It will come around all too quickly....

..DON'T ALL HATE ME but I'm talking party season.  Seriously, there are only a matter of weeks left till Christmas and we actually have our first big party (admittedly it's probably the only party but details schmetails....) on Nov 14th.  Which I can practically smell already. 

Christmas, New Year, January (which means squat for most but I'm determined to have a big birthday party in Jan or Feb), so many dates (ok three) and so few dresses (ok so I have some I can wear...) 

Look - it's never too early to try and find the perfect dress.  As I'm sure most people are like me in that they find it one of the most difficult things to master.   I am of the opinion when you find one that suits you, in a fabric that doesn't crease like crazy and you can think of at least three occasions when you'll wear it, then buy it. 

Because if you leave it till the last minute, there could very well be tears.  And lots of them, as for me, these are like the proverbial rocking horse poo.  I find that so few dresses actually work,  They're either too short or sit on the wrong place on my knee, the waist is too high, the sleeves are too short or they make me look like a tree trunk (I have no waist).  It may well look like I have a fair few success stories but believe me, behind the season there are hours of misery in changing rooms that I endured to get there. 

So I'm putting together a shortlist of ones that I think might work for those nights out this A/W.

Starting with one that could in fact be dressed up and dressed down.  Yes, it's slightly more formal than I would normally wear but I think with some really cool shoes this could easily work on a night out.  And the beauty of it is that it would also make a perfect day/work dress too.

Whistles Ikat Stripe Silk Dress in navy and ivory £160
Staying with navy as it is definitely more flattering to the maturing skin than black is (doesn't stop me craving and wearing black on a daily basis though...) 

True Night Navy High Neck Draped Dress in Night Navy £175

Another night navy dress at Reiss - this definitely had a hint of the Westwood about it for me. 

Lira Night Navy Asymmetric Dress £170

Speaking of Westwood - of course you could just go for the real thing.  Yes, it's red.  I need to explore this burgeoning obsession with all things flame coloured in more detail but at the moment, I am LOVING this.  Nothing that a pair of Spanx couldn't make wearable...?

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Taxa Dress in red £305

But of course, for me, the acme of dress would be black - this to me is perfection.  This ticks every box (ok I'm betting it doesn't go in the washing machine but it's hardly every day wear) for a perfect LBD.  Long sleeves for A/W, short (can't quite keep my inner slut contained), not sack like, there is a hint of shape there (but you could eat a good meal in this).  Top of the pile currently.  Can you ever have too many black dresses?  Oh forget to mention versatility.  You could wear this out for drinks or dinner, to a dinner party or to a proper party party.  Add a bit of bling and hello Christmas.  

Perdy Black Wrap Dress from Reiss £175

Now this isn't going to be for everyone but I absolutely love it.  There is a high chance of me looking like a hooker in it to be honest, but I would love to try it.  I could of course merely look like I've escaped from a window in a certain district in Amsterdam.  Missing my whip.

Jade Faux Leather mini dress from Isabel Marant Etoile £175

More black at Sportmax Code - love the tie neck which you can either tie (duh) or have loose.  Gorgeous dress and perfect office to dinner dressing.  Although for me, I would prefer sleeves at this time of year.  However it does go into the machine *fist bump*

Edy Dress Sportmax Code £185

If we're talking party party, then this from Sportmax Code is sublime.   I recommended this to one of my besties and she absolutely loves it.  She's earmarked this for her 40th (even though I know she's already worn it to a party in Italy) which means that I can't buy it.  To be honest, I would need more coverage coming into the cooler months as I am an old lady.  This would though, serve you equally as well in the Summer.

Calte Dress from Sportmax Code £225

More ruffles at Warehouse.  I love this even though it would be hysterically short on me.  The ultimate snatch flasher, I fear.  Darn it.  Perfect for the more diminutive of you out there. 

Baby Doll ruffle dress £50

Black lace now in the sale at Ted Baker.  For me - from now on in I'm all about having my arms covered as once the remnants of my (fake) tan have faded, my default mode is blue white.

Annita Lace Trim Dress was £159 now £111

Another from Ted Baker but this time with a floral twist.  Simply adore this one although I appreciate the high neck isn't going to be for everyone. 

Ted Baker Kida floral print dress £139

And I could go on and on but I think that's enough food for thought for one day.  Couple more avenues which I think I need to explore - midi dresses to start with.  Will they be as successful as they were in the S/S?  Then there's print.  Touched the surface with the one from Ted Baker but I think there are more out there it will be worth exploring. 

Speaking of print dresses - I wore my current favourite one last night out to a dinner party.  Yes, The Husband still calls it the wolf fleece dress.  Cretin.


Mountains dress - & Other Stories
Tan leather shoe boots - LK Bennett
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

And for yesterday during the day.  I had planned on going to Bluewater with friends but poor 7yr old wasn't well (although I did manage to sneak out for a very swift salad for lunch locally when he was asleep and my cleaner, who is like family, was here)

Loving this little Indian Summer we're having.


Black and white breton - H&M
Pleather skirt - Zara
Black tux blazer - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 

I am now ensconced on the sofa in my jamas with a curry and Strictly.  Pure perfection. 

Are you in need of a new dress this season?  I wouldn't exactly say I "need" one as I've got more than a few I can still wear from last year and the year before.  But there in lies the beauty of spending proper time looking for a perfect one.  You will get years of wear out of it.  Dare I say, I feel a red dress coming on...... (I'm sure I can keep half an eye on Strictly whilst I do a smidge of research!)

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13 comentarios:

  1. Love the Edy dress, but agree need long sleeves for A/W....why are so few dresses long sleeve??!! Difficult buying dresses ahead of Christmas, I always find there are lots of the dodgy 'satin office party dresses' that they churn out year after year & I want to look like a cool kid (at 42!) Donna x

    1. oh god I know it's a mare, isn't it? I am on a sleeves mission..... watch this space. Yes, actually it's a good idea to buy them before the shops are flooded with sequins and satin. I totally agree they're not exactly classic!

  2. That Viviienne dress is pure perfection- agree about arms - need them covered!

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? My concern would be that it would show every flaw...!!

  3. I always think you should buy thjngs when you don't need them, that way when an event comes up you have something for it. Coz we all know, when you go looking there is nothing there. I'm feeling the red dress - very nice. I usually like a white dress for Christmas but not always easy to get one. Lorraine x

    1. This is so true actually with dresses. If one fits and you love it, you will always have an occasion to wear it (apart from perhaps a black tie one.....)! I have an amazing cream dress last year from Zara which I loved wearing with opaques.

  4. That Vivienne Westwood dress is just gorgeous! I have absolutely no occasion to wear it but wish I did. The whistles ikat one is rather fab too.


    1. it's stunning isn't it? I fear it would show every roll....

  5. Cost per wear on those GG sneakers Kat? Must be down to pennies now!! Good luck on finding your perfect Christmas dress ;)

    1. Exactly! I'm sure I could justify another pair......

  6. It's divine isn't it? I think it's just the perfect dress for so so so many occasions. Plus I already have shoes and boots a plenty that would go with it! And yes - SLEEVES please!

  7. I had to go back and start again at the beginning because 'snatch flasher' made me laugh so hard I forgot everything I'd looked at!! You wally!!

    1. Sorry.... the perils of being stupidly tall!