It's inspiration time

I do have to pre-empt this post by saying this is purely all in the interests of research.  I can no more justify a new bag than I can a trip to the moon (I won't mention new boots as I *may* have bought some on Thursday for my day out yesterday - all will be revealed....) but that doesn't stop me completely drooling at the new bags that are out this season. 

Especially the saddle bag.  I love a saddle bag.  I may have two already - well, variations on the theme in the form of my Anya Maxi Zip Satchel and the Medium Marcie Satchel by Chloe. 

And really, that's where we need to start and end the lust in.  With Chloe.  Amazing satchels and saddle bags and just when I thought I could't love a bag more than all the Marcie derivatives, out comes the Hudson.

It's all about the new Chloe, the Hudson £1315  I first saw this on the My Theresa site on one of their daily New In emails that I have a complete love/hate relationship with.  But they are excellent for inspiration.

Although it's quite a relief to see that, even at that price, it's not perfect.  I think this strap is way too short for cross body...

However, as I mentioned, this is where inspiration comes from and handy then, that there are some great options on the high street.  Now this isn't leather, but I saw it instore the other day and it's really really good quality for a pleather bag. In fact it's better than really really good - it's amazing.  I'm not sure I've seen a better Chloe tribute ever.  I love the fact it's not a direct copy but more of an homage....

Stud Cross Body bag from Mango £24.99  And it comes in four different colour ways although I will say, the tan/orange versions were much more impressive than the black one.

Another option which doesn't have as much detail on (which some may prefer) at Accesorize. 

Studded Tassel Saddle Bag £29 from Accessorize 

Further Chloe inspiration can be found at Debenhams with this unusual shade of khaki from Red Herring. 

Khaki Saddle Bag £25

And also at Accessorize... 70s Saddle Bag in tan £25

All the hail the Chloe lookalike again at Dune - this time in red suede (I have a hankering for a red bag truth be told.... love the idea of a pop of colour - a colour admittedly I don't ever wear but somehow I think it would be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I might have to devote a whole blog to it actually.....) 

Dune Red Evita Snake Charm bag £65

Classic saddle bags now some cheaper non leather versions (but do I have a treat for you too...)

Texture at M&S with a mock crock Saddle Satchel for £35

Very similar at Clarks.

Mesmerise You bag from Clarks in the tan combi £35

And in charcoal £25

If we're talking plain and classic though, my pick of the day would be the leather belle of the ball from Phase Eight.  Amazing value now at Debenhams (it's sold out everywhere else and had sold out quite early on last season!) 

Phase Eight Tara large Leather bag was £69 now £39

Most are in tan but another grey one is available at John Lewis and this one is also leather. 

Ashley Across Body bag from John Lewis in Ash Grey £79

Moving slightly off piste now with a burnt orange bag at Mango. 

Cross body small bag from Mango £39.99

And you may have noticed that I've been edging over to the dark side.  If the dark side involves fringing, that is....
River Island Fringe Suede Saddle Bag £45

A chocolate fringe leather saddle bag at Accessorize £65

I love a new bag, I really do.  It doesn't have to be expensive but it can be the perfect antidote to last year's outfits you're bored of.  Something small and new can make all the difference.

So finishing with the outfit from yesterday... yes, this was THE outfit.  And my Boden parcel arrived.  I cannot describe how completely amazing the coated super skinnies are.  High waisted - check (easily tuck my muffin in - honestly they are perfect), skinny but not burst sausage clingy looking, super long in the leg (I did get the long...) and unbelievably flattering for a pair of off white jeans. 

Colourwise - yes porridge isn't the most glamourous description but I have to say, it's accurate.  The perfect Winter shade of creamy, taupey, with a tinge of grey, off white.  Just amazing.  I also got the black pair which I can't wait to wear. 


Porridge super skinny jeans - Boden (Still 15% off today Saturday)
Too much love will kill you tee - Zoe Karssen
Black tux blazer - hush
Fringe boots - Zara 
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

And today - with my satchel that I love and will take huge pleasure in using again this season.  Also in my parcel from Boden was the Boyfriend Shirt which is simply perfect Autumnal fair.  Will also look great with a jumper or sweatshirt over it.


Boyfriend Shirt - Boden 
Navy blazer - Me+Em
Straight jeans with oversize turn up - Zara
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

So we are now off to Mass - I have been at soft play all afternoon and to say I'm feeling slightly shabby is a teensy tiny understatement.  Amazing day yesterday, shopping on the Kings Road first thing, spot of brunch in Duke of York Square and then off for a very very long lunch at The Ivy Chelsea Garden.  Today has been a slight endurance test to say the least.

Back later for a Thai takeaway and a movie.  Perfect.  Although up and at 'em early in the morning as I'm on car park duty at Rugby....what can I say... I'm a sucker for a high vis vest....

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14 comentarios:

  1. It's the Chloe Hayley I'm lusting after, in grey suede! I think I'd sell a child for it!!

  2. You always read my mind! Currently looking for a large grey cross body bag. Love all the Chloe look a likes - know what you mean about the strap length - way too short,as is the Chloe Drew. Just heard yesterday that Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are being discontued so maybe now is the time to bite the bullet and get a grey Natasha Q or Hillier hobo - have lusted after them for years. What do you think? Ooh and do you remember the original Christian Dior saddle bags of the 90s - they sat under the armpit - stunning. Glad you had a great Friday - you look beautiful as always. X

    1. I love Marc by Marc J bags and I have had one that I still use - for 9yrs. They're a great price point and it's certainly worth seeing if they're reduced maybe??! And I had a CD saddle bag!! A leopard print one I bought for a ridiculously posh wedding. God it must be in the attic!

  3. Your Chloe Marcie is my absolute dream bag it's perfect!

  4. Oh the porridge jeans - love, love, love. I've never really got on with Boden jeans. I size down and they're too tight, size up and they're too big but I'd give them another go for porridge!! Got the boyfriend shirt and love it x

    1. They are absolutely brilliant, I love them. I reckon they'd stretch so I'd say size down....

  5. George at Asda had a Chloe inspired bag in store yesterday too. Love the porridge jeans, perfect colour! I don't get on with Boden sizing either, size 10 too tight, size 12 too big so I've not ordered anything for ages perhaps I should try again x

    1. WOW go Asda! You should definitely try again - the porridge jeans are just to die for!

  6. Normally if I skim through your suggestions without looking at the details and then pick my fav, 9/10 it's the most expensive one. Today my favourite was the Mango bag at a delightful £24.99. Yay me!!
    Also, have no clue what 'coated jeans' are but you're making me want some...

    1. They're basically waxed jeans. So they have a shiny coating on them - not shiny shiny but think moto.... does that make sense? And yes, honestly, the Mango bag is an amazing amazing buy x

  7. Camel bucket bag sounds amazing. I'm KICKING myself I didn't get the red triple bag they had... Or even just bitten the bullet and got a Celine one. of course, they haven't done a red one this season, have they?! DOH! (nd outfit sounds gorgeous)

  8. When I met up with friends the other weekend, one had the Marcie in a gorgeous grey/mushroom shade that I totally fell in love with. However, being out of my budget, I love the grey ones you've posted on here, gorgeous! X