New season part one of a gazillion

So after my little foray into capes yesterday, I spent more time that I should have done on the River Island website.  

It's pretty hard to resist "New In" and, ok I'll fess up, I didn't try very hard at all.  Well it was absolutely pouring with rain and it was the first day of the holiday where my parenting high point was when I went and hollered at the kids "ONE SCREEN AT AT TIME" as they played on their ipads with the tv on.  I'm sure that's the number one rule in the Top Parenting manual?

Anyway, I've been up since the crack of dawn today with the puppy which means I now get a bit of quiet time to carry on with my perusal of all things new and fabulous. 

Starting with that wishlist and River Island, you're first up. 

Firstly, the good old pleather trews.  These are my number one item.  Perfect in every way.  I have loved this shape in the Summer and I think it will work just as well in the A/W with heels for the evening, flats during the day (cold ankles cold schmankles) or ankle boots.  I do have a black version from Zara last year which I wore loads last year and plan to resurrect this Autumn for sure.

Now I'm really not an oxblood fan if I'm honest (despite me selecting the trousers above) but that seems to be not ringing true right now as these have also caught my eye.  I have yet failed to master culottes but I have a cunning plan for a variation on a theme which I'm going to explore more in the next couple of days.  And these might just fit the bill - culottes... but less skirt like and more cropped trousers.  

Dark red leather look culottes £38

Speaking of heels, these are perfect for all Autumn evenings out.  For me, these would be the ideal replacement for all my gladiator/lace up heeled sandals that I've been wearing with midi dresses.  They'd be amazing with the first two pleather items. 

Get ahead of the game with what I know is going to be my must have of the season - the over the knee boot.  Now there's definitely something about a heeled boot that makes ithe over the knee version slightly more difficult to get right.  Think Pretty Woman and think nuh uh.

But a block heel one in suede hits exactly the right note and these ones are currently on special offer. 

Black smart over the knee boot was £75 now £60

So these aren't going to be for everyone but I absolutely adore these snakeskin shoes.  Again perfect for adding something new to your classic wardrobe.  Love the idea of these with a plain black outfit.  Or navy.... A pair of jeans, white tee and navy or black blazer - classic chic with a slight twist.

Green leather snake print court shoes £65

More accessory love in the form of bags.... 

Now I won't lie.  The chances of me buying this faux fur scarf aren't high, but that doesn't mean I don't love the idea of it.... 

Lilac Stripe Faux Fur Tippet £28  Perfect for throwing on over plain blazers and coats to bring them right up to date.

The above is ideal if you want to just add that something a bit different to your plain outfits from last year but if you want to let your jumper do the talking... (disclaimer - I know I say I'm not a fan of fringing but yes I appear to be drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  The chances of me turning up on the school run on the 7th September, looking like Hiawatha's mum, are very high.  You have been warned)

Light beige fringed jumper £40

Whilst we're in full on Autumn mode, this is genius.  Last year, it was all about the wrap coats - those "is it a coat or is it a dressing gown" jobs.  And for lots of people, the jury was still out at the end of the season. 

Well, River Island have come up with a cunning option that eliminates the problem.  Add trench detailing. 

Light grey longline trench jersey coat £75

Finishing with some print.  River Island have, I think, always come up with some really interesting print pieces.  They're not going to last you forever, but they are the perfect injection of something interesting into your wardrobe for not a lot money. 

Starting with the ubiquitous shirt dress.  I've been asked by a couple of friends for more dress blogs - both work and are desperate for my & Other Stories shirt dresses that are sold out.  So I've got some research to do on those but in the meantime, these three fill a hole.  Although I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're probably best suited to the less tall amongst us. (which isn't actually either of my two aforementioned friends, so sorry J and A!  I will be back)

Black printed shirt dress £50

Green large floral print shirt dress £50

Black printed long sleeve shirt dress £45

So I think there's definitely some food for thought there and is all great research into finalising my A/W wish list.  Part one of it that is......

How are other people getting on with their list of new additions for next season or are you still firmly entrenched in Summer?

Finishing with outfit from last night.  Oh my lord, the rain.  We had our school's End of Year Summer Party which I organise  - and of course was a bbq..(!).  Luckily the venue that we always go to are amazing at dealing with the unexpected and it was a great party, monsoon permitting.


Dress - Self Portrait 
Gladiator sandals - Burberry 
Clutch - Tory Burch

So I've got a wonderfully relaxing evening ahead having had a great family day.  Hour long dog walk in our local park with the children which was pure heaven after the weather yesterday.  Trip to McDonald's and then the Minions movie.  And now an evening on the sofa - pure bliss. 

Coming up soon I've got dresses, my take on culottes and footwear that will double up for this time of year (should it rain... cos I'm sure it's not going to rain again this holiday.... ha ha) and the Autumn.  And I've warned you about the upcoming bag obsession I can feel brewing...... What's top of your Must Have list for A/W?

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8 comentarios:

  1. I got pleather skinnies last year which are the most comfortable jeans in the world (thank you Vero Moda) but I think this year you might just have won me round to the idea of the jogger style pleathers. Damn you :)
    Adore that navy bag... off to see what ridiculous price it is when they 'convert' to euro!

    1. oh yes, you think the skinnies are comfortable then these are a step above! Ideal for all the travelling you do.... The navy bag's great isn't it - amazing price (well... in £...) for suede. xx

  2. Love the grey jersey trench. That is really nice although wouldn't keep me too warm during winter. More of a transitional piece? All I need just now is an umbrella coz it won't stop raining up here!! Lorraine x

    1. Lashing with rain here too..... Family duvet day here!

  3. Wallis also have quite a good selection of shirt dresses at the moment.

    1. I'll be sure to check them out thakn you so much - they're also a really good length.x

  4. That SP dress is such a winner.

    1. Very pleased with it I have to say. Also think it will look fab in the Autumn with ankle boots!