Unearthing gems everyone else seems to know about

One of the great things about writing this blog is the opportunity to discover new brands that otherwise might pass you buy.  There are simply too many brands out there for everyone to know about.  As you're probably aware, I am often (very very very often) asked if I would like to review products but it's not often that I say yes. 

The reason I say yes so rarely is so that when I do, it's evident that it's because I truly love the products that I've been asked to look at. 

However there is the odd time that it really does work out in everyone's favour.  You discover a brand that hasn't been on your radar before and wonder why it hasn't. 

You also discover that everyone else seems to know about it.  On chatting to a couple of friends about shoes I was receiving to review - two of them immediately piped up about how they always bought shoes from there and how fab they were and HOW did I not know about it before?

Well it always look just a bit sporty.  And there in lies the issue of there being so many shops on the high street and so many retailer outlets to navigate online.  Brands can get overlooked if the perception is that it's not for you.

The brand I'm talking about today is Geox.  The Italian brand who I now know, much to my mortification, do sell shoes other than the sporty ones.  And really very lovely shoes (and boots and sneakers...) at that.

Why do I think they're sporty?  Partly because that's where my boys get their trainers from (we don't buy from a Geox store so I've never had a chance to see what else was on offer)  And partly because the window of their store, often predominantly has sporty and, dare I say it, sensible looking shoes in the window. 

Well it just goes to show that you can't always judge a book by its cover and you certainly shouldn't rely on preconceptions. 

Because how wrong was I? 

So wrong that I honestly struggled to choose just one pair of shoes and exceptionally cheekily asked if I could also try a pair of flats.  

My main mission was to discover if, as per their marketing about the practical benefits of their shoes, I could find a pair of comfortable heels.  One of my friends swears that once you've bought a pair of heels from there, you will never buy a pair from anywhere else.  Clarks schmarks.  These are the most comfortable heels you can put on your feet according to her and she buys a pair from there every year. 

And it didn't stop with my friends' adulation.  Was chatting to the family about work and lo and behold - the 10yr old and The Husband both piped up with "LOVE geox shoes (mummy loads of my friends have them), why can't we have any".  So back to Geox I trotted and they very very kindly offered a pair to both of them (I didn't have the heart to go back and ask if the two smallest monkeys in the family could have a pair of trainers seeing as I already am fully aware of how great they are.  Darn it!) 

But enough of the small talk - let's see the proof. 

So I will admit that they do have a very wide selection of shoes that are definitely suited to a wide range of people (for a start, my whole family are now Geox fans).  But even within the women's selection, they do pretty much have a shoe for everyone. 

I was all about the heels though and once I'd seen these, there really was no going back.

Unfortunately they've sold out of them in this colourway but to be honest, it was a close call between the black above and the light taupe ones below. 

Ivana Heeled Sandals in light taupe was £120 now £80

Mine arrived last week and I am wore them last Thursday night to a dinner party.  I can honestly say it certainly doesn't feel like you are wearing heels that high.  They really are the acme of comfortable heels.

However it was difficult to choose between the Ivanas and these, the Heritage, which I've since discovered, they make every year but with a twist each season.  Super popular and my friend can vouch for extremely comfortable. (I'm not going say that she's usually fussy with heels... but she's usually fussy with heels.  Very.)

Heritage Heeled Sandals £110 now £77

Or the black again now £77 - you see how hard it was to make the decision?  I could happily have both of those.


Other heels that caught my eye in store were the Lanas. These are definitely slightly lower. With my love of the vertiginous heel, I would categorise these as being of the mid variety and actually perfect to wear on a daily basis.  Ideal for Summer office wear.  These could well have made the cut for me, had I not had a slightly similar pair in the black from Clarks a couple of years ago (which I wear loads - they are definitely timeless).  Plus once I'd set eyes on the Ivanas.....

Lana in light taupe were £110 now £77

Or in the black again now £77 

The other option that I nearly went for and loved were wedges.  They have some amazing wedges that don't feel remotely as high as they look.  

Jaleah Wedges in biscuit were £103 now £73.50

And here is a lesson in needing to try something on to see what they actually look like. Normally I wouldn't have bothered with these but I have to say on, I absolutely loved them. 


