Flogging a dead horse...

..well that's what I thought...

So - issue at hand.  The dreaded boyfriend/girlfriend/loose/tapered/carrot (can you tell I've done the tiniest amount of research on this?!) - whatever you want to call them jeans.

I first started looking at these last month when I was on holiday and started wondering if I could do a blue denim alternative.  But the more I've thought about it, the more I've realised that I am ever so slightly over blue denim at the minute - as opposed to just trying not to wear them for a week (which was ridiculously easy as it turns out).  In the last three weeks, from scrolling back through my Instagram, I've worn blue jeans twice.  I am having a complete love in with all things black and grey. 

And I really need an alternative to my looser blue denim jeans.. as I said way back when on hols and wrote the aforementioned blog. 

From that blog, I ordered these... and I thought meh when I first got them a couple of weeks ago.  They've been sitting in the packet waiting to be returned. 

ASOS Thea Girlfriend Jean were £38 now £11

They didn't look like that on me.  And I wanted them to.   They were much much looser on the model (aren't they always?) and I hankered after that look.  Sizing up wouldn't work as they'd just be baggy on the behind.  Think nappy that needs changing look... not attractive on any level.

But last night, when I was thinking about what to wear today - I thought, I really need a pair of NOT SKINNY black trousers.  I wanted a slightly loose, slightly slouchy pair of black or grey jeans (to be fair, with hindsight I could have worn my off white ones... do you ever totally forget the obvious choice that's staring you in the face?!) 

And I remembered the Leahs that were in the bag waiting to go back.  These were £11.  They are high waisted and are super comfortable. And they look great with sneakers, great with ballet flats and even work with some ankle boots (notoriously dodgy ground when it comes to cropped trousers and ankle boots...)  

So - whilst thanking the lord for my procrastination paying off for once, I wore them today and I loved them.  I even... dare I say it.... am coming round to the ripped knee.  Clearly it only works as these aren't skinny therefore my knees don't look like they're trying to do a Shawshank Redemption style flit through the slits.


But this doesn't mean that I haven't looked at oodles of other options and not really come up with any that offer a great alternative.  

A couple that I did find were.... these at Gap (20% off if you sign up for a newsletter online at the mo..)

1969 Girlfriend jean from Gap £44.99 They also do these in a Tall and a petite (plus they have them in a rather lovely khaki shade as well - in the same destroyed denim)

Pale grey is also on offer - £44.95, again in the petite and tall ranges as well.

However I may have come up with a cunning alternative.  I remembered these, only after having a look through my (not insignificant) stash of jeans and trousers and coming across my tapered leather pair of trousers.  Sorry - pleather.... That I loved last year.  

Now last year, these were for "best".  As they were from Zara and were very reasonable, ergo the chances of them falling apart after one wash were significantly high.  And they were one of my favourite alternatives to a dress for a night out.  

However it occurred to me, these would make the ideal day trouser.  Oh my lord, they would be totally ideal as a denim alternative. 

So rather than wear the Zara ones to death and have them fall apart after three wears (I've worked out, the only thing I have faith in at Zara are shoes and coats.  Anything else is like playing shopping roulette.  On the upside, they are amazing at refunding faulty items - probably as it happens so often..... but a year later I would probably be chancing my arm.) 

Therefore a new pair is definitely warranted.  The key factors are that they must be tapered legs but not cuffed at the bottom. 

These from River Island look like a great option and whilst I'm in the market for black (or khaki...you can never have too much khaki...) I am loving the dark red as another winter option.

Black leather look slim joggers from River Island £40

Dark red leather look slim joggers from River Island £40

However a lovely friend of mine pointed out these earlier and hell to the yes, I would love these.  Yes they're leather but with 20% off, (SEP15EM) they've got to be worth a go. 

Leather Seam Tapered Leg Trousers £199 from Autograph at M&S.

Alternatively I've tracked these down at Mango (although few sizes left... clearly someone is loving them!  And to think I walked past about 4 massive Mangos in London today and didn't go in.  GAH)

Tapered Leather Trousers £114.99  

I am rather partial to the excessively wide elasticated waist band on these.  Super flattering like a band of Spanx and more than slightly comfortable.  These have Christmas Day pants written all over them for me.

Probably my bargain of the day though would be from ASOS.  Surely it would be rude not to try these.  I only hope they wouldn't be pedal pusher length on me.  Encouraged by the success of my newly found £11 jeans, I might have to give these a go.  Who says pleather has to be for best? (apart from the Zara ones.... and that's purely for necessary reasons of longevity.)  Expect to see me rocking these on the school run imminently.

