A revelation

So yesterday I had a rather lovely day in London.  Meeting first thing but I then had time to scoot over to Selfridges and Regent Street to see if there were any sales dregs I could hoover up.  In fact I have bought the sum total of nada in the sales.  Officially a first.

Seeing as this was the only shopping trip I think I've had to the sales (bar one trip to Bluewater - I can't quite believe I'm typing this... seriously?!) it was a miracle I didn't just buy everything I saw.  

Ok so I might have tried.

And I have a little report coming up of what I bought shortly, but in the meantime, I'll spill that I bought three dresses.  Oh yes - THREE!  To be honest, one is full price but the other two were total bargains in the sale.  

It did occur to me, as I was trying them on, that the one thing I didn't have that would work with pretty much everything I could think of, was a pair of white sandals. 

Hmm ok so I *might* have a pair... but they're not exactly what I meant (just suspend belief for a minute and nod along....).  Mine are sliders - they're very very casual and I was just thinking that something a bit dressier would really work with the dresses I had to make them err dressier......

I'm pretty much in full on holiday mode and seeing as I don't buy anything when I'm away (famous last words), I tend to (as in always do) splurge before I go. 

I wouldn't be me if I hadn't had a pair in mind before a) deciding I needed them which may or may not have determined which dresses I've bought (I can admit that to myself in my more transparent moments) and b) just having a look at some others to make sure I had set my heart on the right ones. 

So let the story of the white sandals commence (as this one has a twist in the tale).

One option is a minimalist sandal look.  Which is very similar to the ones I have from last year at River Island (which I snaffled for the super bargain price of about £18
- they owe me NADA!) and I have (and still do) love. 

These ones I think are slightly dressier as they don't have the chunkier sole.

And some amazing prices for leather at ASOS.

ASOS Fendall Leather Sliders £20 

ASOS Flick Leather Sliders £20

More expensive but a true classic that you'd have for years and years at Atterley. (they've ditched the "Road" apparently.....)

White Jobe Sandal from Solsana £66

Plain but with a smatter of monochrome at Sophia Webster.  I have put a couple of more expensive ones in as I personally find I wear sandals for years.  My Aldo Gladiators which I've had for 6 years now were one of my best buys ever. (with hindsight, can I please say that I put this in before I had seen the aforementioned twist in the tale.. I wasn't trying to justify anything, although now you mention it....)

Yayoi spot leather sandals were £195 now £136

Whilst we're throwing in another colour - some super minimalist ones with a tan accent.  Adore these. 

Kiomi Flip Flops were £30 now £18

Moving into a little more detail territory at Topshop - I guess you can wind these ties either low or up your leg, depending on your taste (and how toned your legs are??!)

Feline Ankle Tie Sandals from Topshop £39

More tie straps at Geox - Dandelion were £140 now £70  Tie them your own way.

The half espadrille sandal has been very popular this year.  I would say this makes it quite casual again but it's certainly a very on trend look with a twist on a classic espadrille style.

Zign Platform Sandals in white £38

Now we're into gladiator mode.  And this is where my ears start to burn.  This is the area that I may have been thinking of.....

Firstly though some more casual bargains - slightly chunkier than the traditional leather soled glad.

Calando Sandal from Zalando was £23 now £16.10

I'm always aware that some people don't like the full up the ankle strapping and so a couple that are lower.

White leather spaghetti strap lace up sandals £24.99 from New Look.

A studded pair of gladiators at Geox in the sale. Jolanda were £90 now £63

We're into full on Roman Empire now......

Absolute classic glads from Stuart Weitzman in the sale at Selfridges were £325 now £165

A simple pair of glads but with, for me, the obligatory ankle strap - a bargain price at Zalando.

Pier One Sandals were £38 now £19 (and leather!)

And the reason for the blog - the hugely popular (I think I know about three people in real life who have these but NOT in the white.....) Topshop gems.

