It's not all glamour

Not that I'm head to toe in glamour every day but I will admit I do give some thought into what I wear (just in case you hadn't realised...)  I still maintain it's as easy to put on something that matches as opposed to dragging something out of your wardrobe that doesn't. 

But I will fess up that come every evening (and it's embarrassingly early chez moi, if I don't have to pick up any children from swimming, Cubs or Guides etc I'd say around 6pm) I derobe.  I throw on the slobs.  And I LOVE my slobs.

I call them slobs but to be honest, they're actually really quite smart (as in I I wouldn't get arrested or, I'd like to think, even raised eyebrows for wearing them out).  They're so "smart" I fling them on in the morning and will happily go to the supermarket (I am a 7.00am supermarket fan, I know I know, random but try it - you will never go back) and take The Husband to the station in them (usually stopping for petrol with zero shame..) and will happily dog walk in them and not be worried about who I meet. (am I the only person who meets THE most random people whilst out dog walking?)

Joggers.  If you do not own a smartish pair of these and you don't live in them come 6pm every evening, I swear you don't know what you're missing.

I have my absolute favourites that I cannot recommend highly enough (mainly because they're such great value for money as they last and last and last and look as good after the gazillionth wash as they did the first day I bought them.)

However others which I'm considering.  I did buy the Whistles ones but they look like they've been lining the dog basket compared to the hush ones that have been washed more.  They are bobble and stretched.  They really haven't lasted the test of time I'm gutted to say. 

Goes to show it's not all about the money.....

Love the idea of different shaded ones from Topshop which would go with black, white or grey.

Salt and pepper joggers from Topshop £28

Khaki now - the perfect colour (which I may or may not have mentioned once or ten times) which goes with everything)
Khaki Twill Joggers from New Look £14.99

Bargain of the day has to be these ribbed waist utility joggers from New Look were £24.99 now £9.00

Cargo joggers also in khaki £22.99

And in the black also £22.99

More black now and these would work for every day as well as throwing on in the evening. 

Wrap front jogger trousers from Topshop £30

Super casual, super comfy from ASOS in again, trusty black.

ASOS harem pants in jersey £18

These I officially adore.  These I would actually wear out.  With a black cashmere jumper and my Golden Goose trainers, these would be amazing.  Actually I'd even wear with a cream blouse, black blazer and black stilettos for the evening.

ASOS woven cuffed trousers with side stripe £35

But my favourite favourite ones which I wear constantly and wash every couple of days - fling in the machine and then the tumble dryer (these honestly have been washed more times than I can remember and are still as good as the day I got them.)  Most importantly for jersey trousers - no "knees" and no bobbling.  

Long Harem Trousers from hush £49.50

I wear this with my Dolman Sloppy Joe which again - is simply perfect. £40

Spookily......(CLEARY not a hush model and no I didn't know they had the same outfit....this is, like I say, after I have worn it pretty much every day for the past two years.)


Black vest - hush
Charcoal Dolman sweatshirt - hush
Black harem pants - hush

Another no rain day (I cannot believe how lucky we've been) on hols - long walk down to Thorpeness for lunch and then a row round the Meare followed by a Treasure Hunt round the town (admittedly an abandoned treasure hunt as I was the only one who was actually enjoying it...... we WILL be picking it back up in the morning....).  Movie night with the kids and wine and The Husband cooking, as I slob out in my now revealed outfit!

Tomorrow though, it's due to be dodgy weather wise so..... swimming in the rain it will be.

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15 comentarios:

  1. I'm literally slobbing in my slouchies now, I'm in mine every evening same as you( I run most days late afternoon so I come home, hit the shower and into my comfy stuff to make dinner and enjoy the evening) .. My newest pair are from M&S and are described as PJ bottoms but I wouldn't sleep in them, they are just soft, silky, loose and comfy. Also have a hush pair on order. You can't have too many relaxing clothes Especially in winter! Glad your holiday is going well.

    1. Very similar - bar from the running... but I SHALL be dog walking..... yes you can never have too many.

  2. Gutted that I destroyed my trusty Jack Wills skinny joggers by wearing them to paint my house (eejit)- they washed brilliantly and were soooo comfy. Recently sent back my Hush Harems as I thought I'd get a size small but they drowned me (vertically challenged) so have been sent back to be replaced by xs. I intend to wear them on an upcoming long haul flight. I think with striped jersey blazer, big scarf and slogan T they shouldn't look too shabby and at least I'll be comfortable as I'm squashed into an aeroplane seat for 9 1/2 hours.

    1. Hope they're ok - they'd be perfect for a long haul flight. Absolutely perfect. x

  3. I love my hush harems. Am sorely tempted to clone your outfit in its entirety, but the hush website advises cool hand wash and no tumble dry for the dolman sloppy joe. Do you sling it in the machine? I'm a lazy moo...

    1. Well I never used to but one day I did much to my HUGE horror (by mistake) and it came out absolutely fine!

  4. Totally agree with you on the Hush harems! I've got two pairs that are still going strong after a good 3 years of wear. I love that they feel like a small step up from trackie bottoms, although if they could just produce a version with a trackie-bottom-like fleecy lining that would make my life :-D xx

    1. You're on your own there.. I love them as they are!!!!

  5. My Lola joggers are the ones that look so so shabby (but I did wear them a lot and during the day as well....) You MUST try the harems if you love the Lolas. I think they're so much better x

  6. The Hush harems are one of my best ever buys i love them, need to get new ones as mine are starting to look a bit too shabby but still fine for evenings on the sofa with a glass of wine. Might go for black this time as last pair were the charcoal. for anyone who hasnt tried them i would recomend them, so comfortable but look stylish and great quality.

  7. Love the charcoal dolmain sweatshirt! I have a pair of TS slouchy joggers in black that I use a lot. Lusting after the Hush ones - you look so fab in your outfit there!!

  8. Hi Kat. I'm a tallie at 5'9" and just trying on some hush harems in S and M size. Have to wear the S hitched down my hips to get the right length. M is right length but feel too big. Do you wear them more on the hips?
    Jo x

  9. Don't worry - I went with the small...