However the story of the Summer for me (and the latter of last Winter if I think about it) has definitely been flats

Hold on to your horses now - these are absolutely not going to be for everyone.  But watch this space as these are going to be everywhere come the Autumn I promise.  It's the fringe phenomenon going to the next level.  I thought these would be really cute with a pair of khakis, thin knit jumper, blazer for the now (well not now scorchio now but last week now) and with a military jacket and big scarf for the Autumn.  Marant eat your heart out.  I did try to order these but they're sold out in my size. 

Sara Moccasins - collaboration with Patrick Cox were £140 now £70

And if you haven't got your sandals yet then there are two pairs in particular I would have worn in a heartbeat. 

Starting with these which I can't find online but they did definitely definitely have instore.


Or the Jolanda was £90 now £63  The best thing about their flat sandals is that they don't go up around the ankle unlike most of the gladiator sandals out there.  One of the major bug bears I know lots of people have is that they really don't like ankle straps.  I personally am a fan but even without an ankle strap, for me, these were amazing.


But I am sandalled out (yes, can you believe I am admitting this....?) and so I chose to look ahead to something I could wear now for cooler days but really thinking about A/W.

What did I struggle with last year and couldn't find at all? (and believe me, I did give it a really good go...)  A black sneaker. 

Call off the dogs.  Geox have some amazing sneakers.

The New Club in black patent snakeskin was £70 now £49 I wish we had touchavision (clearly we don't as I just made up the name, let alone the concept or technology) so that you could feel how light these are.  At the same time though they don't look like a super summery plimsoll but a proper leather sneaker.  All the advantage of leather but with a breathable sole and super comfy technology.

I absolutely love the shape at the front.  Pointy enough to be on trend but not too pointy so that they're hideously uncomfortable and so long that on larger feet make you look like a penguin.  These are perfect.  Size wise, I took my normal size. 

I am beyond giddy that I have found a pair that work and am already starting to plan my A/W monochrome outfits round them.  All hail the black.  Black leather skirt, with all jeans, with little black dresses, dungarees, you name it, I shall be wearing them with it.  (including midi dresses - how could I have neglected to mention the midi dress...)

And with the cooler weather yesterday, I got a chance to wear them.  Super comfortable without socks, wore them all day without one hint of any rubbing.  I am going to be all over these in the A/W.


They do also have them in the white if you have been on the look out for a pair of sneakers and haven't succumbed to the Stan Smiths.  These are an entirely different level of comfort, I promise you. 

And what did the other lucky members of my family pick? 

Well it didn't take much for the 10yr old to hone in on these ("a girl in my drama has them mummy and they're amazing!").  A really good selection for girls.  Not too grown up but a world away from too young.  Perfect.

And The Husband - with ideas of all things Italian and Euro chic (he's going to LOVE me for that), chose a pair of suede moccasins.  They do look great for weekend dressing with shorts and a casual shirt.  One thing my other half does do really well is casual smart Summer dressing. (as well as obviously being impeccably turned out at all other times...)

So am I teaching you all to suck eggs?  Am I the last person to know how wide the ranges on offer at Geox are and how versatile, let alone comfortable their shoes can be?  I'd love to know your experiences and if they weren't on your radar before, then I can highly recommend a look.

Great sale on by the way even though I might be all over the sneak peaks of their A/W ranges.  I have a ballet flat hole that I need to fill and my other friend who's been a Geox fan for years, says these are her go to brand for style, comfort and quality.  I shall be exploring in further detail another day. 

And as an experiment, I have had the sneakers on today for a dog walk.  No. Sweaty. Feet.  I also think they'll be amazing with my growing collection of black dresses - get used to seeing them.  They'll be out a lot.

Both outfits from Thursday and yesterday. 


Black shirt dress - & Other Stories
Ivana sandals - Geox


Off white jumper - Kin by John Lewis
Black skinny ankle zip jeans - Boden
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
New Club sneakers - Geox

So am I very late to the party with my Geox discovery?  Off to see if I can grab some bargain sandals in their sale. (and of course more boys trainers.  I am not leaving it till the Summer holidays when they're all sold out and I have to end up paying full price for them)  But thank you to Geox for the shoes for myself and especially for The Husband and the 10 yr old who are delighted.

