Buy now wear now wear later

Oh yes, my favourite sorts of clothing.  Versatile and super wearable.  Clocking up those wears per pound by the week.  It's so easy to justify these sorts of purchases (like I have trouble with all others.  ha ha) as you can get so much use from them. 

Especially at the moment when Summer seems to have totally forgotten it's supposed to be hanging around and has let November step in.  Oh my heavens, what is this weather?  Admittedly on a day like today when it's peeing down - it's been biblical here - a soft cape is about as much use as a chocolate teapot and you want a full on wet suit. 

But they're not exactly filling the High Street at the moment so we're going to pretend it's just a mild shower (*builds ark*) and we can nip about in one of these. 

Today I'm all about the cape.  Blanket cape, poncho, call it what you will, these are going to be everywhere this A/W.  And to be fair they were last year as well.   Well, not everywhere but there were a fair few of them about.  Personally I wasn't a big fan.  And I say that when actually I have two ponchos that I have had for nearly seven years and regularly wear.  But I mean the full on wrap style blanket jobs.  

I did flirt with the fashion with my late addition in the season of the khaki shawl from ASOS which is the same size as a superking duvet and could easily work as a cape throw on.  

However the shaped ones are much more flattering - for a start, they do look more like a garment and less like you've robbed the sofa of a throw to wear. 

There are more structured cape versions in a coat fabric doing the rounds, but for the moment, I want to look at the ones you could legitimately wear on cooler days in the Summer - especially if, like me, you're holidaying either in the UK, Ireland or Northern France.  Where the weather is nothing if not unpredictable.   The one downside about holidaying in these climes is that there is no such thing as packing light.  Hell no, you have to pack for every occasion and then the ones you haven't really thought of as well  (I do draw the line at snow boots but wellies, flipflops and all the stages in between are a must) 

And this is where a blanket cape throw on would come into its own.  Do you not love the justification?   

It all started with this one which I saw the other day when doing sandal research (yes you come across the most random things.  I have the attention span of a gnat and tend to go a-wandering on most sites I look at.  Hence the random choice of blogs from day to day.  It's generally whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment) 

Saw this and thought - BE MINE.

For me this is the ideal trans seasonal one - perfect with denim and white now.  Ideal over greys, navys and blacks in the Autumn.  The fact I have a checked navy coat is the only fly in my "must be vaguely sensible" ointment.

ASOS Blanket check in cape £75

I then came across this (and a whole host of other beauties that I shall be reporting back on) at River Island. 

Perfect with khakis and whites for the Summer..... oh yes.....

Navy sleeveless waterfall cape from River Island £38

Another navy version and ideal if you're into reds and pinks (it probably hasn't escaped anyone, these are not colours that exist in my vocabulary.  Weird, isn't it?  However this one really caught my eye.)

Navy Check tasselled oversized cape from River Island £35

Another blanket style one from Karen Millen.  A real classic. 

Oversized checked cape £140

The other detail option would be a print one.  And this is where I fear for shades of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.  Whilst it worked on Clint Eastwood in a Spaghetti Western, on the streets of suburbia or on a Joules-fest Suffolk beach, I'm not sure it would have quite the same effect. 

And at this juncture, I've managed to yet again totally talk myself out of a print one but that's not to say there isn't a time or a place for them.... Festival chic for sure.  Or if you're just more of a boho chic generally, you could easily rock this. I fear I may slightly honk of fancy dress sporting one of these.  There is no point in feeding The Husband's sarcasm.

Aztec Print Cape from Topshop £38

Going back to super versatile and assuming my "costs per wear hat", a plain one is probably the best idea.  This is a fabulous Summer addition to your wardrobe.

Esprit Jersey Poncho £29

A similar version from Mint Velvet.  Personally I'd size up on this as I think it looks better on the looser and more voluminous side. 

Silver Grey Oversized Cape from Mint Velvet £79

Another amazing option - and love the unusual - is a crepe blazer style cape with fringing from Lavish Alice. 

Lavish Alice Cape Blazer with fringe hem £58

As if by magic, I've also managed to find a combo of the above two.  This I absolutely love.  Totally perfect for now to throw on over a tee and even shorts.  Layer with roll necks and scarves for Autumn warmth.  Or for today.  Jeez. 

