Last ditch attempt at an outfit

Last pitch for Friday.... tomorrow I'm off shopping but today I'm putting in the research for tops.  Bottoms, I'm sorted on (although I have to say I do still have a big boyfriend jean hole in my wardrobe of the grey or black variety...) so we're still having a dilemma over the tops. 

Another option (which is looking more likely as there is no sign of any decent weather yet.... and ooh funnily enough, they've downgraded the temperatures on Friday.  Will I be drinking enough to keep my legs warm....??!) is an oversized shirt or blouse. 

This can be tricky.  I can't get over the whole ode to Meatloaf look of a blouson white/cream shirt and leather pants.  It's stuck there like a bad dream.  More of a nightmare to be honest.  
So are there any other options?  For a smart lunch out...

I've taken inspiration from La Beckham.   Clearly in these heels she has zero intention of doing battle with the Circle Line.  Or Burger King at Charing X station at 9.30 when you then have to peg it for the 9.32 to Hastings.....

But other than that, kudos where kudos is due (and clearly I'm just hugely envious of her lack of dealings with public transport) she looks amazing and rocks a pair of leather leggings.  

So I'm starting with black.  I'm thinking all black.... this is one of those "in my head it works" looks..... IT WILL..

Flowy Textured Blouse from Mango £34.99

Classic Silk Black Essential Blouse from hush £130

Orrrrr slightly off piste here, but there's always the boho route..... 

Embroidered cord blouse from Mango £35.99 - I'm thinking this with leather leggings and the ponytail fringe Wallis boots from yesterday (which now have 24% off - check the blog.  I'm picking mine up tomorrow from Wallis Bluey)  This will either look fabulous or I'll look like a reject from "Little House on the Prairie - The Amsterdam Years"... (I've had a lot of coffee today)

Again, this could work and I adore it but I think perhaps a matt version might be better.  This is slightly on the shiny side and I fear with leather leggings we could look a tad wetsuit in it...

Suncoo Lazare Longline Shirt £85  But I do like the length of it.... I may order *just in case*

This one could work though... it looks black, when it is in fact khaki with black detail. 

Khaki Longline layer tunic from Mint Velvet £89

Moving away from black again with this Rioja blouse (the name so does it for me - my first thought was - oh fab, does this mean that if I spill my wine on it, it won't show?  On further consideration, that's probably not why they called it that.)

Rioja Tie Front Blouse Mint Velvet £69 (they do also do this in a neutral shade...)

Print could work?  With a black blazer over the top?  Actually I think this would look amazing with the black leggings and either black ballet pumps or white sneakers.  Love this.  A laid back lunch look....

Marble Print Shirt from Topshop £55

Plain blue but in a textured fabric at Topshop - a light navy colour £38 - textured collarless shirt 

Now I think (hope...) some off white shirts could work - this one is stunning and at the very least would look amazing with high waisted flares.... (NOT what we're looking for but it would work)

Cream Hattie Shirt from Hobbs £99

Another tie neck one from Mango... 

Tie neck blouse £44.99

A textured back version from Select. 

Selected Bodelia Textured Back Blouse £50

More ivory (you can see how the further I go on, the more I think, "oh Meatloaf, do one...", can't you?) at Mint velvet.  Love this. 

Ivory Longline Shirt £69

So I still have no idea what I'm going to wear - this is a job for tomorrow evening.  Tonight is spent on the sofa watching GBBO with the 10yr old who has her dreaded 11+ tomorrow.  I've nothing more to say on the subject apart from the fact that I HATE the ridiculous system we have here in Kent, but there you go.  It seemed like a good idea when we moved here all those years ago but over the years it has become the most ludicrous "tutored within an inch of their life" debacle  (and yes, we joined in the absurd charade of tutoring because a) they don't cover what they need to know at school and b) everyone else does it and you need to level the playing field)  

She is an absolute STAR and is sat here perusing the Lakeland Catalogue (lord I love her) and I am necking Rioja.