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24 comentarios:

  1. BIG fan of Geox Respira - I invested in a pair of tan sandals at the beginning of May and have worn them non stop.Yes, they are so comfortable. Also have winter boots which are at least 5 years old - I swear I'll get sick of them before they wear out! On the plus side my feet never get cold. Enjoy your new finds. Love the sandals by the way. xx

    1. Thank you! I have heard nothing but good things about the brand since I started talking about them. You live and learn!

  2. Oh my godfathers I had no idea that Geox did anything like this! I must admit that I'd completely dismissed them thinking that they only did sporty shoes but obviously I couldn't be more wrong. Great choices Kat x

    1. You and me both. Enjoy browsing! Can't wait to see their new range for A/W. x

  3. Oh Kat, I only ever buy Geox for the kids school shoes- never need to polish EVER- babywipe 'n go! I got a pair of hi-tops-cum-snow boots few years back and are amazing for the school run (I'm as sure-footed as a sure-footed thing in snow and ice, v.smug). Love ur choices.xx

    1. Those snow boots sound amazing, will be checking them out xxx

  4. I have only ever though of Geox as Sporty like you say. Not any more - Your choices are great! Your blog is really entertaining and I have spent many evenings admiring your many sartorical choices and not forgetting at times 'funny poses' if I can be so bold. Keep up the good work!

  5. Oh dear, I just ordered the Patrick cox fringed moccasins, with an extra £10 off and down to £60 it seemed rude not to! H

  6. I thought Geox made old lady shoes until in May I spotted a couple of pairs at T K Max. Convalescing from an operation I had time to browse online. I love them. Comfy like you say and no clammy feet problems. Will look for school shoes for my daughter now I know they make them!

    1. They're fab aren't they? Worth looking in TK Maxx for - thanks for the tip off x

  7. love the heels and wedges. your daughters choice was lovely. liked your husbands choice as well, would love my husband to have great choices for shoes but when you have size 14 feet its almost impossible, tend to stock up when we are in the USA but even then choice is limited. same styles all the time. need to look in to Geox shoes as i loved most of your choices and pain free heels would be a bonus.

    1. Pain free heels are the biggest bonus ever!

  8. Lovely shoes! A friend of mine swears by them for kids. I did know they did shoes, but not such a range. My 9yr would love those hi tops (so would I!). Snow boots... worth checking out I think. I could do with some more flat sandals too, I have a lot of double strap sliders but could do with a different style. Off to browse.


    1. The hi tops are so so cute aren't they? Happy browsing xxx

  9. Ooh, I love both pairs that you've chosen. I thought they only made sports shoes too. There are some fab designs here, Liz x

  10. AHA!! Yes, this is what I meant. Hmm I love the Stans BUT if you're going to be doing lots of walking and tramping about in heat then the Geox would be loads better practically. I also love the black patent snakeskin which I think works really well now and also into the A/W. They're also lighter than the Stans which aren't really a Summer shoe (well they're clearly a usual UK Summer shoe ... as that's never generally warm warm!). I've got the New Clubs on again today and will be posting a pic shortly on instagram xx

  11. You are so right...I only ever see Geox shoes on the boys' trainer shelves when we're getting school shoes. Those heels blew me away...I had no idea!

  12. Just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog - I am now £150 poorer, but the proud and very happy owner of the Jaleah tan wedge sandals (incredibly comfy and I say this as a Clarks die hard - no more!), my son has a fab pair of sneakers, and daughter is now equipped with trainers for school and a pair of Ciak sneakers too. I am so very impressed with the quality and fit (most of my family have fairly narrow feet so do struggle with shoes) I will definitley be making Geox one of my go to brands (especially in the sales). Thanks you x

  13. I've liked Geox for a while. Very comfy and somehow a bit cooler than Clarks. I love Clarks too!

  14. Alas distinctly lacking Geox stores in central Scotland so might try online. Are sizes small, big or just right?