Light Grey Tassel Trim Cardie £45  Yes, it's a cardigan but it does the same-ish thing..... (and I like it so it gets to go in here)

Whilst we're on the fringe topic, I have uncovered some great transitional options at River Island.  All variations on a theme. 

Black fine knit tassel cape £35

Brown faux suede leather look tassel cape £40  (my inner Clint Eastwood is screaming BUY ME at this one.  I shouldn't listen to him, should I??)

But the ones that are probably the most useful and the most "me" are these from ASOS.  Perfect for over pretty much everything - skirts, shorts, jeans, short and midi dresses.  The latter, it's pretty/very hard to find a jacket or coat to wear with them but this would solve that problem perfectly. 

ASOS Midi Cape Cardigan £35

And they also do it in an oatmeal.   I love both but the oatmeal one is quite similar to the wrap coat I have from Zara last year which I intend to wear the hell out of again this Autumn.  Having said that, I couldn't wear it in the Summer so this would be the perfect interim number and ideal for holiday..... Whilst I have lots of khaki - I have lots of khaki, so in fact I probably don't want the same shade cardigan to go over the top.  A contrast camel one would be far more useful so that's me talked myself into this one then.  Huzzah.  Something useful has come from this day of appalling weather as I've achieved absolutely squat all else.  The children however, have learnt that if you play Monopoly on the floor, the dog will pee on the board.  An important life lesson, I feel.

And what a difference a day makes.  This is me yesterday.  As I stare out of the window and laugh hysterically at the thought of wearing this today. 

On the upside though - above camel cardigan would look amazing with it.  Oh and how well would it go with the shoes?  ORDERED.  I feel so much better now.


Khaki jumpsuit - Topshop
Black quilted bag - Zara
Ponyskin mules - Anthropologie

So I need to peel my backside off the sofa and go and dry my hair and fake tan as we've got our End of Year Summer party tonight. did it get to be 6.15??

On the upside, this weather has drawn a line under my sandal search.  I am totally making do with what I already have and am on the hunt for leather ankle boots to take with me on hols.  

Anyone else fancy a Clint number to see the Summer out with? 

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21 comentarios:

  1. Great post! I love your outfit.

  2. Lovely capes, but I have no need as I smugly bagged an oversized Isabel Marant scarf at 80% off from a local boutique the other day which will do the job nicely. BUT, may I tangent and draw your attention to H by Hudson, should you be doing another ankle boot thread anytime soon? ASOS stock, amongst others, but their own website currently has £100+ boots at around £30-50, with similar styles relaunched for AW. I really rate them, most of them leather soled, really well made, and supremely comfortable. Great every day shoes.

    1. Thank you v much for the tip - will have a look! & fab Marant snag. Amazing!

  3. My first A/W buy last week was a blanket Cape! I just love them as I find with my menopausal meat sweats, I struggle wearing full-on winter coats so they're perfect! X

    1. That's a really good point - they're fab for those inside outside days

  4. Not sure about the Cape for me. They are one of those items that I love on others but find a bit faffy and footery for myself. Lorraine x

    1. We can't do everything so it's quite handy when you can rule something out!

  5. These look so good on everyone else, but yes, I wind up looking like an extra in a western... ho hum x

    1. ha ha ha!! I'm sure they're not that bad!

  6. Yes, definitely not going to be going print although I am still drawn to the check..... Will you be doing any shopping in SA?


    Check out this wee label from Northernn Ireland - fabulous 'proper' capes for winter!

    1. Can't get the link to work - have googled too and it doesn't seem to work. BOO

      Try this xx

  8. There's quite a few in asos clearance for 8 pounds. I've ordered the neutral stripe one. It should come in handy in this weather! X

  9. OMG did I just read you ordered THE SHOES are we talking SW??? So exited to see eep!

    1. no....! Did I say I did? OMG losing my mind. They are still TOP of my A/W list though... I think I will have to spend more on the SW ones, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find cheaper that fit me properly. And if you want them to stay close to the leg and not bag, I do think you need to spend money on a decent pair.

  10. Love this post - very drawn to the poncho and love that faux suede one - that would be my choice (na na na na na da da daaaa) - theme tune to the good the bad and the fashion obsessed but what care I, it will be mine!

    1. Isn't the faux suede one GORGEOUS?!! GO FOR IT!

  11. Yes, they definitely have the advantage on space.. and views !! You'll just have to start making your wish list for when you get back xxxx