Outfit from today


White jersey layering shirt - Me+Em
Black ankle zip skinny jeans - Boden
Batman leather shoulder sweatshirt - Zoe Karssen
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Best of luck to anyone else how has a child doing the exam this week - see you on the other side!  Tomorrow, whilst she's in purgatory, I shall be shopping. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. Good luck to your daughter for her 11 plus tomorrow. We have ours on Monday so one more weekend of strife! Your comments about revision have kept me going with ours (in between being inspired by your blog!).

    1. oh gosh good luck. There's only so much you can do in the scheme of things - they're just so so so young to have such a huge amount of stress and extra work on their shoulders so we've just been covering the bases! We shall be swinging from the ceiling together in Bluewater tomorrow. Blowing the budget for sure!

  2. Check out the black neck tie silk blouse (won't let me put the link in that leads straight to the blouse) but it's just gorgeous and perfect for leggings.
    Good luck to your daughter. We also went through 11+ exams here in Manchester, much to my disgust!! Too much pressure at a young age, but, as you say this is the system and we have to go with it!

    1. oh that sounds gorgeous, thank you - will check it out now! xx

  3. Can't wait to read which of the above is your favourite. The Topshop number looks good as does the Mint velvet & bodelia blouse. I bought a blouse recently and it's stunning on, I really don't think the photo online does it justice, I'm gutted as I paid full price for this 2 weeks ago and it's now reduced, check it out

    Also may I ask which layering shirt did you go for from me & em as there a short and long version? I also like the Zoe Karssen bat jumper, what is the sizing like (eg. xs 6-8 s 10-12)

    1. I'll check that out -thank you!

      Ok this is the Me+Em layering shirt I have on here and it's ideal for wearing under sweatshirts and crew neck jumpers. I Live in it in the A/W

      And the Zoe Karssen - this is a Medium which I would say is a 10/12. Hope that helps!

    2. You're great, thanks so much :)

  4. I too am on the lookout for black or grey boyfriend jeans, I love that style and have enough blue denim ones. Why is it so hard to get black boyfriends??!!
    Best of luck to your daughter tomorrow. It is such a ridiculous amount of pressure at such a young age and the situation in NI is even worse- I am another year off from all of the preparation as my eldest is currently P5 but next year is going to be a nightmare- dreading it already

    1. How hard can it be to find a pair? I'll carry on looking....

      The test here is a nightmare. Really different from the rest of the country - Kent has a third of the grammar schools in Britain - It's a very different system here from elsewhere. But hey ho - it is what it is and what will be will be. She's worked so hard god love her (for a 10yr old for sure...) so the system will sort it out! Good luck for you next year! My advice would be don't stress them out too early xxx

  5. I was looking for black/grey boyfriend jeans as well for some time, and ended up with the Acne Pop Coal, which I really really like. It usually is around 200€ (here in Germany), but I got it on Yoox for 50€ ( you'll even get an additional 15% off until the 13th). Here's the link:
    It says in the description that it is blue, but it really is a dark grey in my opinion.
    I got it in 34 (I think we are approximately the same size), but I am not as tall as you are (1,72 m), so it might be a little too short for you, Kat.

  6. Hope, it goes ok. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Catholic senior in Birmingham will be up to scratch my poor girl will never get through 11+. I agree with you system has gone mad, best keep shopping I say! Lucy

  7. Verbal and non-verbal reasoning per chance?? This was the only area I put extra effort in with my youngest as it wasn't taught at his primary school. I know some children were hot housed for months, passed the entrance exams with flying colours and then dipped. What will be will be but good luck to her anyway. Kids seem to cope much better than parents. And on the outfit front, once you've had a couple of vinos, you won't care what you're wearing!!!

  8. Do you know what the rise is like on the hush coated skinnies? The boden ones were perfect in rise but the legs really wrinkled which did not look good, I think this is probably why I have never found a pair before.