So my obsession of the season

Yes lots of things have caught my eye this season - lots of new trends around and - more than ever before - I've thrown myself into a fair few of them.  Culottes (pending to be honest - although I still think I need a denim pair), dungarees (still loving them), fringing (watch this space) and... the jumpsuit. 

The love of the jumpsuit is spreading Woodstock fashion and two of my closest friends have just this week adopted their jumpsuits as the go to item for this season.  Now theirs are both on the more expensive side... one is DVF and one is Burberry Brit but they are both that little bit dressier and are the perfect emergency outfit for your wardrobe.  One has eschewed "the dress" in favour of "the jumpsuit" for Royal Ascot this year.  Wide legged, cap sleeved, navy DVF silk jersey jumpsuit, huge wide brimmed hat and wedges - how perfect is that?  

I love the versatility of them.  Yes some are definitely more casual but there are some that can definitely fit into both camps - heels for the evening, sandals for the daytime.  I have to say, I have swerved the print versions - in fact I've done very little print this season.  I think that's maybe due to the pulling on board of more on trend styles so I've tend to keep to neutral classic colours to avoid the Helena Bonham Carter factor. 

It doesn't necessarily have to black (clearly that's the way I've "jumped") - and thinking forward to the Autumn, other neutral colours such as wine, navy, khaki or charcoal would be a clever buy.  Put with tan or metallic colours now and black, navy and more tan for the cooler months. 

I have two (at the moment....) - one is black and can more easily be dressed up and dressed down (from Kin by John Lewis - a bargain I nabbed last sales time and it has already served me so so well.  Will totally come into its own come the Autumn.)  And the other, which I have on today - how timely? - is the khaki Topshop version which is the perfect throw on, no brainer outfit.

Now is the perfect time to look at jumpsuits, the ideal Sales purchase.  A sensible option that you can wear now but also fall back on in the Autumn.  Easily my favourite sort of buy.

Starting with a couple from the Net a Porter Sale which has just started.

Chelsea voile jumpsuit from Splendid was £225 now £112.50

Or a classic black version if you want to play super safe. 

Reiss Brooke Slim leg jumpsuit was £195 now £78 from Very Exclusive

Jumpsuits that I can personally vouch for are from Me+Em.  I've tried all these and they are amazing.   They're long enough on the leg for a tall person but are easily altered for those not as long of limb (or you can slouch over at the waist to make the legs shorter)

Me+Em Deep V Jumpsuit in Black £148   The beauty of these is that they are the most wonderfully fluid jersey that is super comfortable to wear and doesn't crease at all.

Or the Indigo version (which is the one I'm wearing in their blog

Another Me+Em one that you can easily adjust the length of the legs on by having more or less ruching. 

Ruched Jumpsuit £98

Or in the indigo again.  Both super versatile 

Long chest pocket jumpsuit in khaki from Mango £62.99 - don't forget to use your code 6VIP11 for 40% off more than one item, 30% if you just buy one.  I'd wear this with strappy tan sandals for the evening.  And any sort of flats for the day.  Just add the appropriate jacket. 

Also from Mango - a petrol blue version at £35.99 pre discount

A darker navy now and a complete dress me up, dress me down number from John Lewis. 

Collection WEEKEND dark navy from John Lewis £55

More casual at Karen Millen and half price from Very Exclusive.

Karen Millen Soft Tailored Jumpsuit was £200 now £100

Moving away from the usual at Temperley.  This is fantastic and a real head turner.  Not seen a midi version before - love this with flats like they've styled it here in the photo but with heels or knee high boots for the Autumn - total winner. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley wide leg jumpsuit £99   Alas this one is dry clean only so for me, that would rule it out for everyday wear.

A variation on the above theme now in black at ASOS. 

Weekday Slouchy Crepe Wrap Front Jumpsuit £65  (oh hello washing machine...)

ASOS Jumpsuit with tuxedo wrap £45 Oh this is superb.  Seriously seriously amazing.  I didn't even know I needed one of these but now OMG I do. 

The alternative option is a denim jumpsuit.  Personally I'm preferring the plain black version but this is definitely worth a look in the sale at Whistles. 

Silka Denim Jumpsuit was £295 now £147.50

Now I know I said I wasn't going to do print but well - nothing like being super fickle and this I just love.  Love love love - with glad sandals for the day or even out at night - the perfect BBQ outfit as far as I'm concerned.  Isabel Marant eat your heart out for £30.  I'd also wear with ankle boots and a blazer or biker jacket and you have the perfect outfit into A/W as well.

Ecote Larke jumpsuit in Navy from Urban Outfitters was £65 now £30

And the same could be said of this one.  You know you sometimes see something and thank - yeah that's quite nice.  You then look at it again and think that's actually very nice.  You then start thinking of all the things you have that will go with it and before you know it, you have to have it.  If I was going on a super hot holiday, this would be my number one purchase. 

Pippa Lynn Oriental Cross back jumpsuit was £55 now £35  This with a black biker jacket and flat sandals for the day, totally perfect.  In the evening with a blazer and strappy sandals - away you go. 

And whilst we're on this subject. I think I need this.  I absolutely love it.  My inner Margot from The Good Life is leaping for joy and begging me to buy it.  Love on every level.  Clearly not for the warmer temperatures but hells bells, this is ace.  A tenth of the price of a DVF job.

Glamourous Long Sleeved Printed Jumpsuit £38

Moving onto dressier now.  There are those which frankly you would struggle to dress down and throw on for the school run (yes I'll include the one above in this... but for less than £40 you could give it a go...) but are perfect for those slightly more special occasions from a dinner party to, dare I say it, black tie events?  It would all be in the accessories.

