It's the last Summer obsession.

I promise. 

Which I probably shouldn't do as I am exceptionally unreliable when it comes to keeping promises where shoes and bags are concerned.  But (hopefully..) there are a couple of months (she says ambitiously) left of Summer and at the very least, we're away on our hols which absolutely necessitate something new for the occasion. 

And since I've had zero luck on the bag front (although I have a cunning plan to remedy that - Plumo bag a no... but that's not to say I don't have time to ferret out other options, watch this space) I'm back on cracking the sandals. 

So.  I'm sending the Aquazzuras back.  Why?  Well, yes they are absolutely gorgeous, they really are.  But it was when I thought, I'm not sure if I love them that much more than my Forever 21 sandals.  Which were £15.  Not £262..... Says it all really and after that, there was no way I could keep them and the majority of that money is getting put towards my over the knee boot fund.  Excellent. 

However I still feel the need for another pair of sandals, seeing as I am all over the flat shoes this season.  Love love love the Forever 21 bargains but let's face it - they are pleather and £15.  I'm wearing them loads - I'm wearing them all the time and whilst they do seem to be holding up ok for the minute, the chances of them lasting the season aren't high..... 

And my thinking is I'd still like to be wearing them next season too (they are absolutely identical to the Ancient Greek ones for a 10th of the price) so if I can make them last by adding another pair into the mix, this clearly makes sense.  

It was actually the Next sale (my VIP slot - whoop whoop.  Never done one before but had one this time round so clearly I have gone bonkers and ordered EVERYTHING.) that made me think - OMG how have I not seen these before?  For the record I have seen them before, I even recall thinking they were quite nice.  But at some point from thinking "they're ok", I have elevated that thought to "must have". 

Very excited therefore that they were ridiculously reduced to £12.  Less excited at the delivery delay of seven weeks.  Yes, you read that right.  Seven. Weeks.  They are apparently being delivered sometime in September.  Irritation level rocketed.  Seriously?  What's the point of that?  Surely if they're in the sale, it means you have excess stock that you want to get rid of.  Now.  To make way for new season stock?  Just random.  Even more random (and irritating) is that half my order is like this.  Of course the chances of me wanting to keep any of it in September is absolutely zero but well, we'll just have to hope some of the goodies I ordered do fit.  (as there are some complete bargains - not just the shoes)

These are the espadrille style glads that I am ridiculously late to the party in realising I have to have. 

Espadrille Wrap Sandals were £34 now £12

They also had them in gold which I have to say, I think might ming.  But seeing as they're in stock, I've ordered them anyway so I can at least see if they fit.  

Gladiator Espadrilles were £34 now £16

However.. imagine my utter joy (seriously I actually whooped.  Note to self.  Spend less time working on your own with a dog and a laptop and get out more) when I found these online at ASOS. 

These actually remind me of the Whistles Rada ones that I wanted earlier in the season and did manage to track down but did also make me look like I was in Japanese fancy dress.  Nah.  But these are a much lower flatform so I am more hopeful that they will work.  Are they as good as the Next ones?  Will they arrive before Autumn?  Yes.  Choice sort of made.

New Look Ghillie Espadrille Flatform Sandals £15.99

Ah, and it may not have escaped your notice that I have vaulted from needing white sandals to obsessing about black ones.  I realise there is a reason I don't own a pair of white lace up sandals.  That's because they all looked hideous on me.  Like I said in another post - they had the ability to make my usually skeletor feet look Shrekesque.  A talent not many other shoes have mastered.  Didn't appeal enough to purchase, funnily enough .

So yes, I am now back to all things black (I have tan covered - it's black that is this week's necessity) but that's not to say other colours aren't interesting.  I think if I looked at these for long enough I could totally justify them. 

Online at New Look (they don't have the black) in blue and in the sale were £17.99 now £7

Or the coral although these are now £8 (steady on there...)  These would look amazing with my new coral dress.....

Warehouse Sporty Gladiator was £38 now £25 - leather

Staying with the gladiator theme which I am clearly drawn to...
ASOS Feel the power Suede lace ups £25

So this got me to thinking.... this espadrille sole malarky - I could explore this further as it's grown on me over the course of the season.  I did know right from the start I wasn't going to do the classic espadrille.  Did this last season and I still have my lovely gold leather ones (which I haven't worn actually - must get them out).  But I'm all over a variation on a theme hence, I'm (belatedly) giddy over the wrap style glad ones and am suddenly also drawn to these KG ones. 

These are a total steal from Shoeaholics - still £79 in the sale at House of Fraser and John Lewis.  Grab thee a bargain before they realise. 

Black Marla by Kurt Geiger was £139 now £39

Another pair which are part minimalist, part beachy boho.  For a bargain price.... 

ASOS Jamestown Espadrille sandals £18

It then made me think, after I started researching, about full on espadrilles but with the ankle strap.... and yes, from the sublime to the ridiculous.  

Valentino Studded Leather Espadrilles £495 (yeah right)  But gorgeous....

Not that similar but for £7 - I'd say similar enough.... Black two part studded espadrille was £14.99 now £7 at New Look

Whilst the Figs from Topshop looked absolutely boakish on me, I have to say I would have much much higher hopes for these..

