The journey of the skirt

Now here's a weird one - not something that I thought I'd be doing for an awfully long time, if ever.  I'm looking for a skirt for the 10yr old.  That I think could easily fit into my wardrobe.

OK can I please point out IMMEDIATELY that I am not planning to get the same skirt as her.  Dear lord my name is not Fergie.  

Little bit of background - in Jack Wills the other day, she chose a sweatshirty jumper (they had 25% off on the Bank Holiday) that she will literally live in for the whole A/W and they had a super cute little kilt that would look great with it.  Thick tights, ballet pumps or Uggs, pleated skirt and the sweatshirt/jumper - an outfit she could actually wear for all occasions.

And it's an adult's skirt (as much as anything from Jack Wills is made for proper adults... tween adults per chance, although yes, I do have one of their hoodies I used to wear to the gym).  Which means it's expensive. 

Now not that I don't adore my daughter but spending £70 on a skirt isn't going to happen - and more than that, it's dry clean only.  To be honest, I may have considered it with the 25% off as she will wear it loads BUT the dry clean only bit completely puts me off.  Forget. It. 

Surely we must be able to find another suitable option for a more reasonable price? And whilst we're there, it got me to thinking... one of these with a cashmere jumper, over the knee boots (which no I still don't have, yawn yawn yawn) but then, ankle boots and either a smart coat or a chunky knit..... I'm not saying I definitely will (much to the huge relief of the daughter who looked aghast when I said we could have the same skirt - I know - super cruel, but it did make me howl with laughter as I was obviously joking) but it could be a great little extra outfit option.  And if we can get a bargain, then what's not to love. 

So this is the gem we need to recreate. 

The Brinley Kilt from Jack Wills £69.50 (in navy - admittedly in the shop we thought it was black and the 10yr old has declared she doesn't want navy, she wants black.  So totally moot point about the dry cleaning anyway. Doh)

And this is the top she's got to go with it (to be fair, it would look much better with black even though it could be navy....)

Farley Wills Sweatshirt £49.50

Let the journey of the skirt begin.

This looks like a MUCH better option.  Were it in black.... (having said that, I rather like it in the navy... with black polo neck, black opaques and navy coat... oh hello)

Nishe Kilt Skirt with buckle was £52 now £15

Plaid faux wrap mini skirt £14 from Forever 21 This is on the cusp of being ok.  But then both of us admitted that neither of us particularly liked it.  Still maintain on the right person with a black jumper and opaques, this could look a treat.

This could be a sweet little option...

More black - petite pocket ponte skirt from Dorothy Perkins was £18 now £13.50

And that is pretty much it.  I looked everywhere.  And found nothing..... 

So I resorted to looking at her usually fave store and hey presto, we find exactly what we're looking for.  At Zara kids.... Which, with the best will in the world, whilst I can fit into a few of the 13/14yr old tops, the bottoms are a TOTAL no no for adults! 

Box pleat skirt from Zara £17.99  They also do this in navy but we preferred it in the grey.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

However on my skirt journey, I did realise that I have zero need for a skirt like this (except on proof reading this, I do rather fancy the navy with the black buckle bargain skirt).  But I definitely definitely am going down the leather skirt mini skirt route - of which I found oodles.  Oh yes.  Short, perhaps a tad flippy (ie A line...) but I'm not averse to a bit of pencil mini going on too (the sea air has clearly gone to my head.... I'm hoping there is opaque thick enough for this option to work - it may well be another of those "in my head it looks fab" jobs....)

Starting with this one that I came across from DPs.  Pretty clear why this wasn't remotely suitable for the 10yr old and why we abandoned our search in the adult's section pretty darn swiftly (thank heaven's for mini Zara..... for another year at least) 

Black PU Mini with pockets from Dorothy Perkins was £22 now £16.50

Another leather look one from ASOS which is more A line that the one above. 

ASOS Mini skirt in pu £25

This is perhaps wrong on every level, but I think with a black polo neck or cashmere crew neck, huge scarf, chunky knit, opaques and black ankle boots, this could be amazing.  My inner rock chick is foaming at the mouth contemplating this.

