I blame Chris De Burgh....

....for me having swerved red for years and years.  I've nothing against Chris De Burgh himself but I absolutely loathe his music.  I think there might be one song I don't mind (*think*... something about a spaceman?) but as a rule, he's up there with Chris Rhea for making my ears bleed.

Ok to be fair, it's not entirely Chris's fault (the De B one), I can also hold my hair responsible.  For some reason, red just didn't work on me with very dark hair.  Years ago (and we are talking many years ago) when I was full on blonde, I loved it.  It really seemed to work so much better and I used to wear a fair bit of it. 

And with me getting slightly fairer with every hair appointment, I am starting to feel the love for all things red again. 

All things being equal (as in none of my children being ill) I am off shopping this week and am determined to try on a whole host of red gems to scratch the itch.  I definitely think it's a case of finding the right shade - personally I prefer a more cranberry shade as opposed to a tomato version but I do think it's a question of trying on to see.  Especially as I haven't worn any form of red for years.

So I'm starting with a dress as, following on from my post yesterday, I could definitely justify one of these.  Now in an ideal world I would be looking for one that could cover a multitude of bases - so yes, I could wear it to a party but could also throw on for a lunch with flat boots (which I don't own - I may also be having a squizz at the over the knee boots this week.) 

This I have to say I threw in at the beginning when I was thinking more party dress.   It's a gorgeous dress - I'm just not sure it's the right shade for me.

ASOS 70s Deep Plunge Belted Midi Dress £45

This is more the colour that I have in mind.  Dare I say it might be a tad plain?  Having said that I do love the gathering on the cuffs.

Maje Realiste crepe dress £185

We then move onto all things drape.  This I love, but for me, I think it's slightly too lightweight for what I'm looking for.. to be fair this does happen to be a changing brief as the search goes on.

Drape Front Tunic Dress from Topshop £40

Now I am definitely in the market for sleeves but I absolutely adore this dress.  Although again, I think too tomato for my colouring.  What a stunning dress for the money though.
ASOS WEDDING Wrap drape midi dress £55

Call off the dogs.  This is sublime.  Love the colour - it's almost a brick red.  I also love the very long sleeves which would hopefully mean they'd be a normal length on little old jolly green giant me.  Have to see I'm every so slightly meh about the creasing on the hem though.... 

Although I think this one is probably better value.. I'm not sure if it's the one I had on yesterday..... hmm I've just checked, yes it's exactly the same as the one that I posted from Very Exclusive but that one was £305. WHOA!   Go Selfridges then.... I fear this on me would be that hideously frumpy bumpy just on the knee length.   But it looks like the perfect shade of red.

Anglomania Taxa Stretch Dress £250  

A variation on a theme at FCUK with more ruching and draping.  This is very grown up and very sexy which means I couldn't wear it as I am a 5 yr old frumperella in disguise.

Tilly Valentine Wrap Dress from FCUK £65

This one is so off the search criteria (bar the fact it's red) but I do have a big Charity Ball I'm helping to organise for next March and this could be perfect... Also wonderful if you do have a super dressy Christmas party on the cards.
CoutureOne Tosca £120  Also comes in black and purple.

Now so far out of my comfort zone and so totally and utterly un-me I can't tell you but I am insanely drawn to it..

Chi Chi London Aviana dress £75

Back to randomly what I would wear.  Cannot recommend these dresses highly enough, even though this one is perhaps verging on wine as opposed to red (which may account for my love for it...) 

Embroidered Lace Dress from Self Portrait £260

I absolutely couldn't wear this as I have boobs like pancakes and this would make me look skeletal on the chest but one of my really close friends bought it for a party in September and it looked unbelievable on her.  An amazing dress.

But I think possibly my favourite is this from See by Chloe.

Although I do also like the look of this one from Jaeger but for me - I adore a slightly higher neckline.  However I'd actually wear these during the day and I think I'd get more wear of the Chloe one.  Alas of course it doesn't go in the machine.  This Jaeger one does though... I am hoping that it would just a couple of inches shorter on me...(slut alert)

Jaeger Seamed Dress £99

This is very much my favourite shape for a versatile dress that I'll get loads of wear out of.  I'm not sure this is the right shade of red but I love the shape.

Northern Jersey Jumper Dress from FCUK £70

The best colour though and the best all round versatile shape is perhaps this one from Boden.  And there is currently 25% off everything at Boden (bar the Icons and clearance) 

Abigail Jacquard Tunic Dress were £79 now £59.25  How great do the boots look with it?!  

So.. have I lost my tiny mind?  I have to say I simply can't stop thinking about the Chloe one.  To be honest, the only thing that's stopping me is the fact I would no doubt trash the silk part of it with one drink and it doesn't go into the machine.  It would genuinely lie at the bottom of my washing basket for the entire season.  I am a completely lazy cow when it comes to dry cleaning anything (although they have just started taking dry cleaning at Waitrose which may well revolutionise my life... although I still begrudge paying.  Tight cow alert now)

I just think that a red dress will be so completely different to anything I have.  I can feel a trying on session coming on.

Lovely lovely weekend although today, had to wave off my (not really a baby but my first baby) 11 yr old on her first ever week away.  On a residential trip to North Wales with the school.  I may have shed a tear (god bless her, she was sobbing this morning, not helped by The Husband telling her she'll have to be fine as we're not driving the 8hrs to pick her up.  He thought he was being encouraging.... Men.) 

7yr old is still not 100% so we managed to swerve the rugby today - sod's law as the weather was gorgeous and it would have been a lovely day down at the club.  Managed to drag him out late this afternoon with his brother for a walk with the dog though which he coped with and so is definitely going back to school tomorrow. 

