The need for slouch

Anyone else feel that Autumn is really just around the corner?  As in tomorrow?  And with the advent of shorter days and the evenings drawing in, I start to hanker after slouchy knitwear.  So yesterday we had the more fitted variety - not fitted fitted but definitely ones that you can wear under a blazer.  As opposed to loose numbers.  Today we're talking about looser versions.  Ones that you can wear on Sunday and eat your body weight in roast dinner.  

More oversized than yesterday's counterparts but we're not into chunky territory just yet.  Still a thinner style which again you can layer under and fling on a huge scarf with for Autumnal every day chic.  I like to wear these over skinny jeans.  

Some bargains still to be had at M&S whilst the 20% offer is still on.  Finishes tonight, Wednesday at midnight.

V Neck Swing Jumper from M&S was £35 now £27

Or a longer version - this would look sublime over leather leggings.... 

V Neck Ribbed Tunic Jumper was £29.50 now £23.60

You can normally rely on Mint Velvet for some lovely slouchy knits and this season, again they don't disappoint.  These aren't loose at the bottom but they definitely oversized on the body with a slight cowl to the neckline which I know some people love and find much easier to wear than a crew neck. 

Sky Marl Batwing knit from Mint Velvet £59

And a navy version £59

Back to super loose now at Topshop.  I've tried this on and it's amazing.  I am so so so tempted to get the culottes to go with it.....  Would look gorgeous with a shirt layered under it. 

Topshop Contrast Space Dye Jumper £36

V neck now at hush in an oversized fine knit - the Adele. 

Adele Jumper in charcoal £70

Or in the iris blue £70

The ultimate in luxury would be the cashmere from hush - oh how I would love these in every colour. 

Cashmere Boyfriend jumper £185 in brown sugar

Gorgeously Autumnal in the berry £185

And the charcoal

A new British brand now that has gorgeous knitwear - Needle.  Sold online, through small boutiques and also at Anthropologie, definitely worth looking at if you want something that little bit different.  They sent me their Clem jumper which is a luxurious pale grey cashmere with a silk swing back.  The ideal cross between dressy and casual.  Perfect for over skinny jeans. 

Clem Jumper from Needle £149 I got the Large as I wanted it to look boxier.  Definitely a success. 

I also love the Alice cashmere jumper which is on offer at half price. 

Alice two tone boxy jumper was £210 now £105 

I shall be wearing my Needle knit tomorrow with charcoal skinnies.  Like the jumpers yesterday - I'm not sure you can have too many of these.... One thing I do need to explore are the layers to go underneath.  

Outfit from today and yes, that is blue sky you can see.  Kids were having a whale of a time in the sea for hours today.  I watched....


White linen tee - Max Studio
Grey cargo pants - hush
Black blazer - hush
Oversized buckle sandals - Zara
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

We had friends over last night for a BBQ and I am feeling exceptionally delicate today, to put it mildly.... Had a lovely pub lunch out in the country and shall be getting a Thai Street Food Take Away for tonight with GBBO.  Without wine........

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12 comentarios:

  1. Oh! The Hush cashmere sweaters I covet. Maybe when I win the lottery...

  2. Welcome home! It was a company called Silks Furniture - Roy is the guy who owns the company. Website is PANTS as all their work is through word of mouth. We were over the moon with them x

  3. I cant wait to wear my Mint Velvet one ... It's grey with a felted back, slouchy but not chunky, it's all about knitwear now! Have a couple of new chunkier knits too but they are shorter and boxier, so hopefully I'm covered on the knitwear front! Looking at coats next, do you have a coat blog coming up?

    1. Haven't even thought about coats yet! I'm not sure I'm going down the coat coat route... I think probably more huge chunky knits... (and I've got my raincoat for super rainy days!)

  4. I almost bought the Hush boyfriend sweater last week but pulled back last minute as it's just a bit more than I need to spend on something I already kind of have in my closet. (Still mulling over it though...)

    Love discovering new brands from you and Needle looks really promising. I find COS is another great brand for thin sweaters and they also do great thin wool and silk combos. (Btw my Finery London haul arrived and I loved almost everything! The pointed trainers (I got black and one ones) are just so gorgeous! Can't thank you enough for the 30% discount code!! x

    1. Oh wow that's such great news about the Finery haul. And you're more than welcome xxx

  5. Ooh I'm spoilt for choice! I've been drooling over that HUSH catalogue for some time but actually? The M&S one is fave out of these.

    1. How funny! I'm not great with v necks personally so for me, the hush and the Needle ones are much better. xx

  6. Hi Kat.
    I bit the bullet and ordered the hush boyfriend in brown sugar whilst they had the AW discount. I hope I like it! I also ordered the black blazer but yet to try the harem trousers. I love hush clothes and only discovered them last year which led me to your Instagram account and blog via the myhush hashtag. Love your style.
    I might have to try the Needle jumper... This is not good for my wallet!

    1. Lovely comment, thank you so much. (and sorry.!!)

  7. I love the slouchy grey jumpers - they go perfectly with jeans and boots. Which one of these casual outfits do you prefer?