Leather Biker Mini Skirt from Topshop £120

Much more wearable also at Topshop and this is a Tall version (they also do non tall...)  Love the flat simple waistline to this - for me perfect to just skim over the hips with no excess fabric round the area were there needs to be no excess anything. 

Tall leather look pelmet skirt from Topshop £38

A lovely leather one in the sale at Muubaa. 

Muubaa Persei leather skirt was £189 now £98

Now with this one, ignore the top. Ignore the top.... because frankly, it's ruining this skirt which is totally AMAZING.  I LOVE this - identical to a black (so not entirely identical) Reiss one from last year that was, I think, approximately ten times as much.  It's supremely divine. 

New Look Faux Leather mix skirt in olive £22.99

I love the mix of textures on the New Look one but there is another olive one in a lighter shade (to be honest, I would call the NL one above khaki but we're taking green semantics really here) 

Warehouse faux leather olive skirt £38

And a black version also Warehouse £38

If black isn't your thing then as well as the olive, there's also a navy wrap one at ASOS.  Amazing price for a leather skirt and so unusual in the navy.  I have had a disaster with my navy skirt from Finery.  It's still being investigated but according to the people at Hermes, it was signed for at my house on Tuesday.  Which is interesting as we are on holiday.  So it's disappeared.  And it's now sold out.  Absolutely gutted.

ASOS Leather Wrap Mini Skirt with buttons in navy £65

Finishing with some blow the budget ones but these would last the test of time.  All of these, personally I would wear an inch or so lower on my hips as opposed to on my waist.  But that's just my personal preference. 

Rocket Ox Blood leather skirt from Reiss £245 (there would also be black tights going on in my case.  Thick ones)

Cheya Black Leather A line skirt also from Reiss £195

And slightly different with a wrap shape at the front - from hush - £160

Having said all of that about them not being suitable for little uns, we did come across this rather sweet little faux leather skater skirt for girls in M&S... Only problem with these is that, bless her, the 10yr old likes to hoick them right up, a la Simon Cowell stylee..... There have been more flattering ways to wear a skirt, but we'll see.

Faux Leather Skater Skirt £14 to £18 from M&S.

So I am now completely itching to get into opaques and ankle boots.  And knits - oh and scarves. 

Speaking of scarves, thank goodness I bought a selection with me on hols as they've been out in force the last two days.  What happened to the weather?  To be honest, it really wasn't that bad today, no jacket needed but oh my lord, we finished our Treasure Hunt today and my head was freezing by the end of it.  The weather has definitely definitely turned. 


Grey tee - hush
Black and white jumper - hush
Yellow scarf - hush
White jeans - All Saints
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Smile bag - The Jacksons


White tee - Max Studio 
Clem jumper - Needle
Charcoal Baxter jeans - Topshop
Black blazer - hush
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Khaki and black leopard scarf - By Malene Birger
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

So our last evening here and we're heading off tomorrow morning.  Saturday night we have a huge 40th party for a very good friend of ours... and I have NO idea what to wear.  At this rate - jeans and a jumper! 

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32 comentarios:

  1. Love the Topshop skirt but at 48 with a 29 year old son who say no mum just no I will admire it from afar.

    1. really??! Awwww I think it depends how you wear it? But to be honest, when mine are older and look at me in horror at what I"m wearing, I'm sure I'll change my mind too!

  2. Like the first outfit :)
    Maria V.

  3. Aw, the Zara skirt is great, such a good choice! Leather skirts are not my thing, so I will not voice my opinion. But tadaa...your hair and outfit look absolutely brilliant on the last pic there - you look fashionably hot!

  4. Love these skirts. I've never liked olive green before but the leather Warehouse skirt is gorgeous.

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? Although I have to say, it's the New Look one that gets my nod

  5. Oh please stop with the short skirts and over the knee boots! I'm getting a terrible image of Dorian from Birds of a Feather. However I am sure you will get both AND look great and I will be gutted I cant pull it off!��

    1. OMG i''ve just been a tiny bit sick in my mouth. DEAR LORD NO! whenever I see someone with very dark dark hair at an older age I think of Dorian...... but now... I'm sure she didn't wear Stuart Weitzman boots??!! ha ha ha!