ASOS joggers in faux leather £35

And here I am the full outfit with the new £11 bargain jeans.  Yes, I'd like them to be a bit looser but I simply cannot get hold of them.  I can definitely live with them for that price.  Plus the high waisted element wins on many levels - many tops that I can now wear with them that just won't work with my black and grey skinnies. (it's not the jeans' fault - it's my muffin that is to blame)

This was for a day in London with the 11yr old for her birthday.  We had the most amazing day.  Gorgeous weather, got there super early so it wasn't busy.  Quick pit stop in & Other Stories where I bought nothing - miracles do happen and then off to Lush for an hour and a quarter of trying scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bars and all sorts of other goodies that are pure heaven to an 11yr old.  And I will say, as a parent, fair play to the team at Lush Oxford Street.  Amazing service, gorgeous store and yes, we obviously came away with far more than we had planned... (even I have some Ocean Salt face scrub and some Rub Rub Rub body scrub.  I have been converted in a day)

Lunch at Hix at Selfridges - and once again, a huge recommendation, well I've been loads and adore it, but they were so helpful with the coeliac 11yr old (which can be a total nightmare) and even had a piece of gluten free chocolate cake they decorated for her birthday.  She was so so over the moon. 

Then off to M&M world.  Torture x 10000000.  That is all I have to say.


Grey tee - T by Alexander Wang
Black faux leather jacket - ASOS
Black Leah jeans - ASOS
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So I have capitulated and we are watching the Rugby.  Whilst necking champagne... it's from the 11yr old's birthday the other night and it needs to be finished.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.......  

Would love to hear your thoughts on black denim, leather or pleather looser trews and what bottoms you plan on doing this Autumn?  

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22 comentarios:

  1. I've ordered the Topshop "mum" jeans in washed black (hate the name, have high hopes for the fit).
    I was also at M&M world today with my soon to be 11 year old and her friend. I need a lie down now!

    1. These were miles cheaper...!! DEAR GOD how bloody awful is that place? It's full of crap we used to send off the back of cereal boxes for. Why on earth do people pay for it now?? Even the 11yr old said -" there's a lot of stuff in there that looks like it should be free with a Happy Meal"... I couldn't love her more!

    2. My daughter refused to buy any sweets saying "it's a scam. They're cheaper in Asda." Thank goodness these girls are savvy!

  2. I love the asos jeans. Amazing bargain too! Can you advise on the sizing at all? X

    1. Yes! Absolutely - these are a 28 and I am usually a 10 in trousers/jeans. I also have the 34 inch leg on which I think personally is v v v short... I reckon (I haven't measured..) that these are the cropped equivalent of a 34 inch??

  3. After your blog post on these £11 jeans I went crazy and ordered them in black and blue. They're way tighter on me than on the model but I can live with that. I have so many boyfriend/girlfriend jeans now that I had to reorganize my closet.

    1. They're just so much more comfortable than skinny ones aren't they?!

  4. Am wearing the Boden coated jeans high rise to death this autumn but I really wanted to thank you for the M +s code got £15 off a cashmere jumper that I had been stalking for ages so am well chuffed much appreciated.

    1. You're more than welcome! They're amazing, aren't they?!

  5. Did you have a look at the Acne Pop jeans in coal (on sale at yoox) : http://www.yoox.com/de/42398512TR/item#dept=women&sts=sr_women80&cod10=42398512TR&sizeId=
    They are actally black/grey and I think they are perfect!

    1. How do they fit? I'm tempted but the largest size is a 38 and I'm worried it might be too small. I'm usually a UK12. Thanks!

    2. I'd say they are true to size - I usually wear a 27 in jeans and got them in 34.

    3. Acne are EU sizing so a 38 would be a 12 (same as Cos sizing). I would say they are slightly large to size actually, mine have stretched.

    4. I can't find these on the UK site though.....!

  6. I have the ASOS £11 Jeans too. Soo comfy. May wear tomorrow...again! Looking at tighter fit pleathers to wear with long chunky knit you understand certainly not a la Sandie from Grease. Way past that!

  7. I snagged a pair of pleather joggers from H&M on sale in early spring for £7. Love them. Great dressed up or down :)

  8. Loving the leather/pleather trews as long as they're not sweaty and as long as they don't make crinkling noises when I walk. Good to consider something a little different though. X glad that you had a super day in London. Xx

  9. Gap jeans are always not great on me. Apart from one pair which they've stopped making now. DOH. Did you order it in the brown sugar? I saw it and so nearly tried it on (can't remember why I didn't actually...) I did think it would be a rather fabulous twin set with the brown sugar jumper! Gorgeous colour.