Today, I am mostly...

...looking for a khaki bag. 

Now.  I still want khaki boots.  I still want THE khaki boots.  (these if I haven't bored everyone to tears with them...)  But I sort of don't want to spend the £650 on them (it may help if I just save and don't buy anything else but that's male logic). 

And I'm still trying to work out if I will get the amount of wear out of them that justifies the, not inconsiderable, amount they cost.  So I need to get my head around what I will be wearing this A/W.  Not helped exactly by the random scorchio weather we're having at the moment. 

Of course I'm not complaining - I love not having to wear a jacket but I have to say my woolies are burning a hole in my wardrobe.  And since all my boots are standing by on red alert - none of them are needed at the moment - so I'm really really struggling to justify another pair. 

Which means that, since I'm feeling exceptionally sorry for myself and have just spent TWO HOURS doing the 7yr old's homework (totally my fault as they've ramped it up this year and last yr his brother, who was in that class, only had about 15 mins worth - this year they've got oodles.  Which is good but I didn't realise they had so much... and he insisted on finishing it, god love him.  I may have consumed one or three glasses of wine to help me through....)

Plus, missing the 11yr old like crazy and need a tiny pick me up (she would so approve) and so, in the absence of a full on list of things I need for A/W this season, I know that a khaki bag would definitely definitely make sense. 

I also know that I don't want to spend a lot of money on this one.  Maybe a slightly larger one would help - in case Santa brings a small red bag..... with a G on the front.... a girl can dream... So a slouchy number to go with oversize knits and chunky boots.  This seems like a fabulous idea, doesn't it?

So let the research begin.

This one reminds me of my Campomaggi bag - love the slouchy utility edge to it. 

Pieces Leather Khaki Utility Style Handheld £105

Diving in with the fringing.  If you don't have a fringed bag, you can eat humble pie like me and embrace a khaki number.  Personally I have my black one and I think that's enough fringing for one season (famous last words...) but if I didn't have, these in leather are a really good price.  And I love the suede.

Pieces Suede Drawstring Fringed Bag £48

More fringing in leather again at ASOS and another gorgeous shade of khaki.  

ASOS Suede Fringed Bag in leather £38

And another leather bargain from ASOS 

ASOS Suede Fringed Folded Crossover Body Bag £28

Leather versions now, which do seem to be more expensive than suede.  Absolutely love this with navy.  See how versatile it is?

Leather Westbourne Duffle Bag from M&S £99

And some other leather ones from Marc by Marc Jacobs (someone did mention that they were discontinuing this brand but there does seem to be a whole host of new bags out this season) 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sophisticato cross body bag £180

Now this is super strange but I am randomly drawn to it... 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Serpentine reversible leather can bag £355

If however money were no object then I adore this 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel.  This would work for work, at the weekend worn cross body style with harems and a leather jacket.  

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli medium satchel £700

However now from the faintly ridiculous to something far more sublimely priced - at Oasis.  No it's not leather but it's a gorgeous little bag for the money.  The perfect Autumn treat. 

Marley X Body bag (although they seem to call it the Susie Lock Bag - I'm not really sure what the accurate name is but it's lovely whatever its name) £22

But I've saved my favourite till last and the cynic in me says that this can't be gorgeous for only £55 - a huge suede and leather bag of this size?  I love the shape, I adore the fact it's completely unique and isn't a tribute to any other designer bag out there. (well at least not one that I know of...feel free to inform me otherwise) 

ASOS Leather and suede slouch hobo style bag £55

So I am sure I need one of these (you could fit the kitchen sink into the last one....) - is anyone else in the market for a new bag this season and if so, what's on your wishlist? 

I am now off to watch Masterchef Australia - the guilty pleasure of the whole family (bar The Husband who thinks we're all nuts)  That's the next 6 weeks sorted with regards to family tv viewing.  I have though, discovered that they have Parks & Recreaction from Series 1 on Amazon Prime which I have just forked out for, which himself will be over the moon with as he absolutely loves it.  And secretly is Ron Swanson minus all the hair.  

Quick finish with outfit from yesterday.  Occasionally I wear something new (as in a new outfit that isn't new new but is new as in I haven't worn it as an ensemble before) and I LOVE it.  Yesterday was that day. 


White tee - Max Studio
Grey Lucky Sweatshirt - hush
Charcoal harems - Toast
Grey/black boucle cardigan - Zara
Graphite Virgins - Ash
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch 

So tomorrow, I'm off to Bluey - hunting down all things red...... (plus over the knee boots... there will be pics)

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25 comentarios:

  1. Hmmm, my pick would have to be the first utility style, it's gorgeous However, a grey bag is top of the list to buy at the moment. My local shops have nada so I feel a trip through to Edinburgh soon!