    2. I'm quite dark and just turned 40 but still think im 26-I live in perpetual fear of looking a bit 'Dorian'.

    3. Oh I'm sure you look NOTHING like her!! (it hasn't occurred to me before but suffice to say you may have persuaded me to stick with the highlights....!

  6. I love these faux leather minis. I have one from H&M and it's really versatile. Looks great with ankle boots and converse, little tops and big wooly jumpers. Lorraine x

  7. Love the Hush wrap mini skirts (leather and wool versions) but I'm so self conscious wearing wrap skirts in general (much less mini ones!) and having to worry about the front flap opening up too much.

    How are you enjoying the Needle sweater? How do their cashmere sweaters compare with the Hush ones?

    1. I think these are definitely a very big wrap (if that makes sense..) so there shouldn't be any flappage. But I would definitely be casing those legs in very thick opaques! Loving the Needle Sweater. I don't think it's as slouchy as the Hush ones but that's more the cut to be honest. The Needle one I have - the Clem, is definitely a boxier shape. Both are gorgeous gorgeous knits and very good quality xx

  8. Gorgeous, love the topshop biker one and the hush one particularly. Love a bit of pleather/leather to add contrast to an autumn outfit.

    The weather has definitely turned here (Norfolk). I have gone from tees/peasant tops, jeans and sandals to jumpers, jeans, ankle boots and raincoat. And yes, I have been wearing scarves again. Time to break out the autumn/winter clothes, I think.


    1. Oh definitely. A bit of texture is fabulous, isn't it? There is for sure a complete nip in the air that has that very Autumnal feel about it. I was going to wear a very summery dress tonight but I think nooooooooo.

  9. Hiya, That black leather wrap skirt from Hush is very similar to one that I got in the Mint Velvet sale about 8 weeks ago. Love it, and the added bonus is it has pockets ! I am saving this one for A/W as it's a bit too short for bare legs.
    Also bought 2 cord kilts from Boden last year which are really fab, one is a mustardy colour and the other is bright pink; lovely for winter wear with tights and boots.
    Oh and Baku is in Azerbaijan (think it used to be part of Russia).
    Deb x

    1. WOW that sound an exciting location! How are you there?? Skirts all sound gorgeous. I had the most amazing pink and orange skirts from Jigsaw that I used to LOVE. Wonder what happened to them?!

  10. Did you manage to try any of the coated skinnies you wrote about recently, I would really like a pair and wondered if they were any good. Thanks

    1. I tried on the blue ones from ASOS - they were a lovely fit (I can't remember what the name was - a super skinny jean from ASOS that was FAB) but the blue was more of a shiny denim as opposed to coated... I'm waiting for some Boden ones but have moved my obsession on to leather.... !

    2. Oh the hush leggings look lovely but way out of my price range. Could you please let me know what the boden ones are like, was thinking of trying these.

    3. My boden ones came today and were no good. Looked good from the front but wrinkled loads at the back. So the hunt goes on. Just wondered did you try the hush ones as was interested what the rise was like.

  11. Oh lordy. My inner rock chick wants that Top Shop skirt too. I'm too fat to pull it off though :(

    1. Oh I bet you're not. I LOVE it. It's properly calling me.....

  12. Is it wrong that I really really want the Topshop one? The NL olive one is gorgeous, isn't it? And the boots sound AMAZING but probably too short for my stupidly long legs (and it is stupid when it comes to buying blooming boots!) I will check them out though love thank you xxx. And ankle boots. My camel leather Delphine ones from Sevenbootlane I can't recommend highly enough I LOVE the smallish heel, the *smartness* of them to wear with my fringed bag.... And some more way out cardigans and stuff.....

  13. Love that New Look skirt. What would you wear with it ? X

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