First out of the traps....

.. with all things Autum Winter and a cracking code, is Boden.  20% off, which is unusual for their new stock, A2T5.  

So this is a quick extra blog from me as I'm sat here, supposed to be taking the poor puppy for a walk but she has a bad tummy from me giving her chicken (delicate thing can only have dry food - a hint of anything else and it goes through her like the plague), a very sad and down, 8yr old Aspie who's not feeling himself and not having a great day so he's at home - oh and it's pouring with rain. 

What could be more perfect therefore than a cup of coffee, a dog curled up by my side, the sofa, a laptop and reruns of House. (I was up this morning washing dog blankets at 6.30am and have just cleaned the kitchen so the rest of the housework can frankly do one).  And since no one else has seen fit to send me through any A/W brochures yet (the postman thanks you but I'd love more to ogle please....) Boden gets first dibs.  

I now get to see all the great new products online that I saw way back when at the Boden Press A/W 15 Launch. 

So what are my top picks.  Well....

Best place to start with A/W is, of course a coat.  Oh how I love coats.  I don't just love them, I absolutely adore them.  Do I have too many?  Hell yes.  Do I need more?  Hell yes (ok probably not but I can't guarantee that I won't be able to resist one gem this season)

Will it perhaps be one of the Sienna Coats?

Instantly drawn to this one but seeing as I already have a multicolour coat (this shape too) from last year (the Topshop one), not sure I can justify another. 

Sienna Coat £189 in the stripe.  (pre discount)

However the obvious choice for me would clearly be the Oatmeal one... although again, I can't justify (and this I definitely acknowledge!) another coat in this colour.  But I will say it's my favourite colour coat ever. 

In the oatmeal £189 pre discount

But there is also a khaki version.. (and I love love love khaki more than anything at the mo) 

However if we're talking coats to wear now, we don't need a coat coat - oh no... we need a coatigan. 

This is what I have had my eye on since I saw it back when (I can't remember when and to get up and look at my diary would necessitate disturbing aforementioned puppy so apologies).  Ideal for so many different occasions.  

Relaxed Stitch Coatigan £99 pre discount

Also in a Chinchilla (god I so wanted a chinchilla when I was young) £99 (and available in a grey online)

The alternative if you don't like that length is the very similar, shorter jacket.  The simple shape, the lack of any fussy detail bar the simple shoulder stitching, makes this pretty perfect for me.

Curzon Jacket £99 pre discount

Also lovely with shades of navy, black and white in the bloom pink £99  Also available in a black online.

Onto tops now and this isn't going to be for everyone but I love.  I have two embellished breton - in fact by total coincidence I have one on today.  Have to say I think my favourite would be the navy and white colourway and since I don't have a breton that shade, that one goes straight to the top of my wishlist. 

Embellished Breton £39 before discount

Whilst we're on the topic of variations on a classic - all hail the ballet flat. 

And these scallop points are possibly the most perfect ballet flats I've seen in years.  Yes there is the black which is pretty darn special but there is a leopard print one which is The Ultimate in ballet flats.  There's also a grey leopard pair which I have to say, may just sneak under the radar as being The Ultimate II.  But they're not online yet.  Which means we just have to ogle the black ones. 

Scallop Point £69 pre discount (really good price with the 20% off then)

One thing that I cannot recommend highly enough from Boden is their skinny jeans.  And this season there are two new fabrics.  Still without a muffin in sight. 

Get these early as they do sell out. 

High Rise Super Skinny Jeans in metallic £69 pre 20% off.

And waxed is what they interestingly call Porridge.  I say interesting as the image of porridge on my legs doesn't fill me with joy.  However I have seen them and can confirm they are pretty darn marvellous.  Love the idea of these now but also in Winter - throw on a huge jumper for a different lighter look.  Right now, I'd be wearing out in the evening with a white shirt and heels.  Gorgeous - love me a bit of winter white.