Kingfisher Espadrilles £55 from Topshop

Similar in the sale from Aldo at House of Fraser.  

Aldo Clova round toe espadrilles in black were £60 now £29.98  These are the perfect monochrome pair.  For me they are the perfect mix of classic minimalist with a slight boho twist.  Covering all bases perfectly.  It's almost enough to tempt me to ditch all colour and do nothing but black and white for holiday....

Aldo Clova round toe espadrilles were £60 now £30  I love these but with my need of fake tan, the ribbons would be a total disaster zone.  

But look what I found and I am smitten.  I have zero need for them, they go against every single shopping rule I set for myself and clients.  Doesn't stop me drooling over them.  And thinking laterally - I think these could be more useful than one would first think... Lordy I ADORE these.

Dune Black Lizzie leather croc espadrilles in green £110

So I'm waiting on the Next ones.  And I'll be back with my sales haul but in the meantime, I have to say, these have also caught my eye.  Totally not on brief - ok so they're black and they've got an ankle strap but I'm loving the fact they're different. 

ASOS Flockton Rivet Two Part Leather Sandals £35

And then I made the mistake of carrying on looking... oh hello. 

Free People Mont Blanc Sandals £138 

So I'll fess up.  Whilst I'm ordering from ASOS, it's rude not to order more than one pair as I'll have to send them back anyway.  I will be back with pics.....

Am I the only one who hasn't completely mastered their sandals this season?  I feel I have come up trumps with my dresses but the footwear still has a tiny hole.

Here we are with my outfit from yesterday.  Lovely lovely day even though it wasn't quite as warm as it looked.


Tropical dress - & Other Stories
Lace up tan gladiators - Forever 21
Cognac cross body satchel - Campomaggi from Plumo

I did say today that I would be back with a couple of picks from the A/W (pre fall...!) collection from a HS store - that's on its way.  Current obsessions which I'm all over are the poncho and dare I say it... a new bag??!  What's top of your wish list?

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26 comentarios:

  1. I see what you mean about the lace-up gladiators--they are fabulous. Definitely eke them out with at least one other pair so you will have them next year!

    1. It TOTALLY makes sense, doesn't it? They sold out at Forever 21 in about 2 days. I'm always being asked where they're from, I completely heart them and don't want to wear them out. New sandals ordered to spread the load xxxx Three pairs for less than £50 isn't to be sniffed at either, is it?!

  2. Check out Poppy's Style blog, Joanna has been in Cyprus and got some sandals similar to Ancient Greeks but at a steal! They sell on etsy and ship. I'm definitely going to look next summer, I'm all sandalled out this year!

    1. Have seen! Earmarked for next year for sure x

  3. Ah yes. Go to Etsy and search for Greek sandals. And then order! They are about £30 and usually arrive within about a week. I'm wearing these today and I LOVE them...

  4. Oh yeah, here you go...Forever21s in leather (available in brown/tan/gold etc)


  5. The Next sandals come up big. I bought them earlier in the season along with Joanna and we both needed the size down.

    1. Awww crap! Think I ordered the wrong size then. JEEZ

  6. Ooh, lovely espadrille sandals! I need quite supportive soles, so that really limits what I can buy but they might work. I am going to check out etsy, as they have a good selection. What I really want are some Free People Footbed ones, but cheaper...


    1. I"ve just seen if I can find a pair of the Mont Blanc ones but cheaper. Alas no...

  7. Ha. Looked at the pictures first, without reading. The Valentino espadrilles were my fave... C'est last vie

  8. I ordered the Next ones too on my VIP slot. Should have arrived Friday but still not here :( they look promising so will be patient. .. also TopShop Kingfishers are on their way "just to try!"

    1. I have no hope for mine arriving in september now!

  9. Love your dress. I got good tank tops (one with sheer spots) from Uniqlo. No sandals here but I'm thinking of getting the Office Lyric in tan. re. bags, I've never own a more expensive bag than my current Kate Spade one but I have fallen in LOVE with the Medium Buckle Detail Leather Hobo Bag. Think I'll ask for it for combined birthday/xmas.... really enjoy your blog. Catherine

    1. ooh I need to check that out - I am in bag Need (that's not remotely a need clearly...) And need to look at the Office Lyrics.

  10. Kurt Geiger have realised and now they are £79. Bottoms :(

  11. ...Yes just saying the same 79, b***er!!!! wish I had got them last night....!
    ....the tan is nice with white as am off to spain..thanks for the tip! will look good with peasant straw basket and frilly boho cream and white lacey dress!!!x

  12. I ordered some espadrilles from Mango this season...really really really want to love them but my head just won't accept them. They are sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe...may gift them to little sister for an extremely odd out-of-season xmas gift!!

    1. If you haven't worn them yet, you're not going to - gift them! OR try them on again..??!

  13. Good luck with your Next order Kat, I did a large order from them once with lots of exciting purchases and had the delivery time of 7 weeks during which slowly each and every item became unavailable. Shan't be bothering with them again, it was pretty frustrating, hope you have a better experience. ;)

    1. Oh noooooo that's shite! Oh gosh what a shame. I have zero hope for mine now. BUM!