A new chapter...

.... for... little old Boden.  

A little extra quickie from me today as I know people have their thoughts on Boden but honestly honestly, they're not what they used to be in days gone by.  Granted, there is still the odd fun lining and a hotchpotch tee if you look hard enough but fair play to them, they have their faithful old guard that do still love them and rely on them for these. 

However, there is now a very different story to Boden, which has been unfurling for the last couple of years. 

And today, they launch a brand new chapter in the form of Boden Icons.  A Limited Edition Collection of 30 pieces "inspired by the rich, eclectic heritage that makes British style iconic".

This probably won't come as news to anyone as there has been an impressive amount of press coverage on this.  I was lucky enough to see the launch of this at their Press Day way back in the Spring.  And have a good poke around and be able to report back on the pieces I think are worth looking at.  Ones that I would happily give a home to. 

So first up - the skirt.  Oh I LOVE this skirt.  

Brigadier Skirt £149

I think this, with black heeled ankle boots and black polo neck is the perfect lunch outfit.  Or dinner.... Or with camel boots.... and a red polo neck (which I don't have and to be honest, I couldn't get away with - I'd switch it out for a winter white one.....)  Simply sublime.

And I'd always wear it with this blouse and some black stilettos (or red if you have them... can you tell I am becoming rather obsessed with red at the moment even though I do not own one thing in that colour...).  This would also look totally amazing with leather peg leg trousers..... (actually red stilettos would look amazing with that outfit too....)  Or dressed down with jeans.... I need this in my life.  I have a high neck one but I love the more casual look to this one.   They also do it in a gold lame which I don't need in my life quite so badly.  If at all.

Soho Blouse £129

The Major Jacket £99 - this along with the skirt above, were for me the two stand out pieces of the collection.  I'm not particularly loving it with these jeans and please believe me when I say it is genuinely far far better in the flesh.

Now I am going to put this in as it is a totally forever purchase if you love the colours.  No it's not cheap but it feels like a designer coat worth four times this much.  It's utterly spectacular (and I am drawn to the red... what is wrong with me?)

Spitalfields Coat in check £399

In red also £399

The one thing that isn't on the Icons list but it's in pretty much every single outfit and seeing as I'm going to be all about the roll necks this season, I thought I'd highlight it (as it's sold out already in the black...)  Trick with ribbing is that it doesn't cling nearly as much as a jersey or plain wool one would.

Skinny rib roll neck £59

In the pale grey 

And finally this... Ok yes, I'll fess up.  I admit it's a bit Bella Freud and were the world a perfect place I'd much rather have one of them (my bestie got the Je t'aime Jane one for her birthday yesterday in the teal and it is totally sublime) but I do definitely have a soft spot for the navy Rebel one.  And as it's a quarter of the price.....  I predict that the logo jumper is going to be the next big thing....

Harry Jumper £89

So thoughts on the range?  Without a shadow of a doubt, it's not going to be for everyone but personally I love the fact they've diversified and gone out on a bit of a limb.  If it's not for you, then you can just fast forward over it.  

Tomorrow I'll be back with what I think is the most ubiquitous item of footwear I can remember in recent years... (unless I change my mind and something urgent springs to mind in the meantime....like something red... maybe I'm turning into that mad woman on Game of Thrones.  Actually I think it's because i'm gradually going lighter and lighter with my hair and I think red might work better on me.  Apart from red lipstick.  Believe me.  Red lipped doesn't work At All.) 

Today - well.   Hello Autumn.  And the rainy version of it as well.  Could it have been any wetter?  On the upside it did actually stop raining on the school run..... Practicality was the key - nothing glamorous at all about today.  Had my hair coloured and just rough dried as I'm having it cut tomorrow (night out tomorrow whoop whoop)


Grey Lucky Sweatshirt - hush
Black down jacket - Ilse Jacobsen
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Black Thea Jeans - ASOS
Black Harker Cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

Oh and I've had it on good authority that the Whistles voucher will be out next week in Grazia.  And yes, lots of loyal customers (sob - not me.... DARN YOU WHISTLES) have been sent 25% off vouchers but they are person specific.  Toying with going to Bluewater tomorrow and loitering outside Whistles with a begging placard.......

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15 comentarios:

  1. They are certainly promoting it in all the right places - the skirt is on Man Repeller today!

    1. It's an impressive collection if I'm honest. The skirt is AMAZING

    2. And on the Stylist list as well

    3. It honestly is unlike anything Boden have done. Fair play to them!

  2. Every time you mention the lining of the rain macs I think of my spotty dotty rainy day Mac which I adore and feel guilty and ashamed!! Ha ha. I'm keeping it though, I live in rural Shropshire so can wear it under the guise of 'just off to buy a new tractor'!!
    The skirt is beautiful but I love love LOVE the military jacket with the braiding on the back, sooooo cool!!

    1. oh gosh I'm so so sorry!! I'm sure it's gorgeous!

    2. Not at all, we can't all love the same things :-)

  3. Bloomin Nora the Soho blouse is already sold out!

  4. I have my eye on that rebel jumper. An affordable version of the Bella Freud I covet!

    1. It's a very good option, isn't it...??!

  5. Replies
    1. None of them are applicable sadly on the Icons range. Boo.

  6. I have a Je t'aime Jane in teal too - it really is a beauty. Purchased in the sale from Avenue 32 - a site which had escaped my radar until recently!

    1. Fabulous steal! (must go and see if there are any others left!)