Shoot me now

You would think I had got these sussed by now... 

The dreaded (as they're so hard to get right) but beyond useful shoe boot.  Or shoot.  I need boots that are made for walking - specifically for Friday.  Of course, yet again, that little irritating word of "need" - well no, I'm not using it in the truest sense of the word - when I say "need" I really mean, want a lot.  

So I'm now thinking - as the weather is going to be amazing (allegedly.. they said that about the weather today and it was pretty darn chilly.  I was more than pleased to have poo pooed their forecast and wore jeans even though I hated my outfit but I'll come back to that tomorrow) I'm contemplating wearing one of the jumpers from yesterday which will go with my leather leggings in the coming months.  But in the meantime, I'm thinking about teaming it with my leather black a line mini skirt (it's not mini mini, fear not.....) 

(If you didn't catch yesterday's blog - big big lunch in London on Friday... special outfit needed) 

And I therefore need a pair of shoots.  Shoe boots are the name of the day.  Now yes, I DO have a couple I *could* wear.. but following on from yesterday, if I box clever, I could snag a pair that I will get loads of wear out for the rest of the season.  This seems like an amazing plan (as I try and avoid the hell of the week that is 11+ exam week.  I haven't had a drop of wine and am resorting to shopping as my coping mechanism of choice)

Or ankle boots... (covering all the bases here... a shopping opportunity not to be wasted)

Black is where I'm starting...  These could work, for sure - a lovely little sneaky treat at this price and they'd also work really well dresses as well.

Stiletto High Heel Pleated Shoe Boots from M&S £35

Similar pair at Kurt Geiger which I Brianne High Heel Shoes were £79 now £45  Love the little platform to these.

A similar platform pair but in suede - love the slightly rugged look to these... (on reflection they're not really rugged at all - I guess it's the little tag at the back - not its official name I'm aware... pull tag?)

Carvela Air Suede High heeled boots £120

Yes we're going in the wrong direction with this slightly higher heel from Topshop but I couldn't not include them.. weeping at the beauty of the heel and the back of the boot.

Hurricane Ghilie Black Ankle Boot £85

Classic from Topshop at £85 - Heidi suede ankle boot

Similar pair of sock style boots (you will either love or hate these, I LOVE them - but these are so so high) at ASOS. 

ASOS Envision Pointed Sock Boot £45 (although not leather...) 

A minimalist version at Clarks.  Perfect heel height. 

Dalhart Salsa in black interest leather £80

It would, of course, be rude not to give a mention to the fringe boot.  So I've gone from not doing any fringing to having a not cheap fringe bag (which you may have noticed how much I LOVE!) and a hankering for a fringe boot.  The temptation to Hiawatha myself to the nth degree may be too much too resist...

Sam Edelman Kandice Suede Boot £189 from Jules B Use the code VB10 for 10% off.  NOT TOO HIGH KLAXON (as in heel)

Hijack fringe boots from Topshop £69 - amazing price for leather boots.  Topshop have really upped their game with their quality and their pricing in the last season or so.  I could shop all day in there.  (apart from their Leigh split knee jeans.  Let's not mention them)

However if we're talking about fringing (and taking into consideration the statement sky heels I was talking about last week), these have to be tried on.  Thanks to a lovely reader who pointed them out - how amazing are these?  Stunning low vamp at the front.  Very Gianvito Rossi does Burberry Prorsum for a fraction of the cost.

Black Suede Fringe Ankle Boots from Wallis £75 (yes Wallis...)  ETA - for 24% hours (so until Thursday 10th I believe...) they are 24% off making them £27.  I've ordered the 6 and the 7 to be delivered to collect tomorrow.... watch this space....

A grey pair from Steve Madden although we've descended back into sky high territory here. 

Steve Madden Flapper Heeled Suede Boot £120

Back to a much more wearable heel but we've abandoned more neutral (if you call fringing *neutral*...) territory.  Will still go with all black outfits though.

Scamp ankle boots by Kurt Geiger now £49 was £140

Tan now which is not what I'm looking for and I can't remotely justify these as I have my Acne Cypress ones (which I could actually wear... hmmmmmmmmm. darn it )

If you don't have a pair of those though, these are lushness personified (obligatory ponytail tassel on the back of course) 

Michael Kors Palmer tasselled suede ankle boots £430

Another pair I can't remotely justify.... although these come with a much smaller price tag and therefore.... 

High Heel Leather Boots from Zara £69.99 Although these do make me start singing "You gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love" which isn't necessarily a good thing.

Slightly (very) off piste but I adore these.... Can I live with cold toes all year round?... They're not the most practical but the heel is at least a good height. 

Mm6 boots were £390 now £159

Off piste again.... all hail the 80s (something I swore I'd never do) but I ADORE these.  I want to marry them. 

Black Lance by Isabel Marant half price at now £315

So I now have loads of food for thought.  Not entirely sure I can remotely justify a new pair seeing as I have a number of similar pairs to the ones above.  But they would go with my leggings as well.....  Will wait tomorrow to see what the weather does and in the meantime shall be on an oversized shirt quest..... 

Outfit from yesterday. 


Khaki jumpsuit - Topshop
Ponyskin flat mules - Anthropologie 
Black Mario fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So the jury is still out on an outfit but it's giving me great food for thought on what I want to be wearing in the coming months.  How lovely would it be to absolutely adore your outfit every single day?.... Back tomorrow with more thoughts on that (seeing as today I had an outfit on that I absolutely hated.  Boak)

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15 comentarios:

  1. I completely agree re Topshop - always finding stuff in there at the mo. And those boots of theirs above - they are the best - get them! I would like to 'like' my outfits more but some days I really enjoy not thinking about them, makes the days when I do think about them better if that makes sense! x

    1. That's interesting and I do see what you mean, but I know I have so many lovely clothes, I hate wasting a day wearing ones I can't stand!!! Off to explore TS tomorrow - can't wait x

  2. I have to say, save your money for the OTK boots you really want! I love ankle boots but I think the trend is waning.....I will wear what I have but not getting any more, well at least in the short term.

  3. Love the leopard KG ones and the MK pair is divine but I can't justify spending that on boots when I have a cupboard FULL of boots, just ordered an everyday pair from Next in a kind of mink colour with a low square heel which I'm reasonably excited about... Let us know what you choose!

    1. I hear you..... I could SO wear my leopard print wedges from M&S. Or the Acne ones.... so I probably will. But I AM going to buy a new top!

  4. oh sooo many gorgeous choices! I am a sucker for a great boot. I can't even decide which is my favourite, but the fringed Wallis bootie, wow! Nice one Wallis!!
    Looking forward to seeing your final choice for Fridays big lunch!XX

    1. And thank you for your 24% discount tip off!!

  5. I love a good shoe boot with a thinner heel. If you I ever hear them being called shoots or schboots then I will kill.


  6. I will check the me+Em ones out and also do another ankle boot thread for you, I promise xxx And yes, we've ALL binned perfect stuff. The M&S Shoots - hmmm they're just a tad TOO evening if that makes sense...... DOH!

  7. I want a capsule winter wardrobe made up of things I love. I'm thinking of getting some black Ash ankle boots from Hush. BTS15 gets you £10 off a £50 spend at Clarks.

    1. Ash boots are amazing - you won't regret it. That's an amazing offer at Clarks, thank you! Off to see what they're like in real life tomorrow!

    2. I have some Ash boots that I got from Hush with their summer solstice discount.... They are perfect, love them, you won't regret it!

  8. Bought the M&S shoots today. They look fab IRL and total bargain. Thanks for the heads up.