It's only a mini obsession.

But I'm in the zone and spent Saturday night with half an eye on The X Factor, half an eye on the laptop and a mouthful of Thai takeaway. (I could officially eat my bodyweight in coconut rice, red chicken curry and salt and pepper squid - I even snuck a beer in as well.  Hair of the dog and all that)  It was pure indulgence where the research was concerned - and my main focus was..... 

A red bag. 

After my day out on Friday where yes, my Mario fringed Jerome Dreyfuss was fabulous (even though, I fear double fringing may have been bordering on the edge of acceptable..... one was suede, one was leather?? *clutches at straws of good taste*), I did have the most random thought of "I need a red bag".  

Ideally a small one - nothing huge to carry the kitchen sink around with, but one that you could wear out during the day.  And also use out at night.  

As I said yesterday, I don't wear red often.  Nay, I don't wear red ever.  But it's not that I don't love it and I think a red bag would go with anything. 

So yesterday up with the lark, doing my duty for the Rugby Club with manning the car park (we all know it's the high vis vest that does it for me and for the record - EVERY week, the car park is full by 9.45am.  You need to get up earlier parents..... ) and then off to get my copy of Stella Magazine in the Sunday Telegraph, which has been revamped by my lovely friend Ms Jones who is their new editor. 

Well thanks a lot M.  First up in their midi (that's price not size) bag section is this gem that I had added to my wishlist on Saturday night, due to it already being sold out.  I'm never going to hold of it now!

Mini Soho Chain strap cross body bag from Gucci £565

But perhaps the slightly larger side would be better anyway... as much as I would like to think I can travel with a credit card, a titchy coin purse, a phone, lippie and my keys, I do seem to end up shoving a lot more "very necessary" stuff in it......

Gucci Soho Disco Texture Bag £650

So yes, we are looking at more top end bags (dare I say I have Christmas on my mind already......) and this one also has to go on the list.  Gorgeously chic and classic.  This could be handed down to your daughter.
Small leather camera bag Saint Laurent £675

Following on from the blog the other day and another Chloe gem.

Georgia Leather Satchel Bag from Chloe £610

The best thing about looking at super expensive bags is that when you find look at some that are just a little bit cheaper, they seem like a super bargain.  (well... ish.....) 

See by Chloe Kay shoulder bag £230

Or at Lulu Guiness.  Adore this cute little bag. Connie hand held bag £275 (awfully similar to the Saint Laurent one, isn't it?) 

A rather different shape at JCrew.  They call this Red navy.  As you do.... (I think it may have a red lining....)

Bennett Crossbody bag £138

Simply love this shape and size.

Leather Mini Bag from Karen Millen £99

Kin by John Lewis Ake Cross body bag £49

So then I had to move into wine territory (it's like coming home....).  This isn't entirely what I had in mind and to be honest, if I had my choice it would be a scarlet bag but these are certainly fabulous to go with navy, grey, khaki or black... not forgetting camel. 

Leather front zip across body bag from M&S £79

However there were some non leather red bags I came across that are definitely worth considering for a small Autumnal treat. 

Balenciaga inspired at Mango.  This is simply gorgeous and I have to say, I think I might prefer to 80% of the bags above. 

Stud cross body bag from Mango £39.99

And another stud version in a bucket bag version - £34.99

Slightly larger at Topshop 

Smart Duffle Bag £34

Finishing with a bargain suede number at Urban Outfitters.  Perfect for Autumn and going into Christmas at an amazing price.  And fulfilling my current other obsession of fringing...

Urban Renewal Vintage Remade Suede bag in red was £49 now £25

So are you a red bag fan?  Had I had too much sun/champagne/fun at soft play this weekend and am I losing my mind?  The Husband rolled his eyes but hopefully it might have gone into a special corner of his brain reserved for Christmas presents..... (chances of this are not high...but I've always been a glass half full gal)  The alternative is that I'm off to Bicester in a month or so.  WHOOOP!  

A treat pic now for you all - me and a high vis vest yesterday morning at Rugby.  Nothing a bit of McQueen can't sort out....



