NO SACKS klaxon

No not a sack in sight.  Which, when doing a dress blog, I think is unheard of from me.  According to one of my very good friends anyway.  "I need dresses.  Not ones that you look great in, the ones you always pick - those sack dresses. I need ones with shape.  It's all about the waist."

Which is funny, as the day before I'd gone and bought a dress with a waist.  Ok so it was a dropped waist but she didn't specify where the waist had to be.... 

And I see her point.  Yes I am a fan of the "sack dress" although I prefer to refer to them in slightly more flattering terms such as a tunic, cocoon or shift dress (and yes I do appreciate there is a differentiation between them but essentially shapeless is what she's getting at...) 

However I have branched out and the success story from my shopping trip to London last week was definitely the new frock which I bought home with me.  New season from & Other Stories but I already wore it out last night. 

I adore this print - mountain scene with horses.  The Husband though... not so keen.  "It sort of reminds me of those wolf fleeces that mad bag ladies wear".  He is of course now dead to me. (even though if you squint, I grudgingly *sort* of see where he's coming from but I'm choosing to obviously ignore him - I still love it)

Gathered Cuff Dress in Printed £55

This one above works for me as it's drop waist.  So it gives shape but doesn't highlight my least flattering aspect which is my thickness of middle.  However there are lots of other options for shaped dresses which I've hunted out, specially for my wonderful friend.  Leaving all the sacks for me.

Starting with some classics and super super flattering options at All Saints where there is an extra 20% off sale prices with the code EXTRA20 (must have taken them ages to think that one up...) 

But these are a great great find.  These have the potential to be the most worn dresses in your wardrobe.  Totally machine washable at a bargain price.  Wear with sneakers and a blazer for the school run, perfect for work in the Summer, I'd wear to any smart occasion I can possibly think of with heels and they'd see you right through to the party season at Christmas. 

Helix Dress in Indigo was £98 now £49 (with another 20% off - utter bargain)

And in black 

Slightly more casual but I love this for throwing on in the Summer.  Wear into the Autumn with ankle boots and a blazer or long cardigan (this is something for me to explore... I've been digging into new season must haves.  My wish list has started, you have been warned.)

Chic striped Dress from Autograph £55

Again - this could be worn into the cooler Autumn months with a layer underneath - a shirt or longsleeved tee?  Treat it like a pinafore.

Flared hem drop waist £35 from Limited Edition at M&S

The ubiquitous "everyone should have one" denim dress.  I can't believe I still don't though.  

Denim Shirt Dress with staynew from M&S £45 This one does come in other lengths which is a refreshing change as so many are so short.  And I also love a drawstring waist. 

Classic jersey from Baukjen now - magic jersey in fact.  Manages to be flattering and close fitting without being clingy or muffin hugging.  All hail ruching.  You won't know how useful it is until you try it, I promise.

Owen Dress from Baukjen in grey melange was £85 now £63

If you are a fan of longer dresses then there is a very similar version in a midi length from Selected.  Ditto everything I said about - honestly you will be gobsmacked at the multitude of sins ruching can hide.

Selected Marlo Dress £65

Adore this 60s style shaped dress in a fabulously summery colour.  One for the seaside or the office - accessorise accordingly.

Bonner A line dress in Coral from Baukjen was £135 now £67

And the caviar black was £135 now £67

Staying with brights, this one from M&S is different.  I think different in a good way. I think it's very chic in a non M&S way...

Pleated Drop Waist Tunic Dress £45

More stripes at Topshop - yes, this is long sleeved but it IS the British Summer.....  Plus this will serve you well into the Autumn as well. 

Tie Striped Dress from Topshop £45 - they also do this in a tall and petite.

Another great option at River Island.  This would absolutely get my vote as I adore the print. 

River Island Geometric Print Dress £50

For me - it definitely works to have a waist you can adjust but one that is already partly shaped - a straight dress that you then belt doesn't work for my tree trunk body even though I know they rock on others.  Dropped waist is also a great option if you're a straight up straight downie like me.

