It's inspiration time

So here's the thing.  I don't know if it's that inbetweeny time of year retail wise, this rather random weather we're having, my brain being fried from trying to be Supermum (after a week of school holidays - I appreciate this is rather pathetic) or the onslaught of "NEW TRENDS" that is filling the magazines this month. 

If you ask me, confusion is the name of the current game.

However I have a cunning plan.  I have been inspired.

Ok so admittedly it's not reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination but I think it's something that it's easy to forget and good to be reminded of.

I'm going back to basics.  Having seen this pic of lovely (ok yes, A/W) plain delicious basics on an email the other day. 


The idea is, that if I have lots of plain, classic basics as the basis to my wardrobe, I can then just add in some more on trend items and have the perfect *capsule* (we're talking space capsule admittedly) wardrobe. 

Which obviously lends itself perfectly to the fringed bag from yesterday.... get in there.  No I haven't decided which one but I might have to order the Jerome Dreyfuss one (just to scratch the itch... free delivery at Matches so theoretically it costs me nothing to look...) 

It also is exceptionally timely with regards to not making loads of mistakes buying new season goodies that seem like an amazing idea now but maybe I've gone off come October. (oh lord PLEASE tell me it's not just me who does this?  Things that seem so unique and different when you spend a gazillion pounds on them from Whistles, only to see Primark, New Look etc bring out a version that costs a 50th of what you paid...)

We also have packing for hols - the better the basics, the easier is it to pack.  Fact. 

So what's first up in the quest for the perfect basic wardrobe?  It's got to be the white shirt.  A classic that every woman needs.  To be honest, there are many permutations of the white shirt and so it certainly isn't unfeasible to have at least a couple on your wishlist (don't thank me all at once...) 

Starting with one that I think is just sublime.  I need these for over all my old skinnies.  To bring them bang up to date with a fitted blazer.  All hail the perfect muffin hiding miracle masterpiece.  Thank you Johnny B.

The Boyfriend Shirt in White from Boden £59 - but remember your 20% off with the code AT25 

A softer fabric now with the flowy shirt from Mango.  A different look and actually I don't think the two are interchangeable - they're very different so it's exceptionally easy to justify both.  

Flowy Shirt from Mango £17.99

Having said that, I think the Me+Em ones are the perfect compromise of both.  They have the fitted look (to be fair if you're after something much looser these aren't going to work) but are a softer more fluid fabric (that doesn't need ironing... just throwing that out there...!) 

Double Layer Shirt from Me+Em £88 I am definitely definitely getting one of these for hols.

If you are after looser then a silk shirt would be a good option.  This one from Poetry looks amazing - if you fancy collarless. 

Poetry Pure Silk Shirt in ecru £119

More silk and in ivory, if full on bright white doesn't float your boat at Winser London.  I know it says dry clean but I would so handwash this. 

Winser London Silk £165

The silky look but in viscose in the sale at Jigsaw. 

Jigsaw Pocket Detail Shirt was £79 now £55

A more casual look now with what I term a very non technical term of "creasey".  Hopefully you know what I mean.  A shirt that looks actually better when it's on the lived in side.  This is the sort of shirt that looks as good undone with a breton tee or tank underneath - a sort of summer jacket style.  Throw on a blazer, a utility jacket or any sort of oversized cardigan and you're set to go.

Oversized Chambray Pocket Shirt from Topshop £30

A linen classic that will look much better worn slouchy with a bit of crease to it.  And 20% off at M&S until Sunday with JUL15EM.  Off EVERYTHING.  I am personally going on a beauty blow out before my hols - I'll share my favourite pics with you before the weekend is out. 

M&S Collection Pure Linen Easy to Iron Shirt £28  My friend has this and it looks so so much better than the pic here.

Off piste now (I wouldn't be me if I totally stuck to brief....) and this is NOT what I'm looking for *think simple, think classic, think plain* but apart from that, these are lovely and definitely very useful, if not an exact fit for item number one on the capsule wardrobe.  Details, schmetails.  They're ace for holidays over shorts or any sort of jeans.  Throw on with skinnies and heels for a night out.  Bingo.  I need both.

Notch Neck Lace Panelled Blouse £39.50 from M&S pre 20% off.

And finally - the one I saw in Topshop this week.  The one thing (ok second thing but I'm coming back to that) I saw that I had a serious lust in with. 

Fringe Crinkle Blouse from Topshop £32

So since the other day, I've decided to only wear outfits I LOVE.  I don't care if I'm doing nothing, I am only wearing things I really really like. 

Try it.  Not just outfits that are meh, ok, will do - outfits you LOVE.  I defy you not to feel instantly better. 

