To hell with it

I want a new bag.  There is no need about this at all.  This is purely - something for holiday, a treat, a little bit of decadence.  Now we're not talking super expensive designer but we are talking a leather number that will last. 

I am ridiculously excited about the idea of this. My usual Monday three hour Autistic session wasn't on yesterday so I theoretically should have been doing something useful which is on my offensively large list of "jobs" - like clear out the boys' wardrobes - or mine for that matter..... 

Did I? Hell no, I took full advantage of the unexpected peace after the usual chaos of the weekend (big hand to The Husband by the way for supervising the 8yr old Aspie's Rainforest Project which was a massive massive success.  A task which I had miserably failed at for two weeks, so hats off to the big man for being so calm.  There was the usual chaos on top of this mind you....) and revelled in trawling the internet for that more unusual bag which had my name all over it. 

When I say unusual, I mean something - well... that little bit different.  Like I said, not super expensive but something that you look at and think - not usually me but I LOVE it.  I can guarantee if you do this and go for something a little off piste, if you truly adore it, you will always use it, regardless of how on trend it is or not. 

An example of this is my cognac cross body battered bag from Campomaggi.  Now this was a lot more than I want to spend today but the premise was the same.  I had hawked the bag all season (five years ago now, maybe six actually)  It's not like any other bag I have and at the time, it was a toss up between this and a Mulberry Bayswater in oak.  To be honest, I would have definitely still used the latter and it would have been a better investment as the price of them now is offensive (well only were I to sell it and I wouldn't have) but I'm not sure I would still be as in love with it as I am with the Campomaggi.  It was at the time and still is a far more unique choice. 

So the first bags are quite on trend at the moment but when I did a fringe bag blog a month or so ago, so so many people said that they used their vintage fringe bags every year.  For leather bags, these Mint Velvet ones are, in my opinion definitely the best on the market and are the perfect accessory to take you all through the Summer and into the Winter months. 

Black Tafara Fringe Slouch bag was £159 now £79

Steel Fiona Fringe Bag from Mint Velvet was £129 now £65

The Reiss leather bucket bag that I already featured is now on sale. 

Reiss Black Leather Tassel Bucket Bag was £169 now £118

Something with a bit more individuality and a bargain price for a leather bag this size - 

ASOS Vintage Leather Festival Bag £60

Moving into blue territory now - I think the hardest shade of leather bag to conquer.  All these would float my blue boat. 

Paul & Joe Sister Marine Satchel was £225 now £95  Super super bargain.

All about the blue still.  A perfect colour for Summer but I love pale blue with black, navy and grey so ideal for the A/W as well. 

Radley Handbag Victoria Park Medium Across Body bag in blue was £132.30 now £94.50

Ellie Textured Bucket Bag by Owen Barry at Anthropologie was £168 now £99.95  Again, a bag for all seasons and just that little bit different from everything else you find on the High Street.

Whilst we're on the subject of other colours - good old khaki is going to be my mainstay this season. 

Absolutely love this more unusual shape.  

ASOS Leather and suede slouch hobo bag with zip £55

Now they call this tan at ASOS but I think this is more of a cognac or whiskey shade... So not dissimilar to my Chloe one which I have to say, surprisingly, is the most useful colour ever.  I thought it was slightly too orange when it arrived but randomly, it works as my favourite neutral.  It genuinely appears to go with everything.  Go figure.

ASOS Suede 70s Saddle Bag £45

Proper wine now (yes I know - no small coincidence that my colour adjectives are mostly alcohol related..) and this is a great colour for the A/W.  However I'd still definitely wear in the Summer with shades of white and tan.

ASOS Leather Handbag with oversized tassles was £65 now £39

Classic black now and I would go so far as to say you can never have too many black bags.  Certainly I know I use all mine regularly.  However I could also say the same thing about all shades of tan...... (or just bags in general??!)

Collection WEEKEND by John Lewis Neve Leather Barrel Bag was £79 now £39.50

ASOS Everley Premium Leather Shoulder Bag was £65 now £39  I would believe you if you told me this was Marni.....

Another pared back simple classic at Anthropologie. 

Rave Leather Bucket Bag by Yerse was £138 now £74.95

And a classic cross body bag at another great reduction from Liebeskind - the most buttery, soft leather. 