    I do feel your pain over the homework though - my nearly 7yo has got a ridiculous amount to do and he has SEN too so it takes even longer. I hate it, whatever happened to letting children play?! X

    1. OOH grey bag, now that's an idea. That's hard to master..... Oh I feel for you if your child find hw hard. To be honest, this was totally my fault as I didn't realise how long it would take and how diligent he would be... the other two did the bare minimum so I can't really take umbrage at his commitment! Thank god for wine though.....

  2. Saw these OTK Boots on the Zara website, might be worth a look as not to high a heel and 80€. They also come in rust

    Keep the post coming as we are on the move again (married to a yacht capitan ) so back to living out of one bag this winter, very challenging, so need your inspiration.

    Amber x

    1. I did look at those but they weren't as OTK for me as they would be on others. Definitely more of a rather disastrous On the knee....!!!

      And OMG how glamorous does being married to a yacht captain sound. I am assuming you need a lot of bikinis and throw ons as opposed to lots of jumpers and boots??!

  3. never knew that I needed a khaki bag until I read this post *sigh* Are you going to order the last one from Asos? I'm kinda' loving the first one actually.
    (But I don't need one. DON'T need one!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. Wouldn't it be perfect? I think I'm definitely going to order the last one in the interests if research.. although I am off to Bicester in a couple of weeks..!! (and you SO do need one)

  4. Just buy THE boots already!!!
    I got some pretty good knock offs from Office, they were just long enough. Not sure if they had khaki though...

  5. Have you seen these OTK boots from Aldo? Might be near enough to the £££ version. I have read reviews saying they slouch way too easily - although you could use boot supports perhaps (it is the only thing preventing me from taking the plunge with them)

    Also I bought this fab khaki leather X body from Banana Republic, it fits loads lore than you would think, too! I bought it with a 30% off code.

    1. I was going to suggest BR too. This is a fringed lovely:

      The khaki bags you featured in an earlier blog, Kat, are now on sale too. The store at One New Change near St Pauls in London currently has 25% off sale items too. The bags are a steal. Lovely leather.

    2. OMG how could I have forgotten about the BR ones - there were two.... I'm off to hunt out the other one. And oh hello... guess where The Husband works... that's him sorted for tomorrow, thanking you kindly!

  6. Got a lovely leather bag from Toppers last year on your recommendation so feeling slightly smug, agree with you that I LOVE the sun but have a tweed jacket from Uniqlo Ines de la Fressange hanging about in my wardrobe waiting to be worn

    1. Oh well done you! I have knitwear that is screaming WEAR ME in my closet!

  7. Check out Russell & Bromley for your desired boots! My daughter bought the Highlander and they were £100 cheaper than they are now in Selfridges! Maybe worth a look? I think they have gone up this month for the Winter season to £595, but are still cheaper by £65 than Selfridges!

    1. THey don't do them in the Loden green!! Although I did go in today and am really toying with the black instead.... but I just loved the khaki....

    2. My daughter just bought the darker grey ones - did toy with the lighter grey ones, but sense prevailed and went for the darker ones! She has already worn them a few times and has admiring glances (she does look like a supermodel in them anyway lol - me jealous? never!!) I think you should just buy the black ones - you won't be disappointed!

  8. Ooh I really like the funny little odd-named bag from Oasis, cute!!

  9. I just bought a khaki bag, rebecca minkoff's military bucket bag and I love it. Hubbie has offered to put what's left of his bonus, post recent renovations, in the handbag fund but typically, I can't find anything I love love at the moment. I do like the Philip Lim one, and have seen it in a gorgeous inky blue, but I don't think it's love. Far too sensible for my own good.

    1. ooh that's a fab way to finish off a bonus! Gosh where do you start? Actually top of my list would be a Gucci but if money was really no object, I'd go a Bottega Veneta. Or a Givenchy Nightingale. No it would definitely be a black BV.

  10. Oh I like the look of that leather & suede foldover bag with fringing, though wonder if having to unfold the bag every time I open it would do my head in?! I'm actually obsessed with olive/khaki everything this AW and now you've totally made me want a bag in this colour!

    Nic x


  11. Grey version of Stuart Whitman boots £450 inc £20 introductory discount on new site best secret

    1. ooohhhhhhhhhhhh thank you x

    2. I can't get in! It says you need to be invited to join but I can't work out how you do that! Like I said, if I had a brain I'd dangerous....!!