I've dragged lots of old favourites out of the wardrobe and it's definitely worked (I will admit that old does, alas, mean last year.... although these skinnies from Next are from about five years ago.  They are absolutely fabulous for about three hours and then verge on boyfriend jeans, they stretch that much.  Pants)


Too much love will kill you tee - Zoe Karssen
Black tux blazer - Hush
White skinnies - Next
Black oversized buckle sliders - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

And today.  Out on a country trip for coffee and cake to lovely Cranbrook with the 10yr old and my sister in law.  Picked up the boys from football camp and then off out swimming with friends.  Wearing a top I picked up at TK Maxx a couple of months ago and have worn once.  I should wear a lot more.  I absolutely love it.  Will be an Autumn fave for sure.


Tobacco thin knit button jumper - Zadig & Voltaire
Khaki paint splattered boyfriends - Zara
Tan sandals - Forever21
Whiskey medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

So we've had a lovely week.  I'm not going to lie - I have found it slightly stressful trying to create a fun packed, playdate, action filled week and am not sure my children have enjoyed it any more than a week hanging out at home in the garden and with ipads.... However, we survived, my throat doesn't hurt from shouting and I have only drunk one bottle of wine all week.  Neither have I resorted to crazy online shopping.  That's clearly next week's task.  RESULT in my book.  

Still got lots more capsule wardrobe ideas lined up - watch this space. 

Hope everyone else has survived the week - what would be your capsule wardrobe number one?

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14 comentarios:

  1. A longline white AND chambray shirt are both on my current shopping list as, let's face it, the east coast of Scotland seems to have entered autumn already, meh........
    I really don't know wtf has happened to Next jeans recently. I've bought 3 pairs since spring & not only have I had to size down at least one size, by the end of the first day of wearing, they're like baggy MC Hammer pants, meh again........! X

    1. Chambray as in blue? They're definitely a must for me too - coming up shortly, fear not.

      And Next skinnies have always not been worth it. Yes, they're an amazing fit to begin with but by the end of the day, they're falling round your ankles. M&S & River Island are the place to go for reasonable ones. Dorothy Perkins and New Look are also criminals for adding too much lyrcra. Baggytastic by lunchtime x

    2. Sorry, should've said yes, just blue!!
      I didn't realised it was too much Lycra that made jeans go baggy? I'll head to M&S today x

    3. YES! Too much lycra over the day will make jeans bag. It does tend to be cheaper jeans as they can put more lycra in to give them an amazing initial fit as opposed to perfecting the actual cut of the jean - if that makes sense? So FAB when you first put them on but during the day - no way jose. xxx

  2. That Poetry white silk shirt is perfection! White shirts is one of those items I love on other people and thus constantly tempted to buy but somehow never wear much myself. I've decided the collarless, soft (silk etc) shirts are easiest to wear for me but I love the classic white shirt and jeans combo. And looking forward to more capsule wardrobe ideas (love love love them!)

    1. I'm not going to lie - I don't wear them as much as I would like to as a) I'm so slovenly I worry about spilling somethign on them and b) I hate hate hate ironing. (I'm a gift to The Husband, as you can see!) More idea coming up!

  3. Liking the idea of an off white shirt as white never does it for me. Looking in US for fringed bag, off to Woodstock tomorrow and high hopes that all of that 60's throwback will produce one.....

    1. Yes, off white is definitely an option and is softer for a lot of people. Also I think can be less *business likes*. Have a fab fab time at Woodstock - you are having an amazing hols!

  4. You are so right - you can't beat a crisp white shirt, jeans and a blazer. High heels or converse, if doesn't matter - Looks cool on anyone! Lorraine x

    1. and I don't think you can ever have too many either. They work in so many different guises!

  5. I loved the Hush one but I really was after something longer lined so I'm pleased I held off as the Boden one has my name all over it. I have a blazer thread coming up, fear fear not! i'm about to order the Me+Em one in navy (am so so tempted to get the white as well....but I will TRASH It)

    And I don't even think it's that shallow to only wear what you love - anything that gives you a mental boost whether it works from the inside out or the outside in, is worth it (ooh maybe I should do a blog on this......!)

  6. I have the Me&Em one in navy and white from last season. It should be too long and shapeless but because it has the high splits at the sides it looks sublime on and is now one of my go to favourites. I bought mine in the sale (although it only had about £20 off!) and it was one of my best ever sale buys. I do like the look of the White one but with 2 kids and 4 dogs it is merely a pipe dream!

    1. You have to see them and wear their things to realise how fabulous they are, don't you? And they wash like a dream so the white one would be SO fine!

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