Outfit from yesterday - and yes, there's red.  Red and khaki...... I may be totally sold on this combination.


White tee - Eileen Fisher
Lobster Sweatshirt - Leon & Harper
Boyfriend off white jeans - All Saints
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow morning will be very strange minus a child.  I am feeling a khaki and red obsession coming on.  You have been warned.

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18 comentarios:

  1. Ahh have to agree with Carole, absolutely love Chris Rea's Driving Home for Christmas and being Australian - his "On the Beach". Being very blonde, always really loved red dresses though all my dresses seem to be more navy now I look in my robe. Kat, absolutely agree with you about the red - love a crimson over a tomato red but always been a bit nervous about this since I first saw the fabulous movie Kinky Boots and the drag queen sends Ewan McGregor back to the factory when his first boots were the wrong red (crimson not tomato) and deemed totally non-sexy. I love the Maje dress though too short for me and the first Vivien Westwood. I have two Anglomania dresses and love the style. I can see the attraction of the Self Portrait dresses (all styles not just the red dresses) but there is something I just can't put my finger on. i imagine your husband was not happy about the Wales England game. Not sure when we play England as the household is still not recovered from losing the Ashes. cheers Yvonne

    1. Oh lord the husband is in the foulest mood known to man. Am seriously considering moving away until the holy bloody shooting match is over. I have suggested he dust off the Irish passport and be done with it but he's having none of it!!

  2. This one from Me and Em is lovely although not red would be fine if you spilled your red wine on it!! http://www.meandem.com/tailored-a-line-dress-merlot
    This one is lovely too
    I have one at uni and one leaving this week. It's so painful. I cry every time I think about him leaving. Don't know what I'll do when my third goes.

    1. OOh yes, I should look at the Me+Em ones. I have sobbed this morning - absolutely howled in her room. WOEFUL!!

  3. Hope you survive the week without your daughter. I have one away at uni (my middle one) and it's hard. This time last year both sons were away at uni so I was down to just one at home.. Trouble is it made me a bit lazy in the kitchen, no boys to cater for meant I couldn't really be bothered! Me and daughter quite happy just to snack... Love the Boden dress btw!

    1. I miss her so much! Honestly I don't think I'll ever be able to cope with them going to uni.. The husband has however just pointed out that we still have to endure the teenage years and I may change my mind then....! She was a hideous small thing at 7 and 8 yrs old but since then has been a genuine joy.

  4. I have a soft spot for red frocks and red shoes and handbags...you get the picture. That one from Boden is perfection and looks v. wearable, assuming it fits - my body shape and Boden do not generally get on. I've ordered the 10 and 12 in regular length as I like 'em on the shorter side, tart that I am!

    Bet oldest baby will have a whale of a time, you'll be missing her way more than she'll miss you x

    1. OOH let me know what it's like. And I would so be ordering them in the regular length not the long one too...! And I'm sure I miss her more - she's such a home bird though bless her, can't even do a sleepover x

  5. Oooh the Asos Wedding dress is gorgeous. I really like the length and the cut. Shall have a wee look, Lorraine x

  6. Ah, stop showing me the Vivienne Westwood dress it is too stunning! I prefer a crimson red to a tomato as well, but I don't suit warm colours, so anything orangey is awful on me. I find I'm wearing more neutral and less bright colours now I am blonde and less dark, although I was wearing an old pair of red leather trainers yesterday... I have a gorgeous red winter coat that I must wear more this year and stop saving for best.

    Red and khaki look great on you, I really like reds with blacks and greys this time of year as well.


    1. Red leather trainers sound divine.... and yes you must wear your red coat all the time!

    2. That was supposed to read now I am blonder - autocorrect, though like you, I am heading for blonde.


  7. Surely that Asos Wedding one is the perfect Christmas party dress? I love it sooo much, dressy and statement-y without showing off too much of the bits that'll be pasty in December. And orange-y red is the only kind I can wear. The merest hint of blue tone and it's Morticia Addams complexion here.
    So i'd just convinced myself to get organised early this year when....aaaagh it's out of stock in everything but 4 (what the hell even IS 4???!) and 6. Waaaah!

    1. It is definitely but I have to have sleeves at this time of year.. I am SO SO white and fake tan on winter white skin just looks wrong diddly on me. Oh I can't believe it's out of stock though. So so sorry x

  8. I don't want mine to ever leave. I miss her so so so so so so much, honestly I've been in tears all morning. I am pathetic! I might have to do some shopping to take my mind off it!

    And I'm not a fan of that Chris Rea song I have to say - much prefer the Christmas spaceman one that CdB did - I'm sure it was him? Although as a rule I LOVE Christmas music full stop and have it playing non stop from Dec 1!

  9. Funny how certain colours have an effect on us. My Mum who has gorgeous dark hair and really suits red but never wears it as my Dad hates red clothes where as i am a natural blonde and red looks awful on me unless i have my hair coloured dark so complete opposite to you. My Dad dislikes red on me with blonde hair even more than he does with my Mum and her dark hair. Did have a gorgeous red coat back in the 90's which i loved and wore a lot with dark hair, lived aboard at the time so didnt have my Dads comments to put me off. Yellow is one colour i must admit i never wear as i cant seem to get that right. Love the choices you have picked, think it is a case of trying on to get the right shade of red.

  10. I was at a wedding in Spain on Friday where one of the guests (beautiful, tanned, petite 20-something) was wearing the red Azalea dress. I could not do it similar justice, so I'll just keep holding out for a red bin bag (and weeping into my maltesers)