Liebeskind Calista Crossboy Bag at Anthropologie was £138 now £68.95

Leather and suede at Topshop £65.  They did this (or at least very similar) a couple of seasons ago and I remember being amazed at how fantastic it was for the money. 

And finishing with a couple of more expensive ones BUT they are great reductions and I think, if you love the shape, the texture and the colour, then definitely worth it.  I have a sneaky feeling that Gerard Darel is going to be a brand to watch in the next couple of seasons....

Gerard Darel Westbourne Bag in Taupe was £495 now £297

A lighter shade at Rebecca Minkoff which would be ideal for all year round.  An amazing discount with an extra 10% off the sales price using code YOLO.

Rebecca Minkoff Moto Bag in Biscuit was £284 now £170.40 

Or at The Outnet, there are some Tory Burch treats. 

Clayton Leather Tote from Tory Burch was £410 now £164

And the tan which doesn't have quite as good a discount was £410 now £184.50

Love this two tone one at The Outnet. 

See by Chloe Textured leather tote in black and mushroom was £435 now £195.95

However my top choice is this one from Plumo.  I have hankered after this all season and absolutely adore it.  Plus I don't have a navy bag and have wanted one for eons. 

Drew Studded Bag from Plumo was £169 now £135

I have exceptionally high expectations for it so I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint when it arrives.  It's going to be my holiday bag - the perfect starting point for packing.  Must go with all things navy... (dare I say let the shopping commence??!)

Is anyone else in the market for a new bag?  Would love to hear if you've recently got a new one or have your eye on anything that you're waiting to be reduced?  Or are you playing chicken with the sale.... (in my experience, alas, Plumo tends to sell out before it gets reduced further - I don't think I can wait any longer, despite it being a pretty pants reduction) 

And as if by magic - here I am with my beloved Campomaggi bag yesterday.


Navy and white linen top - Massimo Dutti
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS
White sliders - River Island
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday.  I didn't make it to London today but I am up and at it tomorrow.  Regent St & Selfridges - watch out.  

However first, I have a date with a glass of wine and the Hush Sale which started this morning... please don't let everything be sold out......

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17 comentarios:

  1. Drool... I always thought I wasn't too bothered by bags, then discovered I had pinned so many they needed their own board! The Mint Velvet one is gorgeous, I had already spotted the Anthropologie one and the ASOS suede one is really lovely. Plumo: just gorgeous, I agree they don't discount much usually.


  2. I haven't seen the R&B bucket bag... it's not the super slouchy suede one is it? That's gorgeous. And good ordering by all accounts! I must be the only person who doesn't buy a THING on holiday!

  3. Dear Lord that ASOS bag is amazing! I'd put it at either Marni or Celine! Off to order it now!

    1. Gosh yes, it's v Celine as well isn't it?! AMAZING price and I think it's reduced further

  4. Oh Kat what have you done?? I'm now seriously lusting after the brown Albion Tote on the Plumo site. Am doing a huge convincing myself job that it would be ideal for travelling - if I figure out that it can carry my laptop, there may well be a purchase ....
    Adore your navy choice too by the way. God, that site has gorgeous bags!

    1. I think they tried to deliver mine today.... Can't WAIT to see it - so so so so hope it doesn't disappoint.... Honestly that Albion Tote is amazing. i can't go on that site - I literally turn Boho overnight (which isn't really me....!)

  5. Bags are definitely my downfall and I have just bought a gorgeous DKNY crossbody one and a Michael Kors soft tote - but I am in the US on holiday and they are SO much cheaper here so it would be crazy not to, right? Enjoy yours when it comes. Lorraine x

    1. You see I'd say they were my downfall too but then again I'd have to add shoes... and jackets... and jeans... and now dresses..... I am a total FAIL! Happy holiday - the advantage of going to Suffolk is that I buy NADA!

  6. Bucket bags are so annoying, they look nice but it's impossible to find anything in their depths, no compartments for order. They drive me nuts so will never buy another one.

    Liebeskind bags are practical and good looking.

    1. haha! I have a small accessories pouch I move from bag to bag which stops me losing things! I don't think they're any worse than a hobo bag to be honest and most I've seen do actually have pockets?

      The Liebeskind bags are also the most amazing quality xx

  7. That navy blue bag covered in dots looks suspiciously like one I had about 15years ago and used for school... random!

  8. I'll take the Paul & Joe & the Topshop ones please, thank you very much!! X

  9. That cross body bag is just gorgeous. Such an incredible colour x