MICHAEL Michael Kors was £185 now £92.50

Staring at Stars Cut-out wide leg jumpsuit in black from Urban Outfitters was £58 now £40

Warehouse Jumpsuit Luxe Wideleg Jumpsuit £65

This one is super special - one for those confident in their cleavage and lack of back fat. 

Lavish Alice Split Back Jumpsuit £54

So there we have my current pick of the crop and I have pressed order on one of them.  Anyone care to guess which one? 

And as if by magic, here I am in mine from today. 


Jumpsuit - Topshop
Peep toe lace up shoes - Kurt Geiger 
Camel bag - Prada 

Are jumpsuits for you?  Have you come over to the dark side?  Tis a slippery slope I promise.....

So tomorrow, it's supposed to be scorchio... I have a summer themed blog coming up.  It's the perennial nightmare purchase (and no, not swimwear, as we've touched on that.)

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24 comentarios:

  1. I've never found a jumpsuit that works on me, and the problem is always the positioning of the waist (same goes for dresses too, tbh) - it's always right up under my boobs or somewhere down around my hips! I think my own lack of waist doesn't help, as even if it looks vaguely in the right place, I still look like a sack of potatoes wearing a belt! Shift-type shapes just suit me better. Oh well, may have to sit this one out...

    1. Now that's really interesting as I normally have exactly the same problem with dresses - total nightmare. I look like Shirley Temple cross dressing as Simon Cowell. The waistband is just too high and sits uncomfortably under my boobs. Not a good look at all. ANd yes, anything belted is normally appalling. It just screams LOOK AT MY LACK OF WAIST! I have to say though, I have been super surprised with the two jumpsuits I have which work perfectly. I certainly haven't shrunk so maybe they're just slightly longer cut in the body.

      The other thing I find work is a forced waist - so one that's already partly there - a drawstring is the best - as this is more flattering and can be positioned where you want but without the extra bulk that a straight but then belted dress seems to give you - clear as mud?!

  2. Love, love, love a jumpsuit. Have two and seriously tempted. So easy and comfy to wear! X

  3. Well that's the black Splendid jumpsuit ordered! Have been thinking of trying one for a while, think this will be the most versatile for a jumpsuit beginner ….. thanks Kat!! Hopefully it'll go with the new Mulberry i just 'bagged' in the sale today!! Love your posts, i'm new to blogging and really enjoying all the tips …. but my credit card is having to work overtime ;)

    1. Good luck! Their stuff is usually amazing so I'm sure this will be no different xx

  4. I tried the ASOS sleeveless one yesterday, having obsessed about it for weeks.... The wrap front came below my bra - the bottom strap, not just a bit peeking over! Needing a cami under destroys the simplicity for me, so its going back. Be warned

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm banking on this working. - do you mean the black tux one with culotte legs? And god yes totally agree a cami won't work. SOB.

    2. Ok so it wasn't *too* bad on the wrap front but you didn't tell me about the wrap legs??!! I walked up the stairs and flashed the side of my pants to the world!! Plus it was cutting my crotch in two - although it was massive on the waist. PANTS.

    3. Oh no! I didn't get past the man- kini look on the top half ... In the same order I had a longline denim shirt (looked like a dress being below the knee) which had side slits to my waist! I keep looking at the picture thinking how good it looks -so how come it so completely doesn't work?

    4. So gutting, isn't it??!

  5. I like them but have not worn one for a long time.....tend to prefer the more dressy ones without sleeves due to my hourglass shape.

    1. If you have an hourglass then hell yes, dresses will look amazing on you!

  6. Hi Kat, love your posts/blogs and as a result my bank balance has suffered! Just had to comment on the jumpsuits - love them! Love how they're that little bit different, can be dressed up and down and always result in positive comments (same for culottes too... Bought a few pairs this season and ❤️ them!). Great selection of jumpsuits - just had to let you know about the black Moto topshop utility jumpsuit - similar to their green one - but I agree (with the lady who commented on Insta) you have to go down another size - it is fantastic - casual but can be smartened up with a blazer! Think you would look amazing in it.... Please give it a try and post!!!

    1. Now normally I would be on it like a rocket but I do have a black one already which works for every occasion ever! However I am on a mission for a new one - watch this space..... (and thank you for your lovely comments xxxxX)

  7. I HAVE!! Although I'm gutted to hear that apparently it's very low cut. This will not be good. So I'll let you know as soon as the ASOS postman turns up!

    And I have to say you SO should have got the Kin one. (but if it didn't fit it wasn't worth it to be fair...) i'm sure they'll do a new one shortly.

    Culottes. Hmm. YES actually, I'm going to my wide legs chopped. THAT'S a really good idea - but actually - they're all high waisted which I find slightly irritating.... I might try them later to see. I haven't found any others that work. I get that wonky crotch with them - does that make sense?? I have another idea I'm exploring today which should do the same thing without reinventing the wheel.

  8. My jumpsuit - a navy Michael Kors with a wrap top purchased last year - is probably my best buy of the last 18 months! It is a totally dress up and down piece, although a little too posh for daytime. I am only a few weeks in to your blog, but really love it. I even purchased the khaki Topshop jumpsuit pictured, having seen it online and then seeing your comments!

    1. oh that MK one sounds gorgeous. I am now obsessed in my mission for one with culottes....!

  9. Hi Kat! On the subject of jumpsuits - the Wallis black wrap tapered one is simply stunning, v flattering - similar to your beautiful Kin one so just wanted to post for your followers as I've just bought it at the sale price of £36!!! Xx

  10. That Pippa Lynn Oriental Cross back jumpsuit is just gorgeous. Such a beautiful print x

  11. Ohhh Kat! Have to tell you! Topshop green utility jumpsuit is now in NAVY BLUE ��������! So excited .... Ordered mine!