one of them will at least be here by Wednesday. 

Starting with ones that require a strapless bra.  Now even with boobs like pancakes, I find a strapless bra massively irritating but a necessary evil.  Hence I don't tend to drag it out too often and so I do tend to buy tops under which I can wear my proper scaffolding.  (as much as anyone could dare to call an A cup "scaffolding")

Embroidered Halterneck Top £26  From Topshop.  Love this and even though I always say I'm not going to go down the boho route - there is something about super hot weather that makes it a must.  And I always end up wearing them so they're not the most foolish purchase for sure.

Patchwork Camisole Top from M&S was £25 now £20  Again - me skipping through the fields in a Flake advert circa 1982.  Maybe.

Paisley Print Camisole Top was £22.50 now £18  On a roll.....

Another one which is a no brainer over denim shorts and now at least we can wear our proper bras. 

Flowy Printed Top from Mango was £13.49 now £6.74  yes you read that right.  Go forth and shop.  They also have in a red version - personally I prefer the navy but there is also the other option.

And just in case you needed something else to do tonight - the Boden sale has started.  Yippeee (that's my late night perusal sorted) 

Johnny is a legend at keeping us looking good in the heat whilst maintaining our dignity and the Betty Tops are absolutely perfect.  In print or plain.  Now at 50% off. 

Betty Top was £35 now £17.50  This is the Sloe Berry Compass (someone had a drink before thinking up that name, I'll wager)

Also love it in the navy. 

More boho but bra proof now - again at Boden and at 50% off. 

Summer Bloom top was £49 now £24.50

Another print but on the more sophisticated slant now.  I love these colours and the pattern - really really love them and would happily wear this over denim cut offs for the school run and then put over skinny trews or tucked into an A line skirt for a night out. 

Shell top from Boden was £49 now £39.20

So from Boho and print to something which I am much more comfortable in this year - plain colours.  And I have to say, these are things that I don't have.  Like I said - hot weather = me going slightly insane in the membrane with ordering things that I will wear twice a year (and that I wouldn't normally wear at all.  I'm half Irish.  We're not good in heat.  And yes, I appreciate that's a sweeping generalisation but I'm married to an Irish man and none of my family, nor any of his four sisters or gazillion cousins function on all cylinders in temperatures over 26 degrees.  So apologies if you're one of those lucky Irish persons....!) 

A long way of saying, I could do with some plain versions.....

Double layer top in off white from Mango was £26.99 now £13.49 (and for the record - everything is now 50% off in the Mango sale)

Linen panel t-shirt from Mango was £22.49 now £11.24

Now this is absolutely ideal for those of you who have to venture to work and attempt not to look like you've just got off the bus from Glasto.  Dressing for super warm weather for the office is notoriously difficult.  But this top should at least keep you cool on the upper part of your body.  I'd wear with loose trousers or dare I say culottes (no I still don't own a pair) or A line skirt (these I do and I may have another sneaky purchase to bring you but it's not even online yet) 

This one would also serve the same purpose - at offer until the end of today from M&S.   Another 20% off fest from them.

Pure Linen Easy to Iron Lace Yoke Vest Top was £22.50 now £18

But the bargain of the day has to be from Mango with this little throw on loose number in white.   Could be flung on over denim shorts, over smarter shorts or I love the idea of it over white skinny jeans (admittedly they'd be a tad on the sticky side perhaps but it would look amazing!) 

Flowy top was £13.49 now £6.74  Can be tucked in or out.  I think we should all buy two just in case we get ketchup (or red wine in my case) down one.

And if you needed proof that white tops over white trousers work - then voila!  This with the fringing is the ultimate in bargain indulgence at this price.  This has made its way into my basket.  Just trying to convince myself I don't need the black one as well.... (no no no) 

Fringed hem top from Mango was £26.99 now £13.49

And in the black if, unlike me, you don't have one exceptionally similar so are unable to justify.  Although there is always the thought that I wouldn't want to wear out my other black one and this one is slightly more dressy.... anyone see that straw there with me clutching at it?  

But whilst we're talking fringing (and have moved totally off topic with regards to what to wear on a super hot day when you're simply trying not to melt...... but hell - I would actually wear this over denim shorts with black sandals during the week.  Definitely), this one is top of my list of lust tops. 

Metal Fringe Top from Mango was £40.49 was £24.24 (and yes this does go in the machine.  SOLD.  Obviously it makes more sense to buy more expensive things as they're a bigger reduction at 50% off.  Would be rude not to.... oh go on then)

To prove my point - here I am in one that I bought at the beginning of the season from Zara.  At the time I thought - oh I'll only get it in black, I won't bother with the white version... well I'm a moron.  It is THE most amazing top that they now don't have either online or instore (I checked).  It's a viscose knit in a swing sleeveless top.  I could hoover both a McDonald's and a Burger King and no one would have a clue.  The hiding of a multitude of sins doesn't come close.  Genius.  And I only bought one of them.  Fool.

Am sort of hoping that the fringe tops from Mango are similarly as magic.  

Today - after football and drama this morning followed by the rest of the day at the Summer Fair.  The Husband has a huge work week starting on Monday so we're in tonight - Big Hero 6 to look forward to with the kids and I am going to merrily play around with the Boden Sale.  Watch this space. 


Black swing vest - Zara
Chino Shorts - Boden
Black lace up sandals - Forever21
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch
Hat - Fat Face 

So what will everyone else be wearing come midweek and the heatwave that is set to take over our lives?  (clearly by Friday and our Sports Day it will be peeing down with rain... but I'll be ok with my 3 new sleeveless tops to add to my collection.....)

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6 comentarios:

  1. Do you know what Kat - you look freaking amazing in your shorts ensemble - summer wear at it's best. Of to peruse Mango site xx

    1. Well you are exceptionally kind and that has made my day without a shadow of a doubt! To be totally honest with you it, I reckon it's all about the hat......

  2. The blue one from Mango is really lovely - and so cheap. Who knew? Off to order it now. Lx

    1. Amazing price with the reduction, isn't it?!

  3. Loving the black Zara top and shorts outfit, you look fabulous. I have some summer tops in my wardrobe that are older that my grandchildren and they come out every year, but like you I always find room for more.

    1. Thank you xxx I have to say I have a couple of maxis that supercede child number 3!