Fig Lace Up Sandas £39 from Topshop  

They I thought were perfect until I clapped eyes on these.  Oh WHY did I go and look at Matches etc etc?

Aquazzura Amazon sandals were £490 now £245

Of course the ultimate would be the Aquazzura beauties, the J'adore sandals.  And yes, j'adore.  No I really really REALLY love these.  So much so that I am going to order them.  No they're not really in my size.  In the sizes either side.. (oh it's free returns... I need to scratch the itch)

J'adore lace up sandals were £525 now £315

Orrrrrrr I could go off piste and get the tan pair (as they are in my size - it would make sense if I'm going to buy them to actually buy ones that fit? Just a thought....) were £562 now £262

Maybe I should order both.....

Lastly pointing out a couple of wedge and heel ones, just in case full on flat isn't your thing. I have toyed with the idea of a wedge but I just have too much leg on show in the summer and believe it or not - get randomly self conscious of my height!

West Wedge Espadrille Sandals £52 from Topshop - I LOVE these.  Seriously adore them.... but no, they'd make me too tall.

Rachel Comey Ogden Sandals was £362 now £181  A 70s classic reinvented.

Whistles Senna Leather Sandals were £175 now £87.50  And a modern day mid heel gem.

So are the Aquazzura ones *that* much better than the Topshop Figs??  We're going to find out.....although quite worryingly I haven't had my confirmation email from Matches and my order is coming up as "being processed".  But then I'm having ridiculous problems with my old btinternet address and I understand other people are too? (with their own, not mine!)  

Finishing with outfit from yesterday. 


White tee - Eileen Fisher
Khaki chinos - Tommy Hilfiger
Black jacket - Topshop
Black sandals - Zara
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

So white sandals peeps?  I appear to have ordered two pairs that I know aren't actually my size (DOH) and one pair which is also not my "exact" size but half a size out.  Not in white.  In tan.  Oh well, at least I get to see my v friendly DHL delivery chap.  Twice.  DOH!

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13 comentarios:

  1. Just bought a pair of rose gold Birkenstock lookalikes which are half a size smaller than my usual size and they fit yay!! Hope you have the same luck. Keep scratching the itch, love your blog xx

    1. FINGERS CROSSED!!! (although I'm not sure at that price whether I want to really fall in love with them if you see what I mean?!) Have also ordered the TS ones for a comparison... watch this space...

  2. I've never had white sandals before until I bought these a few weeks ago http://m.zara.com/uk/en/sale/woman/shoes/view-all/crossover-leather-wedges-c0p2558020.html and I haven't wanted to wear anything since! So comfy, great with dresses and jeans. Love your selection.

    1. oh yes, they're amazing! Such a shame they're sold out

  3. Topshop figs all the way, I have them in black and in tan, love them, super comfy...couldn't justify the white as I have white Ancient Greek Sandals. Can't wait to see what dresses you bought.

  4. I had the tan ones sitting in my online shopping bag for the last week or so and then I pounced on a pair of Beverley Hills that came back into stock. So I'm really interested to know how you get on as I think you will adore them in both colour ways and then you won't want to give them back. Shoe stretchers at the ready!!

  5. I had the white figs delivered yesterday .....all of a sudden I have loads of things that will go with WHITE sandals! love it

  6. I also know quite a few people who have the fig lace-up Topshop sandals in tan but I'm totally loving them in white! Loving the ASOS & New Look ones too! Thanks for sharing these x

  7. You'd think selling a pair of sandals that were £490 pre-sale they'd find a model with better toe nails :-o

  8. I snagged these beauties from good old M&S and their magical comfy soles

    Whoever invented Insolia - I want to hug.

  9. really loving the & other stories dresses, wondered if you could do a post about their best bits you have seen instore. I don't live close to a store and really hate having to order loads to return most. Many thanks

    1. Seconded! The return labels are a total faff that confuse post office staff too!

  10. Loving the White!! I've always shyed away sticking with tan or black, but these have defiantly changes my mind x