High Rise Super Skinny Jeans in the Porridge (yes that's what they really call it and as colour descriptions go, to be fair, very apt!) 

And the beauty of Boden dresses is that, like the jeans, they come in different lengths. 

I am the biggest drawstring waist fan so this has my name all over it.  My choice would be the red.  I do not do red.  But this I think could work.  With tan.  Oh hello.  Red and tan I love and used to actually wear loads when I was blond.  Seeing as my hair looks like it's on a mission back to bleach, I reckon this could now work. 

Silk Shirt Dress £129 in the red small daisy

But my two favourite things from the day have a recurrent theme.  Oh yes, it's the leopard. 

This is the pic I put on Instagram 9 weeks ago apparently (so that's when it was and no I haven't been bothered to look up when that was) 


There are loads more gorgeous things I saw which aren't yet in stock but suffice to say, I'm sure you could wisely use an hour of your time having a lovely peruse through the beginnings of their new stock.  As it starts raining again....

Outfit from today with aforementioned breton tee 

Tee - Zara kids 
Jeans - Zara
White stans - adidas
Blazer - Zara
Prada bag

And I'm back tomorrow, firmly in my comfort zone. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Got my Boden catalogue yesterday at work (the postman knows to deliver to my office) - so many things I covet! And yes - the Alexis boots are very high on that list. Boden have really upped their game these past few seasons.

    1. Oh I LOVE the fact they deliver it to your office! The catalogue is gorgeous isn't it? I do think it does pay to check them on the website as some things can photograph "very well"....!!

  2. Some nice things - quite like the glittery long sleeved top as well.....

    1. I missed that in the catalogue... Off to check!

  3. I so feel your pain I also have an Australian Labradoodle 9 months that is intolerant to chicken ( we have also stopped giving scraps) as this also make her ill. After doing loads of research I have now found a kibble that she likes and doesn't make her ill. So glad I have finally got her good sorted.

    1. Oh lord I'm so sorry to hear that but would you mind sharing which kibble it is?! She doesn't really like any of them.. we've tried 5 different sorts and are gathering a kibble mountain...

    2. Yes of course it's barking head puppy grain free salmon and trout. Hope this helps.

    3. Also just tried her on tinned tuna with her kibble, I have never seen her so keen to eat her food. Although this will only be an occasional treat. I have also been told tinned sardines are good, so will be trying these next.

  4. Agreed Boden must have revisited the European market, much more chic, previous years since U.S. Launch has been dire. Teen girl clothing still dreadful so they must be erring across the water on that market.

    1. Have to say I don't look at it really for the 10yr old as it's too expensive compared to the likes of Zara! But yes, their women's range is almost unrecognisable from a couple of years ago. AND it's definitely cut for a mature figure as well ie proper skinny jeans that are skinny without being spray on. LOVE them

  5. Bought the coat and the boots.. nothing like the rush of A/W shopping the day before leaving for a month long holiday!! Yahy!!! Something to look forward to when I'll be back!!

    1. Oh that's amazing. I'm sending ALL my sandals back (ok so I haven't yet and I still might not....) but suddenly I can't get my head around anything Summer any more. This weather is not helping. not that i'm ridiculously fickle or anything.

  6. I've given up on Boden as between the exchange rate and the delivery/returns charges it works out too expensive. I love the first coat with the stripes...but as this is the third time I've seen it this week (truly ... already!!) I'm wondering is it going to be this season's version of the infamous M&S pink coat of yore?

    1. It's very distinctive and as one who has already a plethora of bright coats, my money would be on the navy coatigan!

  7. It is isn' it.. my wishlist is growing by the minute!!

  8. I really want the mustard Breton top but not sure what the sizing is like - should I size up to accommodate boobage or should my regular size be ok? I also love the coats & coatigans. X

    1. I have to say I always size up in Boden tops. I find them quite small - I'm usually a size 10 with no boobs but I do have a broad back....