Black and white striped jumper - Joseph (not seen)
Black Mac - Isle Jacobsen
Porridge coated super skinnies - Boden
Black lace up boots - llse Jacobsen
Black cross body Harker bag - Anya Hindmarch
Taupe scarf - Alexander McQueen

And today for a day of the most ludicrous weather ever.  Wasn't hot, wasn't cold, was just ridiculously wet. 


Black and white breton top - H&M
Black dungarees - H&M
Trench coat - Banana Republic
Wild Kat ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company
Hands free black Harker - Anya Hindmarch 

Tomorrow I'm back with a bigger obsession.  And it's an itch I just can't seem to scratch....

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23 comentarios:

  1. I have a fab red handbag from an M&S outlet. It has lots of quite chunky silver hardware including a partly chain strap. I love it with a neutral outfit.
    Sarah x

    1. I think I have this one too, it's the red version of the black & gold one you have Kat. Always gets complimented when I use it, pretty good fake leather and quite light despite the chain!

    2. AHA yes I remember that one - the one with the two little pockets. A great bag - my 10yr old has pilfered it!!

    3. That's the one. Would've had the black but there was a bit too much gold for me x

    4. Hmmm yes, there is a reason why I let the 10yr old rob it!!

  2. Yay I love a bit of red - from someone whose colour range goes from black-grey and white with a touch of navy. Great way to add in a bit of colour and love the J-Crew and the JL Kin one.

  3. I do love a red bag & there are some beauts here but I adore the Mango cross body! X

  4. Went down the burgundy route at the weekend :)

    1. Oh burgundy is such a fab autumnal call.

  5. I have the lulu Guinness lips in red...fab but ridiculously tiny!!! 💋

    1. I nearly bought it years ago but didn't for that very reason. It's gorgeous but MINUSCULE!

  6. Word to the wise, my dears... it won't be too many more years before you NEED to carry a pair of reading glasses. I have reached that point in the last few months and am weeping that my adorable small bags won't hold glasses AND phone AND keys AND a few credit cards and lipstick. But I do love that Lulu Guiness bag... maybe if I could find a really stunning librarian chain to wear the reading glasses around my neck...

    1. Oh god alas, I am not that far away.... the majority of the table on Friday lunch were passing round reading glasses... I'm ok with a menu at the moment. Don't get me started on the bottom of a lipstick tho..!

  7. It is a really good point. But alas, to the designer world, it is mid price. I thought they meant midi as in size at first - as they were all really really small bags but I think the irony of it is that for a small price, you just get a really small bag!!! Problem is if you look around - what would have been a "mid price" a couple of years ago - around the £300 mark - these are now what Radley, Whistles, Karen Millen and Reiss are charging - high street fare.....

    And don't get me started on pleather bags at £50 plus!!! Leather is just costing more and more by all accounts and so the price brackets have moved.

    But I will make the point to her!

  8. God, I long for the day when I can skip out the door with a tiny bag that DOESN'T contain 2 juice cups, nappies, Lego men, boxes of raisins...Bloody kids!! These are all great, such a nice pop of Autumn colour :-)

  9. Well they are saying that the Georgia Chloe is the new 'it' bag and VB had the half moon bag in her show at the weekend so I say GO FOR IT and buy the Chloe! It's fantastic and maybe I could borrow it sometime?? Lorraine x

  10. Loving the fringed one (even though it is against all my instincts!) Had never thought of a red bag as going with so much - yet it does - kind of like leopard print!

  11. Love the red bags. I own a Prada in similar style to the Ysl/Lulu G bag with a long strap. Its perfect for both day and eve. Prices go up every season it seems, the Mango bags are really good value, but I must admit to lust after the dearer options here. Chloe is never wrong! The Ilse Jacobsen boots are great, so smart and comfy. I have a pink pair myself!

  12. I have a small R&B in red. It is too damn small and I never use it. I would go for one slightly larger but then you loose the effect really. Sorry to be no help whatsoever. x

  13. I'm with you on wanting a red bag. I've fancied one for a while but have always managed to find something else I fancied a little bit more for my birthday! Think this Christmas I will succumb. I like the simplicity of the Aurora Living Willow bag, plus the price point is good for leather I think. Will look forward to seeing what you go for!

  14. I love the red fringed bag, in fact I think I NEED it !! Damn you Kat lol