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I've ditched the idea of a boho dress.  It was all too Little House on the Prairie meets Helena Bonham Carter - it just wasn't quite me.  I so so wanted it to be but I didn't love any of them enough to order them.  Whilst there is something about wearing something totally different every now and again, there's always that fine line between people thinking - wow that's new and wow, fancy dress?

However it did make me have a look at my wardrobe and made me realise that all is not necessarily lost with this "look".  Gypsy chic is well and truly alive and kicking in my wardrobe but in a slightly more understated version - a top.  

This I have done for years and they have been worth their weight in gold.  I worked out yesterday and today when I was wearing them that they are my summer equivalent of a throw on sweatshirt or jumper.  They are so so easy to wear - can be every day casual with a pair of jeans, shorts or chinos.  But they still look on the "put together" side (as opposed to the Waynetta Slob version of casual....) and are easily chic enough to wear out on a Summer's night.  I may have accrued a fair few over the years - there is definitely something about Summer clothing like this that really does seem timeless. 

I added two new Boden ones this Summer so I really do have a pretty impressive collection which - for the majority of our warmer months when it is ridiculously hot - are the ideal day to day tops to have in your wardrobe.  I can guarantee you'll be wearing them for years - two of mine in fact were my favourite maternity tops when I was pregnant with child number 3 who turns 7 in August.  Neither were actually maternity - one was from By Malene Birger which I totally blew the budget on for my sister and brother in law's wedding and the other was a classic Monsoon silk embroidered one which I fling into the washing machine. 

And speaking of Monsoon, surely that's an obvious place to start with these sorts of tops. 

I am a total sucker for these tops in blue (see outfit from today!)

Enya Embroidered linen top from Monsoon £69

Adore this one from Asos which would be ideal into the Autumn as well with a chunky cream cardigan.

White Sand v Neck Blouse in Mosaic Print £75 

Like I said, I seem to be naturally drawn to all shades of navy for these sorts of tops and the ones from Boden are no exception. 

This one is an amazing deal at 64% off.  Love the subtle embroidery.  Would look amazing over faded cut offs or skinnies but would also serve as a throw on for going to the beach. 

Embroidered Bib top from Boden was £49 now £17.64

In this instance, fringing is the perfect addition to a hem.  

Embroidered cape top from Topshop £45

Other blue versions at Mango - starting with the ecru base and navy. 

Embroidered cotton blouse was £31.49 now £15.74

Or the navy colourway and yes, these do look just as good tucked into high waisted jeans of midi skirts. 

Yet more navy and this is slightly off piste as it's not embroidered but it's a similar idea with a boho drape arm shape to it.  A throw on top for over jeans, ideal for off or on duty and one that you'll have in your wardrobe for years. 

Adria Top by DVF was £248 now £99

A brighter blue now and in fact they have this in lots of other colours online at New Look. 

Blue Crochet Trim Dip Hem Top from New Look £19.99

If shades of blue aren't your bag then a coral is a super summery option. 

Coral Embroidered Trim Gypsy Top £17.99

Another dark option would be black... Love the idea of this in Summer against bright white shorts or jeans. 

ASOS Festival Embroidered Folk Top £34

Brighter colours at Boden with some jewel embellishment. 

Sunset Sparkle top was £99 now £35.64

Or the khaki one which I have and love 

Arianne top in Khaki was £69 now £37.26

Classic shades of cream now - a totally timeless colour and perfect for hot days when you want to cover your skin up in something light. 

Zahara Smock Top from Monsoon was £39 now £19.50

A bargain at New Look.

White Crochet Trim Cape Top £14.99

Another embroidered one from Mango in the final reductions. 

Embroidered Blouse was £35.99 now £17.99

However out of all the white ones, this from Topshop is my favourite.  No, it's not in the sale (doh) but I think it's the most versatile - I'd wear this into Autumn with a blazer over it.  Or dare I mention a long cardi.... (can you see where I'm going to go later in the week?!) 

Tall Fringe Crinkle Blouse from Topshop £32

White with some trim now.

Anita & Green White Embroidered Top from New Look £24.99

And a sleeveless one at Topshop.  Now I have to say, I do prefer mine with sleeves as they tend to be my go to tops for those ever so slightly cooler days when I don't want sleeveless.  You don't need to wear a jacket over these - I just tend to throw them on with a pair of casual bottoms and go. 

But I do love the look of this one - I'd say probably the most Marant out of them all.  For a fraction of the cost. 

Fringe Trim Tank Top from Topshop £26

However my pick of the day is at good old Mango.  Surprisingly, seeing as everything else is sold out, there are lots of sizes left in this.  I don't recall seeing it before so I think they just have bunged it in.  Go forth and shop. 

Ethnic embroidery blouse was £40.49 now £20.24

And here I am in one of my embroidered gems from this year at Zara.  Ideal for a very laid back day - autistic course in the morning, supermarket and long dog walk to school and back.  All the glamour.... 


Embroidered top - Zara
Jeans with oversized turn up - Zara
White sliders - River Island
Whiskey Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe
Dog - Australian Labradoodle (how good is she?!)

Tomorrow not sure where I'm heading, it may be comfort zone or it may be having a look at some new "what's in"....... AND my sandals have arrived.  WHOOOP!  But as predicted both white pairs are not right - one is too small, one is too big.  Not particularly surprised at this as neither were my size.... But the tan ones are perfect.  Do I need new tan sandals?  I'm pretty sure I might be able to talk myself into justifying them.  Do I still need white ones if I've got new tan ones.  Oh dilemma dilemma.  The Figs also turned up from Topshop but I haven't had a chance to try them. 

Planning to show and tell and ask opinions on Instagram tomorrow.....

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6 comentarios:

  1. Yes to the tan sandals! They would look great with the outfit you have on, for a start.

    Love your dog. She is such a poppet. Will she get very much bigger?

    1. I'm going to have a think about them as they're not cheap....

      The puppy is very very sweet! She'll probably get to double her size? Only the size of a cocker apparently..!

  2. All these tops are so pretty. They do some lovely ones in Next as well this season. Best thing is they are so flattering as well! Jane x

    1. They are SO flattering aren't they! Next do lovely ones - only problem I find is that every other bugger out there has got one. They're doing so well and I'm the first to advocate their customer service. But they only have one season a season so everything stays in stock. I think they're possibly the only people to still do this! Everyone else (of their size... Reiss, Jaeger, Hobbs, Jigsaw et all are the same but so much more nice) has a much quicker turn around on stock so you're less likely to run into someone in the same top.

  3. First: cutest dog ever. Secondly: I have the Monsoon top! Love it and it's quietly tucked away for my ibiza minibreak next week - know what you mean about cerulean blue and white - so holiday xx

    1. OMG I am beyond jealous at your Ibiza mini break.... Enjoy my love xxx