And here I am last night in my dropped waist new & Other Stories dress which I absolutely ADORE and am going to have to go and get the black one as well.  This was for a dinner party at a friend's house - 2.30am finish which I am officially too old for and have spent today feeling like I've been beaten up.  


Mountain scene dress - & Other Stories
Cobalt snakeskin shoes - Reiss
Black clutch - Tory Burch

Confession time though - my addiction to the sack dress is as bad as it ever was and whilst I've been good and bought one shaped one, a couple of shapeless numbers may have snuck in as well.  However I am going to be back another day, trying to prove that they can work and definitely do have their place....  Please tell me someone else is a fully paid up member of the "let it all hang out under a frock" crew?

Quick update on my other sales purchases - firstly, the Plumo navy stud bag.  All the gutted here.  I think I was hoping it was going to be Campomaggi quality - the slouchy but still sturdy, wonderful leather.  It is lovely leather but it's too stiff for me.  More of a saddle bag with studs which isn't what I had in mind.  Of course now I am obsessed with getting a new bag.  Loony tunes.  It does mean though that I'll have to spend some time having a look at new season goodies - just "in case"..... 

And secondly still waiting on the Aquazzuras from Matches..... Come on Mr DHL (the fact that not one of them is actually my exact size - three pairs either side of my size - means I'm not entirely hopeful about the outcome.  Anyone care to put me out of my misery and let me know whether Aquazzuras come up big, small or bang on size?!) 

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19 comentarios:

  1. Oh god I WORSHIP my Sainsburys "spanx". Can't wear some dresses without them! Totally agree with you - things look so so so much better on with Stories - ditto with Cos. I am SO peed off that the Cos in Regent Street has shut! (refurbing). I'm going to head to Covent Garden in the next week or so which is much easier for me anyway. Just with there was an & Other Stories there! Is their delivery absolutely horrendous??

  2. Oh dammit, I was being so good (ish) and have now gone and ordered the black All Saints dress!

    1. Oops. But you;ll have it for years and years - it's a great buy x

  3. Funnily enough, I am awaiting the &OtherStories Mountain print dress at the moment. Although I am much shorter than you and have a very defined waist, I'm hoping it looks even half as good on me as it does on you. You look fabulous in it!

    I already have the All Saints Helix dress in navy and the white and black striped version too. They are lovely and very versatile.

    1. It's an amazing dress (the mountain dress.. you'll love it)

  4. No, I don't find you asking at all, Carol. :-)

    For me, the Helix dress wasn't very clingy, more drapey. It skims over my bum and tum, but not in a tight, you-can-see-everything kind of way. I'd say that it's well worth a try and could be very flattering on you.

    Hope you love it as much as I do!

    1. Does indeed - sounds fab! And hijack away. x

  5. Awaiting my helix dress as we speak!

  6. I seem to have been buying loads of dresses recently, just find them so much more comfortable than jeans and trousers in summer (also work in Azerbaijan where it is now hot, hot, hot!) .. generally go with fitted for work and sacks for casual but the sacks are beginning to edge into the working wardrobe... love them - Deb.

    1. Ok wow you win on the heat stakes.. And I have a sack post up my sleeve so watch this space xx

  7. Replies
    1. Sooooooo they arrived and I'd say more true to size if on the slightly small side yes. Which means that the white ones are totally out - too small and WAY too big. But the tan ones are perfect.. only half a size too big which is neither here nor there when you can adjust them yourself. Do I need the tan ones?!

  8. aha thanks for that love! I definitely know I don't want to send it back as it's just the black version of the blue one. LOVE!!!

  9. Pmsl at your husband's "wolf fleece/mad bag lady" comment!! X

    1. Worse thing, don't you know exactly what he meant??!

  10. Kat, just to say thank you for doing a post about dresses for people with a different body shape to yours. I love the look of sack dresses on me but as a pear, they don't love me back! I bought the helix dress on your recommendation and it's absolutely fab. I would never have bought it otherwise! Kat

    1. Or even, "I love the look of sack dresses on you"!

    2. You are more than welcome xxxx